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  1. Hell or Heaven. This is the thought which do come into every normal human mind. To give a logical answer lets divide this question into three parts. a) Are human even capable of performing enough right deeds compared to our bad deeds to achieve Jannat? b) Can we figure out who are Non-Believer? c) Who is going to Jannah? A) Let’s first examine what are the right deeds. Right deeds may include being honest, modest, not being unethical, rude, back bitter, racist, then being respectful towards women, kids, parents, sibling and etc. These are some of those responsibilities which we have towards human and society. Then we have to perform those right deeds which we have towards our God. Different religion have different rights towards their God and amongst them different people with different ideologies have different responsibilities towards their God. According to my opinion humanly it is not possible to evaluate which person is fulfilling his/her responsibly towards God. So this what only God can judge. What we can highlight is that that amount of blessing God has already given to us i.e Our healthy, Senses, normal mind and etc. I believe these are blessing of Allah has already bestowed upon us which we might return HIM by performing right deeds. If we think we can give calculation of our right and wrong deeds to God then we are mistakenly. B) In today's world where Muslims, Jews and Christian are divided into different religion who are further divider into sub religion but still ever religion and sect consider only himself to me in Jannah. According to very basic Muslim’s definition anyone who don’t believe in Allah and Last Prophet is not Muslim. However for shia Muslim Wailyat-e-Ali is wajib. But there should come a question, without following the orders of Allah and Last Prophets is he/she still going to be call Muslim? Prophet said: Out of 73 only 1 will go to Jannah and 72 will go to Hell. So having this hadith in view, I believe Just reciting Kamla is not even enough. A person reciting Kamla can also go to Hell, which is for Dis-believer. Having said this, I believe no one has the right to say who is disbeliever or who is not, this is Allah is doing to decided. It’s better to find Perfect path and Follow it rather than worrying about people who are on wrong track. C) So if people with right deeds can’t go in Jannah. And people with Kamla is not going to Jannah. Then who is going to Jannah? Jannah is only for the people with right beliefs and right deeds. They are very few. This is why Prophet said: out of 100 people 99 will go to hell. Rest Allah knows the best.
  2. Whatever punishment Allah has mentioned in Quran and what He is going to decide. He knows the best. So brother, haidth you quoted of Maula Ali (A.S) is might not regarding such disbelievers?
  3. Of course these are some exceptions. But what about those who receive true message of Allah but yet they disbelieve, while having a normal mental and physical health?
  4. walaikum salam (Just noticed ;-p)
  5. JazakAllah brother :-). Highly obliged for you recommendations !!
  6. I found this for Divine justice https://www.al-islam.org/printpdf/book/export/html/40096 I hope this is full version. Can you please precisely explain what Dr.Seyyed says and what is you perspective? This might help me have another opinion regarding my topic.
  7. al-Sudais on Trump

    I get surprised, when they make such statements and Muslims still supports them :-/ !!
  8. There are verses where Quran clearly states how Allah is going to punish wrongdoers, hypocrites and those who didn't believe in Allah and his Messengers. But can we be certain about that Allah is surely going to put non-Muslim and wrongdoers in Hell? Can we say such things absolutely or do we have to leave this on Allah? There are 2 purpose I am asking this question, kindly give answer according to that prescriptive. 1. When I tell someone, non-muslim will not go to heaven, I feel little hesitated (I don't know why), I just want to confirm isn't it part of our believe to be clear that Allah mercy is for Muslims and only pure ones are going to Heaven. 2. I openly tell my friends even cruel Muslim who did wrong will not go to heaven, but they say "You should not say such thing as you don't know they might have repent and this decision only belongs to Allah". Is that so? Did Allah prohibit us to say such things, even regarding cruel rulers?
  9. Are you sure about this? please give reference of this haidth. I am sorry to say but this saying contradict with this verse. 98:6 SAHIH INTERNATIONAL Indeed, they who disbelieved among the People of the Scripture and the polytheists will be in the fire of Hell, abiding eternally therein. Those are the worst of creatures
  10. Brother if Jin didn't do anything to you up till now Inshallah they will not do anything to you in future. It is just your perception and imagination. Things you can do to get rid of this fear are as follows. 1. When you wake up recite Surah Falak and Surah Naas. 2. Recite Azan loudly in your house for 40 days, you can do this before praying namaz, and it is better if you can add aqamat too. 3. Jin don't harm to those who recite Quran regularly. 4. Wear Aqeeq ring or any ring suits you. I believe these things are enough to get rid of your fear, rest it is upon you how you make you iman strong. Still in case you interact with Jin :-D, you can do vird of Azan, Nad e Ali (A.S), Ya Ali madad or Ya Maula Ghazi Abbas (A.S).
  11. Free book : Secrets of Success

    The secret _ Rhonda Byrne http://glearning.tju.edu.cn/pluginfile.php/145488/mod_resource/content/1/The.Secret.(Rhonda.Byrne).pdf
  12. For interpretation it is not important to see dream 3 times. If you see specific dream even once, it can have a meaning. When you see a holy dream pray 2 rakat thanks giving namaz after you wake up and share you dream with your close one. I do it with my mother.
  13. Things Allah didn't do, we can't answer why He didn't do. He is greatest planner of all. But what caliphs did with Ahlul Bayth (A.S) we clearly know. Even after 1400 years, today nobody can deny rights they took away from Ahlul bayth (A.S). These caliphs didn't obey and disrespected Alhul Bayth (A.S). This is why followers of Ahlul bayth (A.S) still curse them and that's how Allah ruined them :-).
  14. Listen from 35:00 mints onward. He has mention that haidth regarding Ulil amr.