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  1. So a healthy relationship with NaMahram is allowed in Islam? If yes then what is your definition of that relationship?
  2. Sister, its all about perspective. Islam shows the path to Truth. Show me somewhere in the teachings of Rasool Allah (saws) where he supports any man/woman who has fallen in love with someone AND he/she comfortably talks to each other even when there is no signs of marriage! Even calling their so called partners as my "Best Friend". Show me!! Where has Hijab been lost?? Hijab is when you refrain from talking/seeing etc with a Non Mehram. I am doing so with you because I'm discussing an Islamic topic. We should not approach any Na Mahram either we Love them or not. If any how you fell in Love with someone. Go and ask their hand out from the parents in a very Halal way. Don't wander around trying to establish a fairy tale relationship with them.
  3. Whenever My Mumma gets me one
  4. shia in sunni hajj group

    https://www.sistani.org/english/ You'll get all the Hajj related answers here!
  5. Great! Thats what I want yo say too. Here it is not a secret wish. It is all open.
  6. Hail you people. Really!! I'm not calling Love haram. But if love was that much good then Every Ayatollah would have told people to fall in love with some girl/boy. And Yes until and unless you persistently think about someone and interact with someone how can you fall in love?? That means your nafs is so cheap to be sold! @Sindbad05 Have a take on this buddy!
  7. I never said Kaafir. I said atleast I should answer when people say to me look he is so religious. I should object that because people will then take Islam lightly and will fall into sins music being the first one.
  8. If someone is openly sinning , calling others to a Major sin and Hell Fire and when someone says he is religious, don't you think I should raise objection on that.? Otherwise he will considered as a role model for Muslims. This is how corruption and innovations are spread when we abandon Forbidding Evil.
  9. AR Rehman is a convert to Islam after some incident in his life (You can read that on wiki). But from the very beginning of his childhood he was into music. And he continues to perform for Films, Music festivals etc. He also prays 5 times a day. I was having one discussion with my Non Muslim friend and he gave me his example and said look he is very religious - "AR prays 5 times a day". Now, can someone justify his statement? AR Rehaman really is religious after all of this Music sort of thing?
  10. Bro seriously! Let me tell you clearly how much satanic is this. Firstly - Nobody falls in love with a someone until he/she notices the other one. Where was your Hijab? Secondly - Love is aggregated through persistent thinking about someone, Satan puts these thoughts into ones mind! Have any doubt about it? Thirdly - How easily you decided to give up on Sunnism? Just because you love someone following another school of thought? Or because you seriously dedicated your time to learn about Shiism even when you din't met her!?? Bro, this is all fallacy of this Duniya. Satan is brutally playing with you both. Go and establish a more stronger relationship with Allah than loving some random person on Satan's order! Serve your parents first than serving some random person.
  11. @Ron_Burgundy Exactly bro! You asked the best Question. "Define Love to me" Nobody can define love better than Imam Hussain(a.s) and his(a.s) Sahabas
  12. The "Love" you are talking about is nothing but a Satanic arrow my dear friend. Better you take off your shoes as soon as possible! And spare the life of the girl too.
  13. Non Muslims to Heaven

    Yes. They call it "Narak".
  14. George Jordac Died

    He died with the Love of Ali (a.s). He died a Shia or atleast a Muhib of Our Imam (a.s). He was from Abrahamic Faith, So he believed in God too!