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  1. What genocide are you guys talking about. Because haven't seen one going on.
  2. I'd advise you to read history side it paints everything.
  3. One the only genocide is the ones Rohingya are doing to Burmese Bhuddists and two I am pro Israel so... I don't know about Libyan slave trade though.
  4. I'd call that modernization.
  5. Yemen betrayal?

    I know about 10 Yemenis who worked here before the war and were pretty much stuck here because of it. They were all Saleh supporters they weren't pro Houthi but at the same time none of them liked Saudi can't say I blame them in that. Most of them were neutral.
  6. Yemen betrayal?

    In fact it will make it much worse and many Yemenis that I know are starting to really hate Houthis.
  7. Yemen betrayal?

    Even if they did they had the guys body dragged through Yemen that is disgraceful they could have atleast confirmed his death without designating the man so.
  8. Yemen betrayal?

    There could have been better ways to handle it though you can't just assassinate him like that.
  9. Yemen betrayal?

    I was shocked to hear Houthis would react so quickly. Didn't expect them to react with such force and so soon.
  10. Well the Orthodox Church which I identify with does images and all that but I think it's ok but I'm quite critical when they start offering stuff to the images and statues of Jesus but if it's just acknowledged as a representation nothing more then it's ok to have them in the Church.
  11. I had a strange dream

    My book was written by people who had to hide in caves because of their faith in the true religion it was written by people who lived as refugees fleeing from place to place from polytheists. I take no words out of the kitab for these words are in the kitab they were spoken by God himself.
  12. I had a strange dream

    Yasue has spoken Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. 16 “You will know them by their fruits.
  13. I had a strange dream

    Yasue has no anger but I can see his weeping for the fate of misguided ones.
  14. I had a strange dream

    Many were martyred following his name but he was not Hussein he was called Yasue Al Masih.
  15. I had a strange dream

    Only one religion is valuable and that is the religion where the one came down and died for you.