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  1. Can't marry the person i love

    Like the user above said, you need to move on. If there’s absolutely nothing you can do to marry that girl, then there’s no point crying over that. I’m sure Allah SWT has better plans for you, trust His plan. Maybe this is just your test from Him.
  2. Greetings

    Didn’t you go on ziyara dear brother? I’m sure visiting the Imams would’ve helped you with your depression.
  3. Depression

    You need to seriously stop spending time alone. That’s only going to make it worse for you. Go out, go to the mosque, shopping, spend time with your family, your relatives, ask them to go out with you, volunteer at places. Get your mind off things that are making you depressed. And firstly, why do you hate yourself? If it’s because of some mistake you committed then know that we’re all humans and we all commit mistakes. I think the main reason you’re feeling like this is because you feel distanced from God, and that should give you a hint that you need to work on your relationship with God. Don’t take salah as a chore, instead when you stand on your prayer mat, pray slowly and try and concentrate on the words and what you’re saying. Depression is a serious problem brother, and you need to do something about it quick. Maybe if it’s possible for you, you should take a visit to the Imams.. it’ll really help your spirituality. And if you hate yourself because of your sins, then the door of repentance is ALWAYS open for everyone. Learn from your past and work on your future. After your prayers, sit down and ask Allah for forgiveness. You don’t need to read a long dua, but just say whatever’s in your heart and tell God that you will improve yourself. You need to make that first step to change, it won’t come in an instance, but you need time and effort, lots of effort. Even your parents won’t be happy if you stay like this any longer. Never reach a stage where you lose hope in yourself. Fight your bad urges, always remind yourself of Allah and think about the Akhira. Read about the lives of the Imams, even if you’re uninterested and don’t want to, force yourself. Sometimes you need to force yourself to change because change doesn’t come out of no where.
  4. she completely ignores me

    You need to move on. It’ll be hard, but there’s no point chasing a girl who isn’t interested in you anymore. Try to forget her and concentrate on other important things in life.
  5. Islamic Court System

    So in the case that I mentioned, where the victim of rape decides to forgive the offender, does the offender receive a punishment either way?
  6. Islamic Court System

    Salam. I have a question about the Islamic Justice and Court system. In Islam, if a person is convicted of a crime.. does the punishment of the offender depend solely on the victim? For example if a person was accused of rape and the victim decides to forgive the person, then what would the court decide in this case? Does the court let the person who committed the offence get away with it just because the victim decided to forgive him? Does the Islamic court follow the 'an eye for an eye' method of punishment or is there something else?
  7. Salam Alaikum. Does masturbation without ejaculation break your fast?