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  1. Namaz

    Salam. This question is regarding my kids. Unfortunately there is no facility for them to pray at school and when they get home the time for namaz has ended. What should they do?
  2. Qunoot

    I have a question related to this topic. Can the qunoot be recited in any language. I know this discussion took place literally 10 years ago but please reply
  3. Karbala

    I do not believe in this at all but I am very slightly unsure. Is it true that after karbala the army took Imam Hussain's (AS) shirt or all his clothes off. I do not mean any disrespect nor do I seem to believe this but some other people said so, God knows which school of thought they are from.They were like that is why we cry he was without a kafan but I thought because he was in the heat of the desert and also his body was in pieces so it didn't seem right. I did ask but then others where just like that even the Prophet(SAWW) laboured without his shirt at times. I think I've heard this before however it isn't quite similar to this situation. Can someone guide me please
  4. Bibi Zainab's Veil

    According to ammar nakshawani only the face veil was ripped off from the women
  5. Baligh

    However they can marry if they want, even though it's not compulsory
  6. If u wish to know about the hijab of the women of the ahlulbayt, it was quite severe and no woman can follow it today. They didn't even step out of their houses at night and neither did anyone see them or heard their voices. Take Bibi Fatima for example. Her hijab was also like this. Even when she went to talk about fadak, she took her burka on her head to cover her face and some narrations say she even tied a scarf around her head as a small turban. She took her cloak or her chador. She wore a long gown and even though her feet were covered, she stepped on her gown as she walked so there was not even a single possibility for someone to see her. Despite all, she called for the women of bani Hashim and gathered them around her so no one would even see her hijab. After coming to the court, she asked for a curtain to be placed between her and the men. Now obviously this is more than perfect as this is the hijab of Bibi Fatima. Now the hijab according to the Quran is, if summarised, for them to wear a scarf, a loose garment like an abaya, and socks. Also maintaining their modesty. To keep themselves from further attraction, like strong perfumes and bright colours, there are more rules of the sharia. Imam Jafar Sadiq himself has said that it is permissible for a women to reveal the oval of her face and her hands up to the wrists while the rest must be covered.
  7. Baligh

    So does this mean that if the boy isn't 15, let's assume he is 12 or 13, and all the factors are found in him, he would be considered baligh. Also if a girl doesn't show any changes yet she is 9, she would also be considered baligh. So basically these ages are only provided to let us know when a person would be considered baligh even if they don't show any change but if a person shows change before that age then they will be considered baligh. Correct?
  8. According to the Quran, women are instructed to cast their khimaars over their breasts because in pre Islamic Arabia, women tied their veils to the back of their head, revealing their necks, chests and most of their hair. Allah told them to bring their head coverings to the front to cast over their chests so the hijab our sisters take today is correct. It also says that women must wear an outer garment so that their figure is not visible e.g. an abaya, long coat, loose shirt etc. Women must also not strike their feet to gain attention which means that they must wear socks. This is the hijab. Imam Jafar Sadiq(AS) has also permitted that the oval of the face and the hands up to the wrists can be revealed however the rest must be covered. The rest is an awrah and must be covered. The burka was something worn by women of Bani Hashim. This was only because they were extremely pious and didn't want anyone to see them. It is not obligatory, but rather a choice. If a women does wear it then their is a lot of reward for her
  9. Baligh

    Assalam o alaikum. I wish to know about a few things. Firstly, I have heard that girls reach maturity at the age of 9 and boys at the age of 14 in islam. Is there any scientific evidence for this? For example, if a 10 or 11 year old boy has pubic and armpit hair is he baligh, or of a 12 or 13 year old boy ejaculates is he considered baligh or he isnt as he isn't 14. A girl starts menstruation somewhere around 12 and around here is when she also develops breasts. How can she be baligh bought at 9 when a 9 year old girl doesn't show any change neither does she have any knowledge of sex. Wasalam
  10. Imam Ali (as) - Tall Or Short ?

    It does matter. People use these very petty issues to reduce the maqaam of Imam Ali(AS). It shouldn't really matter at all whether he was tall or short but the truth is that he wasn't so we shouldn't undertake these things
  11. Muawiya killed aisha

    There wouldn't be any point asking Sunnis where her grave is because they have already made a "her grave" in Jannatul baqee. The thing I want to known is that why did muawiyah kill ayesha. She couldn't have told him to stop abusing islam for she was a kaafir and evil herself. What could have been the reason that he killed her??
  12. Awrah

    According to a hadith of Imam jafar sadiq (AS) and as clearly written in the Quran, the hands and face of a woman can be revealed while the rest is awrah. For a man it is to cover himself from the navel to the knee but the rest must also be covered. The ankles should be covered which Sunnis don't believe as Abu Bakr didn't cover his ankles
  13. Imam Ali (as) - Tall Or Short ?

    Imam Ali (AS) and the Prophet(SAWW) were exactly the same height and also same in many other ways. They were medium at height which means that they weren't short and neither were they very tall. Probably around five ten
  14. How to Tie a Turban the Shia Way?

    Turbans are not pre wrapped as my uncle [EDIT] also ties his turban and I have helped him @Mohsin Bokhari [Mod Note: The name of your uncle was removed. Please do not post personal information about other people.]
  15. Joseph... The Prophet Or Husband Of Mary?

    According to most Islamic historians and books, Joseph can be recorded as a carpenter and student of Prophet Zachariya(AS) and a servant in Masjid ul Aqsa, Jerusalem. Other than that, he didn't have any relationship with Maryam