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  1. Debating Ahmadi

    The Holy Quran is the only proof we required to prove that ahmadiyath is the truth.You will never win against an ahmadi.Because we hold the true teachings of Islam
  2. Does Islam Allow Us To Label Ahmedis As Non-Muslim

    Ahmadis recite the same shahadath kalima as other muslims.They recite the same salat upon the Holy Prophet. Then how could a term khatam ban ahmadis from being muslims. Khatam never means" to be the end". So does "khatamu shuarah(poet) abu tammam" was meant to be the last poet??? I dont know whether it is written somewhere that those who believe in the end of prophethood can only be muslims. Those who join islam need only recite the shahadhath,but dont say i believe in the end of prophethood. Moreover,I can list out a lot of proofs to prove that the prophethood is still ON. And The Holy Prophet once said that:"Those who call muslims as khafir,are the real khafirs". So please you guys dont compete among yourselves to be the biggest khafir.Praying for all of you. Wassalam.
  3. qadiani fitna

    Assalamu alaikum Please give one evidence to prove that ahmadis are the agents of america And other western powers??? Can you guys list out any one of the fitna or violence done by an ahmadi??? Can you show any articles of ahmadiya muslim jamath In which its written that ahmadiyath is a new relegion??? Holy Prophet Muhammed Sallallahu alihi vasallam Adviced us to be loyal towards our enemies.He also advices us to forgive our enemies.so,please explain about your right to say that "donot keep friendship with ahmadis". How can someone be trapped in ahmadiya beliefs when it doesnot compel anyone to believe in it? Finally,I,as an ahmadi muslim,will surely answer any of your question with unrejectable proofs. I hope that someone will accept my Challenge Soon.Insha Allah. Assalamu alaikum

    Dear brothers, could anyone please prove something wrong against mirza gulam ahmed qadiani???? Why do all other sects of Islam reject him???