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  1. InshaAllah international football teams will fight over your skills Good luck Michael
  2. A request from me....

    Thanks InshaAllah may Allah bless you! Hahahahahaha every one says this to me
  3. A request from me....

    Hi sisters/brothers, Today I have a request from you,after about 1 week is my admission test to school,and I really can't fail this one,although I have studied hard,I jusr ask you to keep me in your prayers/Du'as, I really want to get into this school, This may seem a bit silly,I have studied hard,and I am a good student.But just to check you know
  4. I was reading on Wikipedia about this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expedition_of_Ali_ibn_Abi_Talib_(Al-Fuls) Apparently for them he used to take captives,Is it true ? Cause Imam Ali used only to take P.O.W not women and children. Isn't this a bit of odd ?As Imams are the ones who have mercy for people,and not warlords.
  5. What's your BMI?

    BMI = 58 I am 128 CM and 95 KG
  6. Ashura 2017

    Imam Hussain [as] the brave hero,the world have never witnessed such crucial/brutal massacre .... I really missed beating the chests and holding flags "Ya Hussain" "Ya litharatill Hussain" and so on .. the sad majalis'
  7. Saying "Kun"

    That's probably the cosmic music which is resonating through an 11 dimensional hyperspace, the roll of the cosmic dice Music that humans can't comprehend/bear with their limited brain capabilities.
  8. shia in sunni hajj group

    I only know that Sunnis unveil 1 of their shoulders and Shias cover themselves all
  9. “I may say that the impossibility of conceiving that this grand and wondrous universe, with our conscious selves, arose through chance, seems to me the chief argument for the existence of God; but whether this is an argument of real value, I have never been able to decide. I am aware that if we admit a first cause, the mind still craves to know whence it came and how it arose. Nor can I overlook the difficulty from the immense amount of suffering through the world. I am, also, induced to defer to a certain extent to the judgment of the many able men who have fully believed in God; but here again I see how poor an argument this is. The safest conclusion seems to be that the whole subject is beyond the scope of man’s intellect; but man can do his duty.” Charles Darwin.
  10. 1)Probably 2) Probably as mass stays constant,unless mass itself didn't exist,what happens then ? Are you referring that the universe is infinite ? What Muslims do is "X is infinite,Y is a creation" What atheists do is "X is not existent,Y is infinite matter" However that sounds(to the atheistic point of view) much illogical. We know that Y is definitely not infinite,as our "observable" universe is around 13.8 +/- 0.4 or 0.2 Billion years,we know it has been expanding since then(big bang) which means ==> Our current location which is FAR away than where it all started,it expanded to here, Another argument was presented to me by atheists was "Time crystals" which they use to say the universe is infinite and was repeating. Although time crystals do not repeat in space(material) rather in time,however the universe have been expanding IN space,which denies all the "Infinite/cyclic universe theory". Think about it. Philosophers think every religion is man made,however they just don't refer to science. For someone may think "Oh heaven and hell are fairy tales" however Islam is not a magical/fairy tale. A religion is to be bound by laws,to let ALL the temptations of life for a better after life.What's the point of dying ? Will not everything die out eventually ? And the big crunch may happen? The sun after billions/millions of years will die out,so will starts and planets. Black holes are in the Quran,so are wormholes.Now don't come and tell me that our illiterate shepherd who was living a normal life,with his wife,why didn't he just live with his "life" money,collecting them and commit sins. Humans according to Psychology/Philosophy want their own interests,to achieve them,however a mans' interests back then where sexual sins and money.Nothing more nothing less. They made idols to make them as gods,why didn't he just worship them ? And give up,like JUST LIVE LIFE BRUH! However we know he had a strong will,very much,which was delivering a message to Humanity by our Designer. I have also a theory,can Allah be the energy that created us ? A metaphysical energy ? or he is actually far than our dimension ? Isn't Allah closer to us than our veins ? Or as some say he is on his throne ? A superimposed throne ?
  11. The problem is they say universe have always existed(infinite),however this is very illogical scientifically .. There have must been a powerful entity that intervened and cause mankind,the universe to be existent. My problem is philosophical .. I am not very good philosophically although there is a scholar called Dr. Adnan Ibrahim and he is very good while debating atheists,he has destroyed them many times...
  12. Good day everyone.This will be a big topic. So I was debating an atheist ex-Muslim,and he was telling me that he left Islam cause of multi religion.He said anyone is born to Muslim parents is a Muslim,same with Christians etc.. And also a am an called Sigmund Freud said that religion is a delusion created by man himself,so as Richard Dawkins.. Even though scientific proofs are more overwhelming for existence of a creator. How can such universe come from nothing ? Philosophy is bad. God doesn't exist for them,they tell me,while surrounding me 3 of them came. I need some help,I am confused. And could you use philosophical/scientific agreements for God I would be much delighted.
  13. I feel this verse is a bit of controversy,can you give some evidences that it isn't refering to the wives of the prophet.
  14. New Feature...Clubs!

    Thank you! Keep up with the great jobs sisters/brothers,you are helping A LOT of people,and things are getting more better for this website. All the best.