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  1. Hentai

    "unless your goal is obvious for that you see it on purpose" do you mean something like watching elements of shirk on purpose. Thank you.
  2. Hentai

    I think this topic was removed because I made it 2 two and if it was removed because of that my sincere apologies are to the moderator who removed it. It was an accident I didn't mean to do that. This was the topic: I know hentai, as some sort of cartoon porn. My question: Is watching hentai any bigger sin than watching normal porn. And some animes contain shirk elements do these elements have connection with watching hentai. Jazakallah
  3. Masturbaition in mind

    This time I spend it has been staying in my head and I can't get it out, such a big sin. I'm getting depressed of this I can only think of istighfaar and furtherall I have bad feeling someone please advice me.
  4. Masturbaition in mind

    Salam I have masturbated, because of a hijabi sunni or shi'i (about her), she wasn't close to me or in my house or something. Just in my mind. I stopped with this habit long ago and she wasn't covered up extremely, I was the kind who had a dirty mind (not anymore alhamdoullilah). But I feel so sorry to Allah s.w.t. for what I did. I really feel like I have done something badly fault I have one question: Does this form make it a bigger sin because it was hijabi woman. Where I masturbaited several times in mind over. Jazakaallah
  5. Sin

    And thank you, @AmirAlmuminin Lover, for reacting. @AmirAlmuminin Lover
  6. Sin

    Just to be clear it off that statement wasn't meant as obidience for Hitler or anything like that, it was just a joke thank you. Salam
  7. Sin

    Salaam, Oh this was so wrong, when is still wasn't that religious I tried to be the clown a lot in front of my friends. I would say things like:'left hand on the jewish book (I forgot the name) and sometimes i said 'heil hitler', everything was always meant as a joke, AND I NEVER MEANT TO WORSHIP ANYONE IN THESE SENTENCES AND I WILL NEVER WORSHIP SOMEONE ELS THEN Allah SWT. Now is this condidered shirk knowing that i dindn't WORSHIP anyone and that it all was only a joke. Jazakallah
  8. Tablet

    Salaam, In the past when i still did watch porn (not anymore alhamdoulillah) i watched porn on two separate tablets. If I reset the tablets COMPLETELY and everything will be deleted, can i still sell them? Jazakallah
  9. Salam, Are games like God of War haram to play( I don't want to play the game but I was curious about this) if you don't believe in the fictional "God" or play the game just because it's a fun game and you enjoy playing it while only staying on the path of Allah (s.w.t.). Jazakallah
  10. Funny video

    Salaam, About year ago I watched a video, it had a man with a hijab talking with a funny voice. He was dressed as a woman so they gave him a higher voice (with special effects). I didn't look at him but i heard his voice that sounded like a woman's voice. I did get excited because of the VOICE (that sounded like a women's voice) NOT HIM. I did watch porn afterwards (astaghfiruallah). I am going to repent for this this haram cat that I forgot but my question is: I WAS NOT EXCITED BECAUSE OF THE MAN BUT OF HIS VOICE THAT SOUNDED LIKE A WOMANS VOICE, is this sin higher sin because it was a man? I DID NOT GET EXCITED BECAUSE OF THE MAN AND I AM HETEROSEXUAL. Jazakallah
  11. Later date ghusl

    Thank you
  12. Salam, I feel very guilty of this, I had a discharge but I did my ghusl a day later. If you are thinking what is he talking about, there is no problem with that. But I have two questions: Was my ghusl valid and what is the intention or niyyah for ghusl? Jazakallah
  13. Ghusl

    Note: the liquid was thin but sticky i another ghusl obligatory.
  14. Ghusl

    And I have another question can ghusl be done in the shower, I don't have a bath.
  15. Ghusl

    After a discharge I made Ghusl, but at this can't make Ghusl and I got an unintentional discharge (wich related to the first one). At this moment I can't make Ghusl, but i can wash away the najasat. Will this suffice so I can pray? Jazakallah