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  1. Stop acting like that on every thread??? wa salam, ask on his fb page?
  2. Tasbih of Fatima (as)

    Thank you barakallahu fik
  3. Tasbih of Fatima (as)

    As-salamu 3alaykum wa rahmatullah I would like to know: how is tasbih of Fatima (as) done? Should it be done in the sitting position after the salams in the last rakat of your prayer? Also, should it be done after every nafilah? Like every 2 rakat? Thank you.
  4. Al-Wilayah Al-Takweeniya

    Yes but don't act like that brother/sister no need to be rude
  5. Times of Nawafil Prayers: Zuhr & Asr

    Yes I have the timings of prayers, but not for the nafilah. And yeah this shadow thing doesn't work here
  6. Times of Nawafil Prayers: Zuhr & Asr

    I really don't understand, sorry. How can do this from my room?
  7. Times of Nawafil Prayers: Zuhr & Asr

    What is an indicator?
  8. As-salamu 3alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. On Al-Sistani's (ha) website, it says: Can anyone tell me what is this "shadow indicator 2/7th" thing? I have no idea of what this means. Jazakallah.
  9. Best duas to get good deeds?

    Brothers, please don't say "I think"... we need to be accurate in religion.
  10. Or maybe it’s not sahih or it just means that we should be more pious than most people.
  11. Salam When is sunnah Fajr prayed? Between start of time of Fajr until you pray Fajr? So anytime before sunrise? Also is It 2 rakat? And can you do Qunoot in it? Thanks
  12. As-salamu 3alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatouh There is this hadith that I found in French (couldn't find it in english): « N'est pas non plus de nos Chiites celui qui habite une ville de cent mille habitants ou davantage, parmi lesquels il y a quelqu'un qui est plus pieux que lui » Which means: « Isn't part of our Shias, the one who lives in a city with 100000 inhabitants or more, which there is in that city someone that is more pious than him » Does that mean alot of us aren't shias? Thank you.
  13. How to pray namaz shaf3 and witr?

    Perfect, thank you my brothers, may Allah reward you and give us the highest degrees of Jannah. Ameen
  14. As-salamu 3alaykum, another question.. how to pray these two? Please give me all the details not only the number of rakat (which respectively are 2 and 1), I can't find anything reliable on Google. Thank you.