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  1. Caligraphy for ring

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh respected brothers and sisters. I am currently looking for a verse from the Quran or a quote or text to write as caligraphy on a ring stone. I wanted something that showed respect for the Ahlulbayt so I was thinking a salawaat would be fitting. Please do suggest anything! And also as a second question, does anyone have any experience with the site middle east collectibles? Thank you!
  2. Aqeeq Ring In London

    Salam Aleikum. Im in London and I was just wondering where the cabin is located and if they still sell the rings?
  3. Shia rings

    Hi everyone I hope your all in good health. Im in London and since I didnt want to start a new topic I will write here instead. Does anyone know a good place to buy from in London?
  4. Shia rings

    I am planing to get one of these coustom made when i finish schoole. Can anyone let me know if they purchased later on? And Ya Isa peace be upon you brother thanks for the help.
  5. Shia rings

    No offence brother but this seems very sketchy contacted javaher negar yesterday. Are you sure he is safe?
  6. Shia rings

    So.. How do you get in contact with him? I can only se a channel?
  7. Shia rings

    Salam Aleikum brothers and sisters. I have been looking for a nice engraved shia ring and I have been quite unlucky. I was fooled by a ebay seller witch is no big deal, but I am still in search for a ring and since I am in Sweden i am quite lost. Can you help me with providing sites and placed where I can buy?