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  1. Observe your mind and discern the thoughts.
  2. I think the intellectual proof for why there can not be 2 Gods goes like this ( with some clarifications made by me ) : If there was 2 Gods ( a God must be necessary to exist ) in this world then they would both have different identities and similar characteristics, so each one of them is composed of the part of similarity( characteristics) and part of difference (identity) , and anything that is composite ( not simple ) is possible (which in philosophical terms means any thing that is not impossible to exist and not necessary to exist ) because every composite needs its parts and its part is different from it, and whatever that needs a different other is possible ( because needing is indication of poverty and a God is suppose to be rich ), which means that what we assumed to be necessary became possible and that can not be. So there has to be one God. I will attach the proof in Arabic maybe you can read it, because my translation may not be precise.
  3. Also I think what you are suffering from is intrusive thoughts, I have this type of thoughts and I hate them they literally ruin your life.
  4. The other thing is why would you think Imam Ali is a God ? why not prophet Mohammed for example ?
  5. Dude thats obviously satanic insinuation, anyways there is an intellectual proof in philosophy that there can only be one God in the world, and mental proofs have mathematical certainty so seek knowledge to kill these thoughts.
  6. I think you are a little extreme about that, but what is the comfort you refer to that water is used for ?
  7. Suffering reveals what you are made of.
  8. I would do it like 3 times if it comes bad too then I would accept it.
  9. Another example is when you are healed from some sickness by a medicine, who healed you Allah or the medicine? Its Allah but through the medicine , here the medicine worked as an intermediate between. This is how the world is designed.
  10. There are intermediates whether you accept it or reject it , they are still there you know why because they are part of the system of the world, this is how God designed the world , for example there is a Hadith for the prophet Muhammed PBUh that the first thing that was created was his light and from his light everything else was created. This Hadith proves that between us and God there is at least prophet Muhammed as an intercession because we can not accept the flow of existence directly from God, an example of this would be like a power generator that supplies houses with power the houses can not take power from it directly because they dont have the capacity so they need an intermediate that regulates the power so the houses dont burn. Of course this is just an example, take the angel of death for instance, its Allah Swt that takes the soul but through him.
  11. Salam brothers, How do you guys deal with the intense sexual urges ? is there some technique to suppress them ? I wish I could get married but the circumstances are not allowing me at this point, as you all know marriage in this era of history has become to expensive and too complicated! any advises help. Thanks
  12. Like one of the brothers said there is cause and effect, eventually you have to reach a cause that is above causes and doesnt need a cause.
  13. Well not all I'm into the not tight clothes.
  14. I have post I would like to edit please