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  1. Any Iranian ??

    Salamun Alaykum. I need to talk to some Iranians out here. I want to migrate Iran and want to discuss about the culture, life and job scenario of Iran. I have only known Iran from pictures and videos. I want to know in depth about Iran so that I can begin my phase of life in Iran. I love Iran because it has given us World Best Leaders, the most pious ones, the most courageous ones. Qom is the city of Ahlulbayt too. Please inbox me if you're an Iranian Am about to be a final year student with 2 semesters left for my graduation to be completed. I did my majors in Computer Science from India. (I don't like my country though).
  2. Prosperity is in Unity

    Nobody is being asked to change what they believe in. They are just asked to come under one shade - The banner of being "Muslims". Yes Takfiris and those suffering from Shirkology are excluded. Fight Enemies in the name of Prophet(s).
  3. Here in my country (India), there is an outrage that is soon going to be very inflammable because people here oppose animal sacrifice. They say "Why to kill innocent animals in the name of religion. Why millions of animals are killed on the same day." I know they don't understand the spiritual aspect of it and that they are Allah's creature and they too are ready for being sacrificed in the name of God. But logically how do we defend such claims made by others?? How do we logically shut them up??
  4. Close to God and Successful in Dunya

    I too know that.. But to earn more money you have to invest more time into it.. I'll be left with less energy and less time for Allah.. Is that the purpose of life?? Yes I want to earn to help others and to live just a normal life but earning is not easy atleast here in India. Here if one wants to earn good he has to give 10 hours a day continuously to work onsite and he is not left with the peace of mind in the remaining time, the phone still rings to work from home, prepare presentations etc..
  5. How a person can acquire Taqwa but still be successful in this Dunya. The more you get involved in this Dunya (eg you get a very good job/business/etc) the more you get away from your Lord as your attention changes from God to Dunya and you've very less time to give to God when you become successful.. How to have a balance between the two?
  6. Salamun Alykum. What are the listed investment options which are considered halal in Islam as per the fatwa of leading Marajes especially Ayatullah ul Udhma Sayid Seestani (h.a)?? Is Stock Market Halal or Haram? Investing in a company/startup is halal or haram?? We all have to invest our money somewhere to get profitable returns.
  7. Inside Yourself..

    I have the same thought. But if I just have written Islamic revolution then people might not have got the idea. Iranian Rev is a manifestation of Islamic Rev.
  8. Inside Yourself..

    I specifically mentioned ("Islamic"). I noted Iranian because it is the present revolution and an ongoing revolution. The only Shiite Revolution of present era.
  9. False Prophets.

    You don't need any site. If you go to any Majlis e Aza, Ask the Zakir. If he is an Ulema he will give you best answers.
  10. False Prophets.

    Refer to Ulemas. They'll give you best arguments.
  11. Salamun Alaykum.. 1. I want to know from as many as possible as to what your "aspiration/goal(s)" is/are. 2. How do you see this world and how will you use it to reach your goal(s)? 3. What keeps you closer to Allah everyday? 4. What is our responsibility in the Ghaybah of Imam (ajfs) and how will you play your role? 5. How do you repel and destroy the Jahl(ignorance) inside yourself? 6. How do you wish to die? And what are you doing about it (if its not an ordinary death that you want)? 7. Do you wish to contribute to Iranian(Islamic) Revolution. If yes then How, If no then Why? 8. How do you see money and life based on good economic value?
  12. namaz kaza

    Qadha wajib Qurbatan Ilal lah
  13. Then you've not understood what miracles are. Miracles are Supernatural Phenomena that can't be explained using laws of Nature. The one who performs miracle by the Name of Allah relies upon the Creator to present it. He himself has no power but Allah is All Powerful. So all these miracles can't be explained by laws of Nature otherwise they won't be miracles any more. Can you explain how Isa (a.s) gave life to clay??
  14. Curing infected eye of Imam Ali(a.s) at Khaybar. Splitting the moon to give his Dawah. These 2 are very Authentic.
  15. The merits of Talhah

    What you are showing is again a Translation by some scholar. What I showed you is the same. Our Translation differs.