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  1. any shias in san diego

    I was born and raised in San Diego, Ca. There are two masjids for shia in San Diego, IECSD (Farsi) and Imam Ali (Arabic/Iraqi). In the last year another one, the Noor Collective has popped up which runs independent of either. They operate at both, but usually run their programs downstairs at the Imam Ali center. Check them out here: San Diego Shia Islamic Center They run their programs exclusively 100% english, which is a first. That's where most of the 15-35 year olds which used to frequent both center usually now frequent.
  2. Sayed Mahdi Modaressi Don't shake hands

    Awesome video. I've noticed an uptake on these videos and it's an awesome and long overdue need.
  3. Oiling during fasting

    I'd imagine if you wash it all out and spit out any water the ruling would be no different than brushing. Probably allowed but not so recommended.
  4. Never makes any sense to me why america always wants to control every country in the world. It's really sad as it's costing america their potential to be a utopia. All that wasted money on offense.