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  1. King Solomon's legendary fabulous wealth in hidden gold mines never existed, says historian
  2. I Stand Corrected
  3. chickens don't eat their own defecation
  4. it eats its own defecation.
  5. Salam, She has made a lot of threads of the same thing and each one has numerous replies, its not helping her. I'm sure she has researched a lot too.
  6. Sidnaq, if your not happy with shia islam you should convert to sunni islam it seems it'll make you happier, maybe it will also free you from all these doubts your having.
  8. this is even more interesting
  9. thanks
  10. how much zakat to pay if the currency your using is gold coin ? is there a percentage like khums (20%).
  11. I have doubts, it seems like the image of heaven is painted like it's a fantasy of a 6th century Arab; Lavish silk clothing, jewelry, full breasted, large beautiful eyed virgins, shades of palm and banana tress, rivers of honey and milk, etc, it seems like heaven is not for humans of all times and from what I've read these things are not intended to be metaphors, what are your thoughts ?
  12. They have quite a capacity for cruelty, and unlike most other animals, they seem to have an actual understanding that they are inflicting pain, I personally wouldn't say they are evil, as you say they've evolved aggressive behaviors but how aware they are is not really known, however some of these behaviors are very alarming and seem very cruel, they've been seen to preform infanticide and rape, even of other species, what does you think of this ? why did god fashion them so similar to human ?
  13. Iran was too busy with its own problems.