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  1. Mohsin Bokhari

    Homosexuality in islam

    But what if he doesn't want to? I dont think he would be willing to embarrass and hurt his family especially his parents for his desires. And i dont agree with this. Allah has created you what you are and you have no right to change yourself wont it be going against his will? I think this would be a grave sin. Is it just better that he tries his best to control his urges, doesn't masturbate and doesn't marry? What is the solution to this problem and what it the cure?
  2. Mohsin Bokhari

    Homosexuality in islam

    8Salam I have a friend who is homosexual and I want to help him in as much ways as I can. According to my research, all I found was that ethically its wrong for Muslims to say something to people with such orientation however according to islamic law its haraam. However no scholar or reference discuss if a muslim is homosexual. All shia scholars for instance people like ammar nakshawani were discussing this topic as if it was inpossible for a muslim to be gay. Any person can have any sexual orientation. My friend said and i know he prays 5 times a day and that he fasts and fulfills whatever wajibaat there are, and has never been and isn't any such relationship with another man ever. He doesnt act gay, no one knows he's gay and even I couldn't tell he looks absolutely normal like all the men at the imam bargah. My questions are: 1. Does he still get gunnah only for being gay and having such thoughts and this orientation even though he doesn't act or dress gay and hasn't had a relationship ever? 2. What should he do to overcome his lustful desires? Fasting won't help and nor would marriage or mutah because he isn't attracted to women. This only leads to sins like masturbation or having that haraam relationship. 3. How can he "cure" himself from this or there isn't a cure? From all my research I haven't found any ahadith for this matter and i had thought that the ahlulbayt had discussed every matter then why isnt a solution for this problem present? 4. Is it still compulsory for him to marry because he would never be pleased in that relationship 5. It is also in my knowledge that he has a masturbation addiction for the past year and its so severe that it can even be upto ten times or more sometimes in a DAY. He just does ghusl and reads namaz. The harmful effects are in his knowledge and so is the gunnah but the problem is that he can't fulfill those desires through women. How can he quit and what will happen? What is is akhira is he going to hell for so much sin? Do his thoughts? Please he is in desperate need for help!!
  3. Mohsin Bokhari


    She was from Sudan I think and came to the house of Rasulallah when the Quran was revealed and was taught by Bibi Khadija. When bibi Fatima Zahra was born she was with her and when she married she went with her. When Bibi Fatima died, she stayed with her children and died a year after karbala all in brief. There was a time in her life when she would only speak in Quran. Such I pious woman she was that she was taught by Bibi Khadija, and by Bibi Fatima Zahra from the day she was born till the day she died and was also taught by Bibi Syeda Zaynab from the day she was born till the day she died
  4. Mohsin Bokhari

    Who Killed The Prophet Muhammad (sa)?

    There is no need to argue over the issue if the Prophet was killed or not because there is a clear hadith from one of the imams that all the 14 infallibles were either poisoned or killed. Saying that Rasulallah died naturally contradicts the hadith hair and it is also not a part of our faith. NO SCHOLAR IN THE WHOLE OF SHIA ISLAM SAYS THAT RASULALLAH DIED NATURALLY. There are some people say that a Jewish lady poisoned some meat and gave it to him but Rasulallah wouldn't have eaten it as the meat from other people of the book would have been haraam. Some say he was warned by Jibraeel (AS) but I'm sure he had his own knowledge. Khyber was like 4 years before his death so there is no way possible for that poison to take so long to work. I think it's quite obvious then that Aisha and Hafsa poisoned him
  5. Mohsin Bokhari

    Habitual sinning

    But once a heart has hardened there is no hope for the person to go back. So how can that person cure this? How can he quit habitual sinning
  6. Mohsin Bokhari

    Habitual sinning

    I hear that the best way to repent and pray is with tears and to cry. How can a person cry in repentance if the sins have hardened his heart? But for repentance, tears show that you are sincere, a blank face doesn't. Also I have heard that Allah has only said tawbah for those people who are not habitual in sinning and only sin occasionally. Those peope who are momins but habitually sin can NEVER be cured and Allah hates them and they will go to hell. Is this true?
  7. Mohsin Bokhari

    Masturbation And Pornography Addiction. Help!

    Hi I just came across this. Have u made any progress yet cuz it's been like 3 years so I really wanna know I'm so inspired.
  8. Mohsin Bokhari

    Good companions

    Salman farsi Ammar ibn yasir Metham e tammar Bilal e habshi Miqdad Kumayl Qambar Muhammad ibn Abi bakr Abu dhar al ghaffari Awais e qarani These are all I could think of
  9. Mohsin Bokhari

    Intercession and Tawassul in Shia Way

    The basic way of doing tawassul is dependant on who u are doing it through. So if u chose Rasulallah(S) u would say to Allah that I turn to u through ur Prophet..... ya Rasulallah l seek ur intercession from Allah and i place my needs before u.....
  10. Mohsin Bokhari

    Did Umar slapped Sayyida Fatima (as)?

    I wouldnt be surprised if he did because every one knows he whipped Syeda Fatima Zahra (AS) and that is quite severe and worse
  11. Dear brother Allah can inspire whoever he wants with divine knowledge. He clearly has mentioned his messenger with the ulil amr in the Quran therefore it's not shirk since that ilm is provided by Allah to them
  12. Mohsin Bokhari

    have you seen the Prophet (or an Imam) in a dream?

    Mashallah I didn't know you were a revert. Where are you from?
  13. Mohsin Bokhari

    have you seen the Prophet (or an Imam) in a dream?

    Thank you so much. Waalaikum assalam
  14. Mohsin Bokhari

    have you seen the Prophet (or an Imam) in a dream?

    Oh ok but how do I see the rest. Jazakallah
  15. Mohsin Bokhari

    have you seen the Prophet (or an Imam) in a dream?