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  1. Big Five Movie Star Test

    To the two female-moderators being give 'Cate Blanchett' i know nothing of these people outside of films, and the one film i do know is Lord of the Rings, and the Hobbit. So congratulations, you are both Galadriel:
  2. Big Five Movie Star Test

    This is hilarious. I always had you down as a Cate Blanchett type of person. Highly intelligent with a teaspoon of sarcasm , and inward sense of i am Galadriel , Kneel.
  3. Muslim Men Wearing Gold and Silk to tease Enemies

    Brother, the way you phrased it sounds very odd. Forgive me but i thought of this meme when i read it: Maybe clarify what it is you mean ?
  4. Big Five Movie Star Test

    You should write a book on this you know. How can an INFJ like myself tap into whatever potential i have and make the most out of life, given in mind how i'm hard-wired?
  5. Big Five Movie Star Test

    Was i actually born like this? I thought our experiences shape who we are.
  6. Big Five Movie Star Test

    But why ?
  7. Big Five Movie Star Test

    I feel as though i can understand people on a much deeper level, but no-one understands me. Maybe that is driving me to want to outwardly 'project' certain characteristics, as well as my drive to want to feel in control, masculine, not necessarily Alpha.
  8. Big Five Movie Star Test

    Hypothetically speaking, if i gained the muscle, the cars, the stature, the intimidating presence, as silly as that sounds, and took life in an entirely different way, it wouldn't change me being an INFJ?
  9. Big Five Movie Star Test

    I'm about to modify my personality over the coming years and transform from an INFJ, into a sort of Vin Diesel type guy.
  10. Big Five Movie Star Test

    INFP/J [I'm an INFJ, a lot more serious than an INFP and take life like that at times] Big Five Movie Star Test You are the most like: Daniel Day-Lewis "I suppose I have a highly developed capacity for self-delusion, so it's no problem for me to believe I'm somebody else."
  11. Thoughts 2018

    I'm going to be investing in Ripple today. It's around a dollar per share the last time i checked. I think Ripple might be a dark-horse and if Cryptocurrencies really gain traction , it might be a very important inter player. I don't know much yet, so i'm going to be reading more on this. I think Ethereum and Ripple are the two to invest. However there are so many more lesser known cryptos only people with knowledge and insight will know might become bigger in the future. I'm fairly new, so i just want to put my foot through the door for now and invest in something and then work my way up from there.
  12. Are there any Mutah networks?

    Mutah is perfectly Halal brother. However we're just discussing the realities surrounding it that people should be aware of. No-one should judge someone who has done something perfectly Halal.
  13. Are there any Mutah networks?

    It depends on how good looking you are, status, income, and social network. The same rules literally apply as they do with Harram non-Muslim dating. But if we go for the average guy and the average woman i'd say for the guy it's 8/10 difficulty at least. For a woman maybe a 3/10.
  14. Is Istikhara mandatory before marriage

    @M666 Sister i will respond to the rest of your post later inshAllah, but our Duas are for your Father as well. The good news is if he loses weight, and really checks his diet - but most importantly loses weight if he is Type 2 - and has a specific and particular diet, he can really control that diabetes. Many people see dramatic improvements with significant weight loss, and some even see it become a non-issue. Of course this varies and its best to check with the doctor and follow the doctors advice. Everything is still in his control. Make sure he gets his cholesterol checked regularly, maybe even a Echo-Scan (no dye needed its just a gel on the outside and you just check the over all function to see if there is anything major), and general background checks on top of that inshAllah.
  15. Marriage - Bias against women who do not wear veil

    why ?:(