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  1. Peace be upon Husayn, on Ali ibn al-Husayn, on the children of Husayn, on the companions of Hussain
  2. ♥ Marriage ♥

    Another great blog by Hameedeh. I couldn't agree more... Thanks for Sharing.
  3. Muharram

    Yes. Do take part in Muharram if you can - it's a blessing month of Aba Abdillah (As)

    Try to avoid it as much as possible especially on Ashura i'm sure you will find a way Insh'Allah. و علیکم السلام
  5. How to become strong

    و علیکم السلام
  6. Who is Hussain?

    Thanks Ron Do you know where i can find a full documentary of this?
  7. Who is Hussain?

    Asalaamu alaikum folks Can someone please give me a good informative documentary about Imam Hussain As that i would like to share to my brothers and sisters from different school of faith. JZK
  8. Innaa lillahi Wa Innaa Ilayhi Raaji'oon.
  9. husband hitting wife

    Sorry? But why would you want to hit your wife for no reason???? That's wrong.. The Prophet once said, “I am astonished at a man who beats his wife, whereas it is he himself more than his wife who deserves beating.” I couldn't agree more...