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  1. Funny video

    Salaam, About year ago I watched a video, it had a man with a hijab talking with a funny voice. He was dressed as a woman so they gave him a higher voice (with special effects). I didn't look at him but i heard his voice that sounded like a woman's voice. I did get excited because of the VOICE (that sounded like a women's voice) NOT HIM. I did watch porn afterwards (astaghfiruallah). I am going to repent for this this haram cat that I forgot but my question is: I WAS NOT EXCITED BECAUSE OF THE MAN BUT OF HIS VOICE THAT SOUNDED LIKE A WOMANS VOICE, is this sin higher sin because it was a man? I DID NOT GET EXCITED BECAUSE OF THE MAN AND I AM HETEROSEXUAL. Jazakallah
  2. Later date ghusl

    Thank you
  3. Later date ghusl

    Salam, I feel very guilty of this, I had a discharge but I did my ghusl a day later. If you are thinking what is he talking about, there is no problem with that. But I have two questions: Was my ghusl valid and what is the intention or niyyah for ghusl? Jazakallah
  4. Ghusl

    Note: the liquid was thin but sticky i another ghusl obligatory.
  5. Ghusl

    And I have another question can ghusl be done in the shower, I don't have a bath.
  6. Ghusl

    After a discharge I made Ghusl, but at this can't make Ghusl and I got an unintentional discharge (wich related to the first one). At this moment I can't make Ghusl, but i can wash away the najasat. Will this suffice so I can pray? Jazakallah
  7. Breaking promise

    Thank you, made my day!
  8. Breaking promise

    Salaam, When i still wasnt as religious as i am now a muslim brother gave some data that that i couldnt give to anyone. But someone offered me something for the data i was greedy and forgot about the promise (asatgfirullah). I made him delete the data ( the one that offered me something). I still have the data that i will not ever give again to anyone. I feel deep remorse for doing it. I angered Allah s.w.t. can i do something else besides repeneting.
  9. Bad friends

    Salamualaikum, I have a very good sunni friend. I dont care wether he is sunni or shia. He is very bad muslim and he made me sin sometimes. I learned stop myself from sinning. But i want to stop him from making these major sins and improve is imaan because I feel like a bad muslim if I wouldn't help him because he has the intention to stop but it is hard for him. Even if he sins he still has golden heart. That's why I want to stop him from this. I think It is haram to not stop him but he still is bad muslim but a good friend and isn't hard to convince and make regret. It isn't too late for him and I know how to do that but not the ruling on if I should do that .I feel like in need to help him but is it haram? Shouldn't I leave him?
  10. masturbaiting in the holy month of ramadhan

    Salamualaikumi happened to have masturbated(astaghfiruallah) in the holy month of Ramadhan. I didn't know about ruling on breaking fast in ramadhan intentionally. It was my first Ramadhan as a baligh. I masturbated 2 times. So that is 4 months of fasting. My grades will be bad and fasting 4 months is too hard. I am not an experienced faster. Is It still obligatory to fast the kaffarah? (4 months in my case) note that I didn't know the existence of kaffarah and heard of it. Salaam
  11. masturbaiting in the holy month of ramadhan

    Salamualaikumi happened to have masturbated(astaghfiruallah) in the holy month of Ramadhan. I didn't know about ruling on breaking fast in
  12. masturbaiting in the holy month of ramadhan

    Can this be done in pairs because otherwise i have to fast for three months.
  13. @Mortadakerim [Mod Note: This is your topic. Do not make new topics on the same subject.] Assalamualaikum I had the habit of masturbating. I stopped this habit. I began praying again and now I pray normally. But I realised that I did masturbate in the holy month of Ramadhan for 2 days. I know I have to make up for the days and repent but can I do something else. I dont have any money otherwise I would give to orphans. What can I do besides repenting and fasting. Salam
  14. Bombsquad Game

  15. Bombsquad Game

    This is game where you hit virtual puppets, well they look like puppets. However women are also hit in this game but the only thing that makes them look like that is there hair. Women are respected in islam. In this game you hit them, But the most are men of the puppets. Type in YouTube bombsquad the game.