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  1. Salam, I need some clarification regarding Salah timming that why we offer/perform Salah at 03 times even in our books Salah timings are diff like zohar and asar timings. I have to face this question many times and I can't satisfy the others well. I know this is optional that we can offer at its ideal time or at the same time but the ideal time is different. ..
  2. Shabbir Gilgiti

    Wadu confusion

    @Ozzy @Hassan- Salam Bros... Thanx for your replies, I am very clear about wajib Gusal but i need guidance for normal shower. If after shower their is short time for salah than how to manage to hair dry than do the wadu...
  3. Shabbir Gilgiti

    Wadu confusion

    Salam, Sometimes i forget to wadu before i take shower. In that case how can i offer prayer imediately after shower?