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  1. someone help me,please?

    also I know shiachat.com is a good site but can you recommend other sites and maybe apps which you can download? I don't have a mosque near me either its 1,5 hour with the car ... but I don't have a driver license nor do I have time ..
  2. salam! So, I've been Shia my whole life, so are my parents and my family. I know what Shiism is about and I know the basics. I pray 5 times a day, I read the Quran and I wear the hijab but it still doesn't feel whole. It's like I don't know my religion at all. I read the Quran in arabic, but I don't understand what I'm reading because arabic is not my first language. I just want to know more about Islam and Shiism, can any of you recommend me books and where I can buy an English version of the Quran. Also where can you find what Shiism is about? I mean in details, like I don't even know what hadith etc. are? I'm ashamed to ask my mum since she told me many times what Shiism means and she told a million times about Muharram etc and what happened in Karbala .. but I never really paid attention to it because I wasn't that interested back then ( im 17 now). Like I know it.. but not in details. So yeah .. all I'm asking for is if you guys know any good sites and where you can find or buy an English version of the Quran. It'll really help me if someone replies! thanks!
  3. if it's a no then it's a no. respect her decision
  4. what is wrong with you? she probably has a PTSD as said above .. maybe she should see a therapist.
  5. salam why does the chatroom not work? thank you.