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  1. Paradox of sin

    thats what I thought too!
  2. Life does not really exist

    We have failed to define it precisely, because its induced by something above physical reality so in reality all the stuff you talked about regarding elements and atoms are a matter of the body which in itself is an inanimate object but it becomes functional when the abstract self is attached to it. You can not deny life for its something known to exist necessarily to almost all people.
  3. Regarding Philosophy

    When I say annihilation I dont mean to cease to exist, I mean by it not noticing myself and my attributes, also there is a difference between being told that you are nothing and experiencing it personally.
  4. Regarding Philosophy

    Thanks man thats what I thought too.
  5. Regarding Philosophy

    Actually I think I read somewhere that there is another faculty above the heart, which is the soul and thats where complete annihilation happens.
  6. Regarding Philosophy

    Boy I'm really confused today Quoted myself lol
  7. Regarding Philosophy

    I'm sorry the last reply I made the wrong quotation, anyways I agree with you about this aspect of God that is only knowable through the heart but yet there is a level of knowledge that can be obtained via the mind, regardless how shallow or deep its but its yet obtainable, I think if no aspect of God can be known through the mind then this would be against the wisdom for not all people have pure hearts to obtain that knowledge,actually you can say the majority rely only on the mind.
  8. Regarding Philosophy

    Shayk Al Ashraq when classifying types of wise men, he said something like there is a type of a wise man who is deeply engaged in divinity but is not engaged in research ( I guess by this he means mental research ) so according to him this type of wise men although they are engaged divinity (which is I suppose due to purifying the self) it didnt grant them knowledge in logical and mental thinking. So you need to study it separately along side purifying the self, because sometimes in a mystical experience Satan shows up as the good guy, tells you something and you think its an angel or something you embrace the idea and believe in it ( unless you see if it matches the philosophical rules or Hadith or Quran ) and consequently you may lose the way.
  9. Regarding Philosophy

    And the idea that philosophy helps with interpreting mystical experiences correctly isnt mine but some Shia wise men concluded that and I agree with them.
  10. Regarding Philosophy

    I believe there is an aspect of God that you can know by thoughts, and another aspect that can only be understood by the heart, also I think knowing about philosophy helps if you have a mystical experience so you can interpret it correctly, as there are some Sufis who reject thinking and focus on mystical experiences only eventually embraced very erroneous beliefs like everything is God (Hilol wa Itihad ) or that there is no creation and every thing is illusion. So philosophy is very important.
  11. Iraqi scholars and wilayat faqi

    I think their disapproval isnt because of the presence of Sunni population, but its because I think they believe it should only be held in the presence of the Imam.
  12. Real doubt, and Wiswas thoughts.

    Salam Alaykum, how do you distinguish real doubts in worship from fake wiswas based doubts ? and does a thought cross your head sometimes that maybe you did something wrong in a worship act? if it does, do you dismiss it or you take care of it? Thanks
  13. Single men come here please

    Sometimes culture collides with what religion allows or forbids, take makeup for example its haram in public yet most women probably wear it because its culturally acceptable.
  14. Can you do Ghusl in shower?

    also just because its a bathroom floor, doesnt mean its necessarily najs.