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  1. Scrambling and Blocking Transmissions

    Frankly I haven't a clue. Only a short while ago I would've dismissed this as conspiracy theory as well. It seemed to me that if anybody knew how to block these signals, they'd be found among shias, since it can hardly be said that Iran and Hezbollah are being mind controlled by Zionists. Very funny smoke comment, but I wish this was drug induced.
  2. Hello, Does anybody know anything at all about scrambling and/or blocking transmissions? I am in the United Kingdom and feel certain I am being targeted by Zionist transmissions which meddle with the mind. The method would have to be simple, as I have no access to any sophisticated equipment or technological expertise, and frankly the very notion of this being real is derided as a "conspiracy theory". Please don't tell me to wear a tinfoil hat.