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  1. How does this sound?

    I think it's inevitable but definitely bad. I also believe that the world's further descent into unholiness is inevitable...
  2. Intercession and Tawassul in Shia Way

    Nope, he wasn't. According to hanafis he objected to a specific type of tawassul. The normative opinion in sunnism historically is that tawassul is permissible. Those who are against it are mainly salafis, wahabis, and followers of ibn taymiyyah. Refer to this for hanafis explanation of abu hanifa's so called rejection of tawassul. https://web.archive.org/web/20140128003830/http://qa.sunnipath.com:80/issue_view.asp?HD=7&ID=104&CATE=24 Those that claim[3] that the Imām objected to tawassul altogether are unable to adduce any­thing to sup­port such a claim other than the above caveat, which is not against tawassul but against a specific, prohibitive wor­ding in tawassul. A proof of this is that it is permissi­ble in the Hanafī School to say “by the sanctity/honor of so-and-so in Your presence” (bi-hurmati/bi-jāhi fulān). This is stated in the Fatāwā Bazzāziyya (6:351 in the margin of the Fatāwā Hindiyya) and is also the position of Abū al-Layth al-Samarqandī among the major Hanafī Jurists, not to mention that of Imām Ibn ‘Ābidīn among the later ones.
  3. Intercession and Tawassul in Shia Way

    Tawassul is allowed according to hanafis, including deobandis. The only difference of opinion among sunnis (including hanafis) is with regards to istighatha/isti'anah. From Al-muhannad ala al-mufannad [aqaid ulama deoband]. Questions Three and Four: Is it [permissible] for a man to take a means (tawassala) in his supplication through the Prophet – Allah bless him and grant him peace – after [his] death or not? Is taking a means (tawassul) through righteous predecessors, from the prophets and truthful saints (siddiqin) and martyrs, and the Friends of the Lord of the Worlds, permissible according to you or not? Answer: According to us and according to our mashayikh taking a means in supplications through Prophets and the righteous, from the Friends, martyrs and truthful saints, is permissible during their lifetime and after their death in that one says: “O Allah! I take so-and-so as a means to You that you accept my supplication and You accomplish my need,” etc. as stated by our shaykh and our master Shah Muhammad Ishaq al-Dehlawi thumma al-Muhajir al-Makki; and then our shaykh and our master Rashid Ahmad al-Gangohi – Allah’s mercy on them – clarified it in his Fatawa which is in this time widespread and abundant in the hands of people, and this issue is mentioned on page 93 of the first volume of it, so whoever wishes may refer to it.
  4. Dietary And Medicinal Hadiths

    I love ahadith like this. It put's barakah in all our actions and elevate our most mundane deeds. Can anyone recommend any books with similar themes, either arabic or english? Literature with sunan we can implement in our lives, including dua for activities (like the sunni book حصن المسلم), food, manners, etc.
  5. Is Rape Allowed in Islam?

    For the punishment of zina you need eyewitnesses to see it, it's not easy to prove. You don't just get to repent when you are caught red-handed.What I said doesn't contradict the ruling of sayyid sistani. There is also a question if we are even allowed to implement the hudood in the ghaybah or not.
  6. Why must Murtadin be killed in Islam?

    The jewish expectation for the messiah was a conqueror who would subjugate the world under his rule and liberate the israelites from their oppressors. So if one believes Jesus came and will fulfill all the prophecies about the messiah found in the old testament then Jesus must return in the second coming and fulfill them because in his first coming he did not fulfill all of them. If you read some Christian descriptions about the second coming it is gonna be violent to say the least.
  7. Why must Murtadin be killed in Islam?

    Why is killing wrong though? You position doesn't make any sense, on one hand killing is absolutely wrong to the point where you would leave Christianity if Jesus ordered his followers to kill. But in fact Jesus did do just that because in Christianity Jesus is God. The only position that makes sense for you to take is that killing is a conditional on the allowance or prohibition of God which may changed whenever he so decrees, meaning that the prohibition is NOT absolute. Whether Jesus "fulfilled" or "abolished" the law is irrelevant since it means the same thing really. Islam says the shariah is from God, which is the same fundamental claim both Christians and Jews make about biblical law found in the bible. This makes the question of violence completely meaningless, the question simply becomes did God permit it or not which you can only know by revelation.
  8. Is Rape Allowed in Islam?

    Their repentance would be between them and Allah. If every criminal was let go if they claimed to repent then no one would ever be punished for their crimes which would allow them to act with impunity.
  9. Why must Murtadin be killed in Islam?

    Saying the prophets sinned is completely irrelevant, since God ordered the killing of women and children. Therefore the slaughtering of those women and children was righteous. See what you want to do is to try to obfuscate this violence and pretend it never happened. Saying that Muslim shari' rules still apply is irrelevant, the point is that both come from the same root which is that they both claim to be from God. Basically the only reason violence is wrong to you is because in your view Jesus abolished it, but if he hadn't abolished it then killing women and children would be morally permissible. This means that any absolute moral judgement on this issue is completely useless and irrelevant, since the only criterion comes down to if God ordered this or not. If he ordered it then it would be moral, but if he prohibited it then it would be immoral. Basically this comes down to whether or not one accepts Christianity. Needless to say the traditional Christian and Jewish belief regarding the bible is flat out wrong, we know for a fact that Moses was not the sole author of the torah as we have it today. We also know that the synoptic gospels were not 4 separate eyewitnesses to the events. It is modern scholarly consensus that the gospels had some sort of relationship with one another, refer to the synoptic problem.
  10. Daesh declares war on hamas

    Daesh seem like an apocalyptic cult to me. I don't like Reza Aslan but I think he gets this right, from wikipedia... Aslan refers to Al Qaeda's jihad against the west as "a cosmic war", distinct from holy war, in which rival religious groups are engaged in an earthly battle for material goals. "A cosmic war is like a ritual drama in which participants act out on earth a battle they believe is actually taking place in the heavens." American rhetoric of "war on terrorism", Aslan says, is in precise "cosmic dualism" to Al Qaeda's jihad. Aslan draws a distinction between Islamism and Jihadism. Islamists have legitimate goals and can be negotiated with, unlike Jihadists, who dream of an idealized past of a pan-Islamic, borderless "religious communalism". Aslan's prescription for winning the cosmic war is not to fight, but rather to engage moderate Islamic political forces in the democratic process. "Throughout the Middle East, whenever moderate Islamist parties have been allowed to participate in the political process, popular support for more extremist groups has diminished."
  11. Is Rape Allowed in Islam?

    I don't see why that would change anything.
  12. Why must Murtadin be killed in Islam?

    The reason for the slaughtering I was talking about was not because of existential danger to the children of Israel but because God gave them the land and God told them to "cleanse" the land. Basically do a holocaust against the native inhabitants. Saying it is just the old testament is a cop-out and does not confront the reality of the situation. If you accept that it was moral to murder women and children then basically any moral criticism goes out the window. You cannot say on one hand that Islam, which if far less brutal than the old testament, is immoral and uphold that actions of the prophets in the old testament were moral. This is a contradiction. If Jesus is the fulfillment of the Davidic Messiah that the jews were waiting for that means he will return to conquer the earth and subjugate all nations with an iron rod.
  13. Why must Murtadin be killed in Islam?

    And where do these "rights" you are talking about come from? Read the old testament, in that God orders the Israelites to put entire cities to the sword and kill all the men women and children expect the virgin girls who the Israelites are to take for themselves. Keep in mind in Christianity, Jesus is God that means the prince of peace ordered women and children to be put to the sword. One must also keep in mind the jewish expectations of the messiah which was someone who would be a conqueror who would subjugate all nations to his will and yes this includes slaughtering his enemies. The second coming for Christians would be the fulfillment of this. A tyrant fights for his personal gain to impose falsehood on people. Freedom of belief and free speech is not a biblical value AT ALL, it is a modern western value which you are conflating with Christianity. Either way you cannot escape violence in any tradition.
  14. Is Rape Allowed in Islam?

    The punishment for rape in shi'i Islam is death so no it's not allowed. [ 34335 ] 2 ـ وعنه ، عن أحمد ، عن ابن أبي نجران ، عن جميل بن دراج ، ومحمد بن حمران جميعا ، عن زرارة ، قال : قلت لإبي جعفر ( عليه السلام ) : الرجل يغصب المرأة نفسها ، قال : يقتل . ورواه الصدوق بإسناده عن جميل بن دراج ، عن زرارة مثله . 2 – And from him from Ahmad from Ibn Abi Najran from Jamil b. Darraj and Muhammad b. Humran all from Zurara. He said: I said to Abu Ja`far عليه السلام: The man rapes the woman. He said: He is killed. And as-Saduq narrated it by his isnad from Jamil b. Darraj from Zurara its like.
  15. Why must Murtadin be killed in Islam?

    I don't really understand the big problem with irtidad. I understand why it would be a problem for relativists who would accept we really can't know the truth therefore it would be wrong to impose a truth upon someone because there is not real objective truth but that itself is rather nonsensical. But if one believes in revelation then it is the prerogative of God to set the laws and rights for his creation. I suggest you actually look into the history of the church, it is impossible that one could study it's history and come out with the conclusion that it was supportive of freedom of speech and free expression of belief. Every society has red lines, for a Muslim society those red lines should be divine in origin.