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  1. I agree the "nafs" - "body" explanation is too abstract. It's not only too abstract, it's not valid to explain everything. The verse speaks of everything. Thus, any explanation should be valid to explain everything. Not everything has "nafs". The theory I'm offering here does explain everything. Pairs of protons and neutrons fusing into deuterium after the Big Bang started cooling down. Everything existing in this universe from stars to life needed this phase in creation. Without these pairs of protons and neutrons, this universe wouldn't exist, we wouldn't exist.
  2. We are also reminded of this when looking at the stars, who are fueled by helium. Helium which can only have been created by deuterium. We are constantly reminded of this moment of creation of the universe. You literally can't look around you without finding evidence reminding us of this early moment in creation which formed stars, created life, created us. The verse in quran uses the the verb "to create" in a past tense and it speaks of reminding us/making us remember. As science made progress through the years, more and more of the mysterious verses inside the Quran are starting to reveal a knowledge which can only originate from an all-knowing, divine Creator.
  3. In addition to the above, we are indeed reminded of this moment in the creation of the universe - even while you are unaware of it. Heavy hydrogen is still present today. Deuterium accounts for approximately 0.0156% (or on a mass basis 0.0312%) of all the naturally occurring hydrogen in the oceans. When you drink a glass of water there is a small amount of deuterium present in it. This deuterium in that glass of water was created during the big bang. It can not be created in any another way.
  4. Many people know this verse. Few however have understand its true meaning. My goal in this post is to offer an understanding of this verse which is compliant with modern scientific understanding. First let's look at the traditional understanding and test its validity. Is everything created in pairs on this planet? The answer is no. Asexual organisms, hermaphrodites, arthenogenetic organisms, schizophyllum commune (which has 26000 different sexes) are all studied topics in biology which contradict this understanding. Then what could it possibly mean? The first hint is the use of the verb "to create". This verse is relating to the creation of the universe. The big bang theory is accepted among scientists and this is where we should look to unravel the true meaning of this verse. In nature there is an element known as heavy hydrogen, also known as deuterium. The deuterium isotope's name is formed from the Greek deuteros meaning "second", to denote the two particles composing the nucleus. It's the most simple "pair" in nature. The nucleus of deuterium, called a deuteron, contains one proton and one neutron. Now this element played a very important role in the creation of this universe and the big bang. The explanation is very complex so I'll try to keep it as simple as possible. Deuterium played a huge role in the first minutes after big bang. It defined the number and ratios of the elements that were formed in the Big Bang. Especially the formation of helium. Helium can only be formed with an in between step of forming deuterium. As you know helium is what fuels stars like our sun and every other star in this universe. As we know every living thing on this planet is composed of elements created in stars. And here we have in Quran a verse stating, "And of everything We have created pairs, that you may remember" Isn't this mind-blowing? Indeed everything "the universe" was created by an element known as a pair "deuterium", which later formed helium, fueled the stars and created life.
  5. HELP about SURAH 74:31 about Number 19!

    I've researched the hadith. I'm not sure what you mean with accepting them. I'm not muslim. It's funny how your questions so far have been about my identity and not about the content I shared. I've seen this behavior before.
  6. HELP about SURAH 74:31 about Number 19!

    The code 19 theory is a hoax. Rashad Khalifa cheated in his maths. If you do some basic research you will find out yourself, the math doesn't work (leaving out verses, deliberate miscounting, etc).
  7. HELP about SURAH 74:31 about Number 19!

    Relating back to the OP, you may have to reconsider who the people of the book are. They are the Jews. Not the christians. I could elaborate why this is the case but it seems off-topic in this thread.
  8. HELP about SURAH 74:31 about Number 19!

    It's annoying I can't edit my posts so my apologies for the many posts. One can deduce from all this the description of hell we find in Quran is an analogy for a radioactive environment, caused by the presence of large quantities of potassium isotopes. Indeed, such an environment will burn and scald the human skin. The description of Saqar (hellfire) is a description of such a radio active environment. It's not an ordinary fire. But the analogy of fire is used to make this comprehensible for people who didn't have an understanding of radio activity centuries ago. For us in modern times, we find the explicit reference to the atomic index number 19 making it clear what substance Hell is covered with. An element known in modern physics for its radio activity and extremely long halflife of isotopes. ps: can a moderator delete the previous post?
  9. HELP about SURAH 74:31 about Number 19!

    One also needs to be aware potassium isotopes are radio-active. This means they will speed up the decay of other elements in their surrounding.
  10. HELP about SURAH 74:31 about Number 19!

    Good point, Son of Placid. Thanks for this contribution. You are correct in what you posted. But one needs to keep in mind the extremely long half life of potassium (this is the speed at which a chemical element decays). Potassium is known for its extremely long half life. Putting this into the context of the Quranic description of hell, we know the stay in hell isn't just for a short while but for an eternity. Within this context, hell will still be covered by potassium or potassium isotopes since all the other elements will have decayed.
  11. HELP about SURAH 74:31 about Number 19!

    To backup what I'm saying I'm posting this table which shows the contents of chemical elements composing the human body: Notice how potassium (atomic index number 19) is the biggest remainder by far. The Oxygen and Carbon are not relevant because they leave in the form of carbon smoke. There is 8 times more potassium in human ashes than sodium remainders. Three times more potassium than the second most prevalent element calcium.
  12. HELP about SURAH 74:31 about Number 19!

    I also encourage the OP to look at how violent potassium reacts with water and find more evidence of how this fits the description of hell (burning, scolding etc). Peace, waraqa
  13. HELP about SURAH 74:31 about Number 19!

    Hello Jazakallah Khairyan. Very nice to see you are trying to understand this most crucial verse inside Quran. I have done quite some research on this verse and I will share my understanding with you. First, why is this verse so important? Well, let me apply Qurans logic... If you are a believer this number should give you more certainty and remove doubt (give you proof of its divine origin). Furthermore, if you don't understand this verse or are still in doubt about its meaning, then by Qurans logic you are not a believer. I've been truly flabbergasted by the lack of understanding of this verse in traditional tafsir. Muslim scholars don't understand the meaning of this verse and if you apply its logic you will find there are very few true believers around. Now let's go to understanding the meaning of this verse. The expression "over it is 19" is highly uncommon in the Quran. It expresses an amount, a number without specifying the subject. The number 19 is used as a subject itself. This is a first hint towards its meaning. Let's look at context. The preceding verses speak of hell. We find a description of hell. Quran describes hell as a place where people are continuously burned. Black pillars of smoke escaping from it. The malaika (I do not translate malaika as angels and will explain why later in this post) are the keepers of the fire. We can compare this description of hell with the mundane example of a crematorium. When a human corpse is burned inside a crematorium, the carbon leaves as black smoke (oxidization process). Inside the human ashes the biggest remainder is potassium. The atomic index number of potassium is 19 because of its 19 protons/electrons. Now, if this is true why would Quran use the atomic index number instead of its known name al-qalyah? There is a good reason for this. Suppose the quran would say: "over it is kalium (al-qalyah)", would it still be a proof to believers and disturb the disbelievers? No it would not. In contrary it would be proof to the disbelievers and give doubt to the believers. Why? Because not until the 19th century was humankind able to distinct potassium from sodium. If the quran would state "kalium" or "al-qalya", sceptics would be able to say the Quran is wrong. Because "kalium" was until the 19th century used for both sodium and potassium. Since there was no accurate word for potassium available at the time of writing, God used the atomic index number to describe the substance which is covering hell. But wait a minute... Quran says this number is the number of Angels who are guarding hell. This is true. But let's take a look at the translation of malaika to angels. Is this correct? The word angel literally means "messenger" from latin "angelus". The classical arabic word malaika is often used in the quran. Derivatives of its triliteral root "M-L-K" are also used to describe kings and rulers (those who control, are in a position of power). I'm not here to give you a lesson in physics, but one has to be aware how this reality manifests itself. Chemical elements are defined by the electron/proton count. How matter reacts, what properties it has is defined by the amount of protons and electrons inside the atom. If you remove one electron from an atom, or add one to an atom, the chemical element is no longer the same, it becomes another chemical element with different properties. In short, electrons control and define material reality. Taking you deeper down the rabbit hole... Electrons when they were first described by Niels Bohr are very peculiar. They can pop in and out of existence. They can move faster than light. They can even be at two places at once. This is described in quantum mechanics. Niels Bohr believed this was unique, unheared of before but it was not. Some philosopher (Adler) talked about this with Niels Bohr and noticed these magical properties were described before: to be precise, by St. Thomas Aquinas, wrote about instantaneous movement of angels some 650 years before Bohr’s atomic theory. I'll stop my theory about malaika here and bring it back to the topic of the verse you mentioned and test it's validity using the Quran itself. Does this bring a trial for those who disbelieve? Certainly, it's quite disturbing for a disbeliever to find a 1400 year old book is showing knowledge of the electron count of potassium. No man, knew this proton/electron count until the 20th century. Leaving only divine explanations available. Does this bring certainty to those who disbelieve? For the same argument as above, this confirms to the believer this can't possibly have been known by any man. Therefor confirming the divine origin of the Quranic text. Does this convince the people of the book? No it does not. The people of the book didn't know the electron count of potassium. Then how did it convince the people of the book? Well, the answer is that the jews have 18 prayers (Shemoneh Esrei). There is a 19th prayer however, used to curse the disbelievers. As such, the people of the book would have recognized the 19 as confirmation this is coming from their God. Especially since it is used in context of hell. Still not convinced by the 19 meaning potassium? Then look at the evidence inside Quran in the descriptions of Hell. I'll give you a few, the rest of the homework is for you. "And the companions of the left – what are the companions of the left? (They will be) in scorching fire and scalding water and a shade of black smoke, neither cool nor beneficial." (Quran 56:41-44)" This describes the carbon leaving in an oxidization process. "No food will there be for them except from a bitter, thorny plant which neither nourishes nor avails against hunger." (Quran 88:6-7)The taste of potassium is bitter. It's a salt. At the same time it's a fertilizer allowing things to grow on it. "So no friend has he here this Day, nor has he any food except filth from the washing of wounds which none do eat but those in sin." (Quran 69:35-37)Washing of wounds with potassium soap. The oldest use of potash in history has been soap. In some descriptions of hell, the destruction of sodom and gommorah is used as an example of hell. Sodom and gomorrah were most likely situated near the dead sea. Still to this day, there is a potassium plant there, extracting potassium from the dead sea. Peace, waraqa