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  1. Up to date Prayer times

    "Shia Toolkit" is an android app, this can help you as well.
  2. how many subsects in shia islam.

    Yes. There are some others too. But sub-sects which call themselves shias, they don't believe in all 12 imams. Some believe in 4 Imams, some believe in 6 imams and there are others with different ideologies. Some ideologies go to extent that they don't believe in Hajj, Zakat, Namaz. Concept of Halal and Harm too differ in them. This difference is because time after time people followed man made Imams not 12 Imams opted by Allah.
  3. how many subsects in shia islam.

    I tried to figure this out too and waste a lot of my time in this . Basically there is no sub-sects in shia islam. In shia Islam either you are shia or non-shia. To be Shia you have to firmly follow 14 Infallibles and their teachings. Accepting any one your Imam a part from 12 Imams and follow their teachings makes you automatically non-shia.
  4. Bribe under the table

    According to Fatwa of Islamic scholars, bribe is Haram either for who bribes and who takes bribe. We have hadith that says. But sometimes you don't have choice to gain your right except through bribe and giving money under the table. In my case I have to deal with Pakistan custom officers where I don't have any other option a part from giving money under the table to get my work done for my clients. I want to know what is Ayatollah khamenei fatwa regarding this issue.
  5. Islam and politics.

    Islam wants you to be a good human being, recognize what is good and evil so you can create a peaceful society. To have a better society, automatically you will be involved in politics around you.
  6. Meditation will change your life

    There are number of meditation techniques and videos available on YouTube. I have few question regarding meditation. 1. Are we allowed to experience meditation videos on YouTube. 2. Can we try those mediation technique in real life. 3. Praying and meditation are different concepts?
  7. Doubt

    When you have different paths. You don't stop walking. You just need to use your brain to select the right path to walk on. If religion is created by man. Then way don't these scientist/philosopher come together and give a new religion which is perfect and error-less. Why don't they produce a book like Quran?. Can they bring Holy personalities like Ahlul Bayth (A.S)?. Who are able to inform us regarding every aspect of life. Tell us secrets of universe and every information from being of the universe till the end of universe. Islam is the perfect religion which cover each aspect of the life, in case you follow proper islam. But unfortunately when they don't accept the reality of islam they come with these kind of dumb arguments which makes no sense.
  8. Wedding Music and Dancing

    Please some one make me clear. Even listening to such songs is haram too?
  9. Misconception regarding shia Islam

    Alhamdulilah all the things are absolutely clear for those who are not blind :-). May Allah guide everyone on the right path.
  10. The Shia Islamic and Orthodox Christian unity

    This man also has interesting view regarding Muslim and Christian alliance.
  11. Ask me anything about Alevi/Bektaşî

    haha no Shia haven't become Sunis. Our ideology is quite different from them. By the way it is nice to know about Alevi Ideology. Sorry to add another question. But i just want to know what is you believe regarding Imam Mehdi (A.S). Do you guys believe in Gaibat of Imam (A.S) or your views are different?
  12. Ask me anything about Alevi/Bektaşî

    One of the Nusyris himself told me that they consider Ali (A.S) to be their RAB .He was telling me that Allah is RAB of all Imams and all Imams are our RAB. They have created us. Anyway this is what I heard from him. Kindly you tell me what are the difference between Alevi and Ithan Asahri Shia, what different ideologies they have. Please be precise it is hard to read long paragraphs :-).