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  1. Ahl Saud

    There end is near..
  2. Islam and politics.

    Not every Mar'ja see it that way..
  3. Arbaeen

    http://spiritualjourneys.co/upcomingtrips.php This might help you or you can contact your local mosque
  4. A miracle of Imam Mahdi (atf) told by Sayed Ammar Nakshawani
  5. @Ron_Burgundy Well said (My father also narrated to me what you've said akhi)
  6. LOL! it's okay akhi i'm new to this!! & yeah that's what i'm saying!
  7. I agree that they're not all "knowing" because that is only Allah swt so your right their akhi and we can never compare (auzbillah) "So whoever hopes for the Meeting with his Lord, let him work righteousness and associate none as a partner in the worship of his Lord." True What i'm trying to say is that when our lord (Allah swt) created his divinely appointed prophets saw weren't He saw given some great knowledge that no human being was given & they were created to such to what Allah swt pleased?
  8. If our previous prophets were given gifts or ability to do stuff that it was impossible & made Hazrat Luqman (As in) Vast knowledge as the Quran says "And We had certainly given Luqman wisdom 31:11 then brother wouldn't our prophet saw had all knowledgeable.. i'm sure also brother that the previous Prophets discussed about our last Prophet saw ad his qualities...
  9. "it is knowledge not yet known to a group" But it also says in the noble Quran in Chapter Az_zuman verse 4 " : If Allah desire to take a son to Himself, He will surely choose those He pleases from what He has created. Glory be to Him: He is Allah, the One, the Subduer (of all)." So how do we know if the prophet saw was an ordinary man until he was appointed akhi?
  10. When Allah swt states in the glorious Quran in (Surah Al-Kafirun) and "Say: "He is Allah One." Was he Already "one" or when he addressed appointed his revelation he was the one lord? Salam akhi
  11. I love airports

    Airports are good for malls & shopping areas but...Other then that i just be asleep & wait for my next flight lol and hope i don't miss it.
  12. Who is the Protector of all the Prophets? (pbut) - ENG SUBS