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  1. Habitual sinning

    I hear that the best way to repent and pray is with tears and to cry. How can a person cry in repentance if the sins have hardened his heart? But for repentance, tears show that you are sincere, a blank face doesn't. Also I have heard that Allah has only said tawbah for those people who are not habitual in sinning and only sin occasionally. Those peope who are momins but habitually sin can NEVER be cured and Allah hates them and they will go to hell. Is this true?
  2. Masturbation And Pornography Addiction. Help!

    Hi I just came across this. Have u made any progress yet cuz it's been like 3 years so I really wanna know I'm so inspired.
  3. Good companions

    Salman farsi Ammar ibn yasir Metham e tammar Bilal e habshi Miqdad Kumayl Qambar Muhammad ibn Abi bakr Abu dhar al ghaffari Awais e qarani These are all I could think of
  4. Intercession and Tawassul in Shia Way

    The basic way of doing tawassul is dependant on who u are doing it through. So if u chose Rasulallah(S) u would say to Allah that I turn to u through ur Prophet..... ya Rasulallah l seek ur intercession from Allah and i place my needs before u.....
  5. Did Umar slapped Sayyida Fatima (as)?

    I wouldnt be surprised if he did because every one knows he whipped Syeda Fatima Zahra (AS) and that is quite severe and worse
  6. Dear brother Allah can inspire whoever he wants with divine knowledge. He clearly has mentioned his messenger with the ulil amr in the Quran therefore it's not shirk since that ilm is provided by Allah to them
  7. have you seen the Prophet (or an Imam) in a dream?

    Mashallah I didn't know you were a revert. Where are you from?
  8. have you seen the Prophet (or an Imam) in a dream?

    Thank you so much. Waalaikum assalam
  9. have you seen the Prophet (or an Imam) in a dream?

    Oh ok but how do I see the rest. Jazakallah
  10. have you seen the Prophet (or an Imam) in a dream?

  11. What Skin Color Were The Ahlul Bayt?

    9BAhlulbayt were of different complexions. They were arabs. The descriptions of the Prophet(SAWW) and Imam Ali (AS) tell us they were very fair and had black hair and eyes. Bibi Fatima (AS) looked like her father so this was for her too and Imam Hassan and Hussain (AS). Imam Sajjad (AS)'s mother was Persian so he must have had different genes like coloured eyes but he was fair. He married the daughter of Imam Hassan (AS), Bibi Fatima so Imam Muhammad Baqir (AS) must have the same genes so far( fair skin and black hair and eyes). Imam Sajjad's other wife, from whom he had Zaid, was from Sindh so she have an Indo-Pak complexion, so she was brown. Imam Muhammad Baqir(AS) was married to Umm Fatwa bint Qasim ibn Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr so that means Imam Jafar Sadiq(AS) had the same genes so far as above. However his wife, Hamida, was from North Africa. Some say from Morocco or Tunesia. This means Imam Musa al Kadhim (AS) was slightly darker but not black. His wife was Najmah and she was also from North Africa. Perhaps she was a Berber. That is why Imam Ali so Ridha(AS) was even more darker. I have heard his wife Sabiqa was Nubiyan which is why Imam Muhammad al Jawad was black. His wife was called Sumanah, and she was from Morocco. Imam Hassan al Askari was therefore dark as well. His wife Saleel was from a Southern part of Egypt. Therefore he too was dark. However, Bibi Narjis was his wife and she was Roman. So Imam Mehdi (AS) is not black but he is rather either fair or brown
  12. Hadiths On Bab Ul Hawaij

    Regarding some people who think babul hawaij didn't exist, this title was clearly given by our imams for our school doesn't make additions to religion and our maraja have also called them babul hawaij
  13. Hadiths On Bab Ul Hawaij

    I'm pretty sure this isn't how the ahlulbayt would react to answering one's question. People questioned about their infallibility and they proved it. We must gain as much knowledge as we can and such sites are here to educate ourselves. This attitude clearly wouldn't persuade and outsider to convert nor would it persuade us to ask again. We need evidence so that we can reply to other people who are non shias when they ask us. If u don't know the answer then don't comment but we shouldn't be fighting amongst ourselves we all know what tawassul is we just needed to know about babul hawaij. Thank you for ur help but very shameful behaviour
  14. gay helps.

    Can I just confirm something to clarify the muslim view on being gay. Is being gay like not showing anyone or act gay but only being it from mind or having such thoughts. Is that sinful?
  15. Babul hawaij

    Salam I have a really important query regarding the concept of babul hawaij. I do not consider it shirk yet I want to understand more. The Quran does command us to ask Allah only and I am familiar with the concept of wasta and waseela however praying directly to babul hawaij and asking them is something which I don't understand. Could someone please guide me. Thank you [Mod Note: See the link below.] http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235004038-hadiths-on-bab-ul-hawaij/