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  1. Namaz/Salah Timmings

    Salam, I need some clarification regarding Salah timming that why we offer/perform Salah at 03 times even in our books Salah timings are diff like zohar and asar timings. I have to face this question many times and I can't satisfy the others well. I know this is optional that we can offer at its ideal time or at the same time but the ideal time is different. ..
  2. Wadu confusion

    @Ozzy @Hassan- Salam Bros... Thanx for your replies, I am very clear about wajib Gusal but i need guidance for normal shower. If after shower their is short time for salah than how to manage to hair dry than do the wadu...
  3. Wadu confusion

    Salam, Sometimes i forget to wadu before i take shower. In that case how can i offer prayer imediately after shower?