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  1. Salamun Alykum. I just had this question in my mind. Keeping Islamic Ethics in mind, Would you like to befriend a Wahhabi just to establish a normalizing relationship with him? It may happen that his misconceptions about Shiism and Shias get cleared when he knows you better..? What are your views on this? PS : I am talking about a normal Wahhabi and not a Takfiri.
  2. Marry

    If we see with Islamic terms, It is perfectly fine to marry a woman with good morals and she must be religious. But unfortunately this is taken as a taboo for a person who is single to marry a divorcee and vice versa. RasoolAllah married a divorcee just to break this taboo but only less men walked this path of RasoolAllah (s). Speaking honestly, no parent would be ready to marry his/her child to a divorcee if this is his/her first marriage.
  3. Would you befriend a Wahhabi?

    @Wholehearted Shi'a Then how do you expect to call those people to Truth? Would you let the entire lot go in vain just because they were born in a Wahhabi house?
  4. Iranians Openly Declare Atheism

    @Enlightened Follower Sorry for my first comment as I guessed for you as a paid fitna creator (cause they are now more in numbers). Forgive me. May Allah guide us all. And try to help Iran from your words. Spread the word of Wilayat e Faqih rather than helping the fake propaganda.
  5. Iranians Openly Declare Atheism

    Imam Khomeini and his followers had no finances and power. They gave their blood to earn those. And we have to follow the same path.
  6. Iranians Openly Declare Atheism

    And my brother, these are paid Iranians. Those who protested against the Iranian Govt. Why you take them so serious. You follow Wilayat e Faqih and you'll reach heights of servitude for Imam e Zaman (ajfs).
  7. Iranians Openly Declare Atheism

    If you're afraid then better to do something rather than defaming your own country.
  8. Iranians Openly Declare Atheism

    @Enlightened Follower I am watching your last few posts and turns out that all of them are there to defame "Iran". Either you are a paid agent or a person who has gone astray!!
  9. How did that happen?

    Read it again Sister. I said our sinful acts are abusing Mutah which is a Divine law. When we do Mutah just out of pleasure and lust we actually are abusing this law. Read when is Mutah allowed and prescribed. Any body just can't do Mutah without any strong and extreme reason.
  10. How did that happen?

    Also Islam "HIGHLY" discourages any friendship between Namahrams (Male and Female). How shameful is it that these guys went on Ziyarah (Allah o Akbar) and came back with this load of sins. Please counsel her and let her tell this to her parents because now I think she can't run away to anyone else. I pray for her condition and that she is guided to the right path. Infact We all are guided to the right path.
  11. How did that happen?

    Mutah, Mutah , Mutah. How this law of Islam is getting abused by our own sinful acts. Mutah has a strong reason. Otherwise it becomes really absurd. If you do it just for pleasure then believe me your Imaan is now like a rotten egg. Because you are abusing the Law of God. Shaytan deceives us sister. Your friend clearly is "NOT A VICTIM", since she has "MANY" Mutahs. Now if one prays a lot, it doesn't makes him/her a very religious person. Religious guarantee comes with "PIETY" and not with excessive prayers or fasting. Your friend is as much at fault here as the boys who committed Mutah with her. And I do believe that her Mutahs were the reason of her divorce. Mutah is done only in extreme conditions. I would urge my fellow Muslims to avoid abusing the Law of God just for your carnal pleasures and lusts. Remember we All have to face Allah. Its better to ask for His forgiveness before We all die and face him with a blackened face.
  12. Would you marry her?

    Salamun ALykum dear Sister. Look its very evident that Islam allowed Mutah to prevent corruption in the society. But as the time has passed, Scholars and Marajes have advised to avoid Mutah as much as possible. The new era has developed in a very sensitive form where the marriage tends to break because of little issues. And his/her partner having engaged with someone else will naturally be a big issue for anyone. So yes, on the firsthand it is advisable to avoid Mutah. But if someone has done Mutah, It is suggested to marry a guy/girl who also has done a mutah so this virginity issue is automatically cancelled at both the ends. For me, I will obviously choose a girl who has not been engaged. Since marriage is a complete encapsulation of spirit and the body. If her heart has been committed for someone else earlier, I may have serious trust issues.
  13. Salamun Alykum. Please comment if you are doing MBA in Iran. I need to ask some questions.
  14. Anyone doing MBA in Iran

    I hope to be there within next 5-6 years for permanent settlement.
  15. Anyone doing MBA in Iran

    I am currently majoring in Computer Science from an University in India and let me tell you I have no friends here because not a single person here is morally fit to talk to. They all are dead and all day do things which make me feel horrible. So I wanted to do my Higher Education from a University where atleast I can have a group of friends who are some what religious and studious.
  16. Family bothering me

    Alaikum assalam. My only advice to you is to talk to an Aalima based in UK and ask her to pay a visit to your house and to talk to your parents in a more open way and tell them what is your "right" in Islam. Islam wants you to take your decision yourself and then seek for the permission of your guardians. And they should not reject your decision except when their point is valid to reject it. If this can't be done then I think its better to take a rigid but not a violent and disrespectful stand and oppose the marriage otherwise your entire life will be destroyed when you are forced to do something and in this case the most important thing in your life. Marriage is the purest institution within Islam with completes 2/3rd part of your faith. Marry a man who you think is religious and will respect your rights and will never oppress you because He fears Allah and He is kind and full of Akhlaq. Don't marry a guy because he has good looks and good bucks, all of these are wordly, vain and temporary. None of this will help you in this or the next world. Wassalam.
  17. Anyone doing MBA in Iran

    Why the women who are into Industry so irreligious?? Wearing full makup, putting scarf just for show, their hair is clearly visible and what not! I wanted to do MBA from Iran because I thought the people involved in the curriculum would be religious and pious but what I found out from most of the places is - they are irreligious and follow western essence. Now I am sad of where to pursue knowledge Everywhere there is an air full of sins
  18. Any comment showing any disrespect to him will be reported to the administrators.
  19. I see.. Shaytan's agents are all around. But I firmly believe that your family is going under Divine tests. There is one beautiful hadetth from Imam Ali (a.s) that you should listen to - "If any Bala' (difficulty) falls upon you the know whether it is a blessing or a punishment just see whether it brings you closer to Allah or not. If it does brings you closer to Allah then it is a Neyma' (blessing) because Allah tests His servants with severe tests to erase their sins and to make them feel dependent Upon Him and His Power and Wisdom."
  20. One thing I don't understand is why that girl is claiming such a thing. Is she being used by someone to do that?
  21. Imam Khamenei Lovers please comment

    I firmly believe that this Iranian scholar is saying nothing but Truth. He is a Sayed and I must respect him.
  22. Imam Khamenei Lovers please comment

    Ghulat - means comparing someone to Allah. And what is being said is no where near to ghulat.
  23. Im on the edge. need help

    Brother, Salamun Alykum. May Allah guide us all. Here is my opinion on your situation. Firstly on your connection with Allah - I think you should just stick to wajibaat and you should watch some good videos out there by our Ulemas (may be by Agha Ali Murtuza Zaidi) who will help you understand what it means to have a connection with Allah, its not just praying and fasting but its much much more than that. You have to fall in love with Him. And these Ulemas AlhumdoLillah will help you. Just listen to 1 of their lectures per day. You'll feel a great change over time. Now as us fallible weak and bad people, we by no means can decide that your dream was just due to your thinking about this matter all day long which reflected in your dream or was it something Divine help. But as far as the question goes marrying your 1st cousin, its very fine. But when it comes to Mutah, you can't do it without the permission of her guardians. Lastly let me tell you this Nobody in Islam is allowed to change his/her maraje just because that maraje doesn't fits into his/her needs for some decisions. According to Islam, you should select a Maraje which you think by your Aql is the most knowledgable one among all. According to me its Ayt Seestani. For you that may be someone else. And yes, if you really like her (I don't know your criteria, but she must be religious - offering her wajibat for the least) then wither get permission from her guardians for Mutah (which I think in this case will be very awkward to ask for Mutah from your uncle), or wait for 6 years and work hard to become a better Muslim - work for the community development, set good goals to achieve, move ahead in your education or job and when its all done after 6 years go and ask for her hand. Wassalam.
  24. Imam Khamenei Lovers please comment

    Do you think its Impossible?? If you think then you must watch this - >
  25. I also have a younger brother who is now Baaligh. I know somewhat how to win on young ones. First of all I advice you strongly to never ever leave her in her condition. You are a mother to her (May Allah resurrect your parents with Ahlulbayt). Most of us have a bad phase in our lives. Its never the end. Always be hopeful. And I know you sister will recover and will become a Momina InshaAllah. I suggest you to strengthen your bond with her. Show her that you love her. Never try to make her feel that you're annoyed with her. Keep a smile on your face whenever you see her. Say good words to her. In this way she'll develop a sense of trust in you and will start believing you. Don't just get directly into Islam, because Shaytan now has a greater hold of her. Rather take her slowly like a snail. Make her watch some cartoons (humorous ones) and give her some books to read (life stories). Spend most of your time with her. And share your problems with her and ask her advice (just to make her feel you consider her and her views important). Slowly slowly you can ask her to read more sensible books which have some essence of Islam but not too much direct.. Ask her to watch youtube videos of Sisters out there and tell her what makes them so special. Soon InshaAllah she will realize that she has been tested by God when He took away her parents. And soon she will InshaAllah realize the motive of her life. This can take upto some 2-3 years and InshaAllah we all will pray for your sister and Allah never leaves anyone alone. He is watching. You can also do Tawassul from your father and Shaheed brother because both are Shaheeds and they help. Do Tawassul from Ahlulbayt , the present Imam.