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  1. I'd become Shia immediately if...

    Yes Jimmy Boy, don't come with the spirit of refutation but of seeking an answer to the question you posed.
  2. Abu Lulu: Muslim or Majoos?

    I think there were non-Muslim slaves all over the Muslim world, including Mecca and Medina. It is inconceivable that Muslims refrained from keeping slaves in those two locations.
  3. Predestination

    I thought the problem was not predestination (in that God knows what will happen before it does), but rather the belief that God creates human action which would mean that God perform the acts for which he rewards or punishes. In other words, I think all Muslims believe in predestination (otherwise divine knowledge would be incomplete), but they differ on the question of whether our actions are created.
  4. Shias in Washington DC?

    Very good point, Hameedah.
  5. Qur'an Verse Of The Day

    Thank you for this!