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  1. Salam, we're told that once we die, we'll be taken to the world of barzakh until the day of judgement has come. Yet people still talk about being punished in the grave. So which is true and who does this apply to? Could someone also give some info about the world of barzakh and what really happens? Thanks
  2. Salam, don't just tell the person that its definitely zina when it really isnt. Instead, be open minded and give reasons for your statements. As for whether what you've done is zina or not, it isnt since zina is sexual intercourse between two individuals. That includes rape, bestiality, fornication etc. You are human and you've made a mistake and whats great is that you've realized that your relationship was toxic and that you've made the right decision to leave it. The next step for you would be to repent as much as you can and to truly speak to God and show him how much you regret what you've done. Now that you know what you've done wrong, you know not to repeat the mistake you've done. But also, make sure to stay away from things that might cause you to turn back to these things by any chance such as maybe being online too long or just interacting with the wrong people for the wrong reasons. Do tawbah continuously and God will surely understand your feelings. Goodluck:)
  3. Dogs

    [Mod Note: The link in this post is NOT to a Shia site.] http://www.quran-islam.org/articles/dogs_(P1159).html ^^Great article from a website based on Quranism and hence uses only Quranic verses to determine things.
  4. Salam everyone! I'm interested in hearing what type of simple things and good deeds one can do to earn hasanat on a daily basis?! Write down your suggestions and tips below!
  5. Girls posting pictures on social media

    Salam, I agree with you that the amount of muslim women posting pictures of themselves on social media has increased a lot but I dont that in itself is the problem. The problem is the type of photos they're posting and the type of people who have access to viewing their photos right? So many girls just post pictures of themselves doing poses for no reason and it attracts unnecessary attention and serves no purpose. The muslim women and girls these days really need to understand the importance of not putting up too much online and especially of themselves. Of not showing the public what your up to or showing everyone your beauty. What you can do is maybe just very kindly advice the girls that you're maybe close to?
  6. I agree. The Quran is God's words which is of course the most important and the prophet as well as his family are basically the reason why Islam spread and God's words were understood. They're both just as important and make up the core of our religion. Why even ask that question to begin with?
  7. Attention Span

    Yeah I agree that social media and just technology in general is so distracting. I had the same problem as you where I couldnt study or focus for more than 10 minutes straight and it really began affecting my school performance. I decided to no longer have a facebook account ( I deactivated it ) and I decided to delete the instagram app during the weekdays and download it again only on weekends. I know that might sound childish and like a hasle but believe me it worked so well with me! That way I couldnt open instagram anymore and I no longer had to worry about facebook. When you study, seriously put your phone away or turn it off. Nothing else will help as long as its their and your being tempted by notifications etc.. I think giving it to your parents is childish as you should be mature enough to teach yourself how to control these simple urges:) Goodluck!
  8. How do you gain Islamic knowledge?

    Salam, for me, when I have nothing to do, I watch a majlis or an islamic lecture and those tend to be so informative in my opinion! The person I've watched the most and learnt so much from is Ammar Nakshawani which you can check out on youtube. I purchased a few islamic books in English a while back and am planning on reading them soon too. I read interesting things I find online when I see them and watch youtube a lot.
  9. Urgent Help!

    Salam, the age gap really shouldn't be a problem. Since you are both mature and aware adults who are in agreement then age shouldn't matter. But, despite both of you being Muslims, believe me when I say marrying a man from a different sect of Islam really isn't easy. I understand your thoughts that the both of you are muslims and hence share the majority of beliefs, and you're right. But you'd be surprised to see how many differences exist between the two. Sharing a life with someone and potentially having kids in the future will be difficult because whose way will you be teaching the kids? During ramadan, whose calender will you be following as a family, which masjids will you attend? These questions might not be a problem for you if simple things like this don't matter and thats great! Its great if the both of you can merge and understand your differences positively. However, the most important thing in my opinion is having acceptance from the parents and if his parents arent willing to accept you already now simply because your a Shia Lebanese. then thats a sign to back out. They might end up accepting after much convincing, but after that, things still wont ever be "normal" and "accepting" if that makes sense. Goodluck.
  10. Generally, you shouldn't lie, ever. But when it comes to concealing the truth because of bad manners I completely get where you're coming from. I think there are questions you should ask yourself before choosing to lie such as: Who could get harmed as a result of this? Does this affect anyone negatively? Would it be better to tell the truth even though it may be difficult or even rude? etc.. I think you should always tell the truth despite it being difficult to tell and hear. If you think you might come off as rude, then try to play around with the words to sound calm, polite and friendly. I'm sure there's a way of getting around it.
  11. Jealousy

    I guess it depends what you're referring to. I have a feeling it's about a man being jealous over his wife/woman he loves? If so, jealousy is both a good and bag thing, but bad in specific forms. When a man is jealous it should be because he cares for the woman and loves her and is protective of her, nothing else. Sometimes men are too jealous and it becomes sick, almost a madness. It should never be like that if the man really cared, then again, every person has their own way of coping with things..
  12. You dont accept islam just because it promises you heaven. You accept islam because you believe its the truth and the right way to everything.You accept it because its the way of life that it is the most perfect to you. You accept it because you love God and his prophet and you would do anything for them. You accept it because God created you, and ordered you to do so because he knows whats best for you.
  13. I think love is something you feel, however, it's not something you decide to feel. Love can just happen without you aiming for it to happen. You can involuntarily fall in love. But, it's up to you to make logical decisions about different things related to how you feel. When a persons in love, it's very hard to make rational and logical decisions so i dont think they're interrelated. But its important to use logical reasoning when your in love, even though it might be hard.
  14. Alsalamu alaykom, Recently I've been interested in the concept of the evil eye and have been hearing a few stories that have scared me. Anyone can be harmed by the evil eye and of course what's important is to not tell people good news about yourself, and to not put much on social media and so on. What am I supposed to do to protect myself from the evil eye? Thank you