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  1. Jealousy

    I guess it depends what you're referring to. I have a feeling it's about a man being jealous over his wife/woman he loves? If so, jealousy is both a good and bag thing, but bad in specific forms. When a man is jealous it should be because he cares for the woman and loves her and is protective of her, nothing else. Sometimes men are too jealous and it becomes sick, almost a madness. It should never be like that if the man really cared, then again, every person has their own way of coping with things..
  2. why should i accept islam

    You dont accept islam just because it promises you heaven. You accept islam because you believe its the truth and the right way to everything.You accept it because its the way of life that it is the most perfect to you. You accept it because you love God and his prophet and you would do anything for them. You accept it because God created you, and ordered you to do so because he knows whats best for you.
  3. I think love is something you feel, however, it's not something you decide to feel. Love can just happen without you aiming for it to happen. You can involuntarily fall in love. But, it's up to you to make logical decisions about different things related to how you feel. When a persons in love, it's very hard to make rational and logical decisions so i dont think they're interrelated. But its important to use logical reasoning when your in love, even though it might be hard.
  4. Alsalamu alaykom, Recently I've been interested in the concept of the evil eye and have been hearing a few stories that have scared me. Anyone can be harmed by the evil eye and of course what's important is to not tell people good news about yourself, and to not put much on social media and so on. What am I supposed to do to protect myself from the evil eye? Thank you
  5. Why do we assume things?

    I think it's natural for us humans to always assume things about the people we meet by instinct. Whether its because of appearance, personality or simply because of what the person is saying such as the guy you met who talked about his love for travelling the world. It's not a good habit since people are never actually what they seem. Just because the guy loves travelling and wants to see the world, does not mean he attached to this dunya and does not care about God or religious matters. It's not haraam to assume things about people and think things in your mind, it's natural and completely normal. But don't let your assumptions affect the way you treat a person or anything like that. The thoughts you have in your mind shouldn't ever be considered a sin, since it is something you cant control, it's between yourself, and it is of human nature. Salam.
  6. Ruling on touching the opposite gender

    Thanks Yasmin P, but I don't believe something Jesus might have said can decide whether something is prohibited by God or not...
  7. Alsalamualaikum, I've noticed that the basis for the ruling on touching the opposite gender is a hadith. I use the Quran as my only guidance for such rulings since everything God prohibited is clearly stated in the Quran and nothing should be prohibited based on a hadith. I was wondering if someone could give me anything from the Quran that talks about this subject or perhaps shows a clear statement about whether or not it is permiited. Keep in mind by touching the opposite gender I simply mean shaking hands with the opposite gender or giving a cousin a hug as a simple greeting and nothing more. Thank you, Jazaakum Allah khayr:)