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  1. Learn Arabic with Arabic_Language_Eye

    If You Watch This Video , You Will be Able to Read in Arabic Easily
  2. Need some help with a few words

    One of the meanings of the word Alhayawan is related to the life that is permanent and immortal while Alhayat is a life that can be ended by any means of causes . This shows the difference between this world and the hereafter in respect to its validity . From another side , if you look at the music of the word Hayawan you will find a great and long sound which reflects the meaning of comfort ,tranquility and eternity while Alhayat has short and fast sound from the other side . i hope it is useful .
  3. Learn Arabic with Arabic_Language_Eye

    The third last part of lesson 2 How to Pronounce Arabic Letters in words ? Part 3
  4. Learn Arabic with Arabic_Language_Eye

    The second part of the second lesson has been published watch please and give me your opinions How to pronounce Letters within words ? Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hxo29oZWCxA&feature=youtu.be
  5. Learn Arabic with Arabic_Language_Eye

    Many Thanks Inshallah will be useful for you
  6. Alsalamo Alaykom Dear brothers and sisters I have just opened a new YouTube channel for the purpose of teaching Arabic Language with another way which i think from my perspective that it is so helpful for those who speak English and they want to learn Arabic . We will have different types of videos that cover all the information needed to learn Arabic step by step . Here are the first videos i have published Arabic Alphabet Letters in Different Way ! How to pronounce Letters within words ? Part 1 please I will need your Douaa , support , criticism and suggestions . Many Thanks