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  1. Weren't many Shia imams persecuted by the Ummayads.
  2. So it seems he was never loved by Muhammed
  3. Muawiyahs wife was a Christian and also most of his navy was composed of middle eastern christians.
  4. Isn't almost every state it isn't like Iran is not a puppet state either.
  5. No trolling I generally want to learn and at the same time I have found out the opinions certain Muslim sects have on the sahabas during my time here. Because here most people might say oh well Muawiyah was a hypocrite or a pagan or a munafiq while a Sunni might say oh Muawiyah is one of the greatest sahaba I have a question why is it so mixed up if it is religion of haqq.
  6. Not a trick nor was I trying to trick you. But I generally believe this is true Islam.
  7. I believe those type of Muslims were the ones that Muawiyah killed.
  8. He reminds me of the judges that would abuse my mother in court while I was with her.
  9. Yes here I was forced to practice Islam not by my family but I was forced by my country to practice something I never liked it was just forced on me.
  10. I live here and im aware for hatered of Shias but I don't really care this is there issue it's an issue between Muslims however I acknowledge shia oppression in our eastern provinces where there is a large population of Shias that is discriminated against. But no I'm actually telling the truth.
  11. Because Islam could not save me from oppression and I realized that Islam is the oppression.
  12. I'm still considered Muslim and I do my Islamic homework at school and when they tell me pray I pray but if they asked me why do you do these things I'd tell them I do it because someone tells me too and if they asked me if I like Islam I'd say no but no one has ever actually asked me that except my family.
  13. It's already to late for that.
  14. No not wishes I never expected everything I want granted it had to do with other things.