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  1. How to deal with a broken heart

    Bismillahi al rahmani al raheem. Salam wa 3laykum, inshallah this will be a help for you What you are going through is almost the same as what Prophet Ayoub (3) went through. He was tested with loss of everything imaginable (apart from his faith alhamdullilah). He was given a lot of risch & wealth by Allah SWT, and all of a sudden, he lost it all. Even his close friends left him. And when he passed his test, everything came back to him. So do not see this as a heartbreaking moment, but a test. Or you can be put as the example of Muslim ibn Aqeel RA. When the people of Kufa just left him faster than the speed of light! But that did not make him stop and surrender, till the very end. So why see the negative even? We all have to rely on Allah SWT. You never know if those close friends of yours would have been a cause of you to go to hell!? Remember the story of Prophet Musa & Khidr (3), when Khidr (3) killed a child, JUSTLY!! If that child wasn't got rid off, he would have grown up and made his parents leave the path of Allah SWT. So instead, Allah SWT gave them another child, this time a girl. From that girl came around 70 Prophets from her progeny. So who knows, maybe Allah SWT granted your prayers when you said "*Guide us to the straight path*- the path of those whom *you bestowed a favor,* not those who have envoked (Your) anger or those of those who are astray" - Surah Al Fatiha verse 6-7
  2. Sin

    Well, the door of forgiveness is always open. I recommend you to visit duas.org also, try now to reduce this form of "jahiliya" by stopping someone from doing the same act you did. Also, when a mu'min does something wrong, and it feels like a brick just hit them right in the heart, then that is a good sign for him. In other words, you have taken your istighfar serious (which is good :D)
  3. I am in a dilemma!

    hehe... well, I can always scare people away. First I need them to call me this "you are sick" then I will say "aww. thanks for the compliment. When you say I am sick, it is as if you are saying there is a cure" :DDD
  4. I am in a dilemma!

    I have and her friends have told her that I DO NOT WANT TO TOUCH HER. I treat her with respect, for if I had not, I would have just thrown her away within a sec. She yesterday created a facebook, and the profile picture says enough about her. Of course, I am not going to post it, since it can be tracked to her profile. But yea, once you see that profile pic, there is no needs of having her prove herself. But thank you for taking your time to write this!
  5. I am in a dilemma!

    hm.. but did you know that a law of mutah marriage is, that you cannot do it to a woman who is... kinda (I dont want to utter this word, but I need to). SOMEONE WHO IS KINDA "SL*TTY" I A WAY. So, I cant. (and even if I had the chance, I would not)
  6. I am in a dilemma!

    thanks, but my intention is not marrying her!
  7. I am in a dilemma!

    but... I am exactly trying to avoid that?!
  8. [Closed/Review]Deviant Beliefs of Hassan Allahyari

    I mean, not to be harsh but... Mohammad Al Tijani was also accused of being an agent (an Israeli agent) by the Muslim Brotherhood. (back at the time of the conflict between Palestine & Israel.) He went through some trouble and rumors, he almost even faced a lifetime in prison! But I mean, yes those two guys are a bit of a troublemaker! Maybe not an agent though
  9. I am in a dilemma!

    well, I have tried in my other school to say that it is against my religion to touch a girl... it made it even worse. Not just that, but also MUSLIM GIRLS went running after me, because they know I cant touch them (they were not so religious), but still also non-Muslims made it worse for me, when I said it was against my religion. So, all this time I have been saying "well, if you want to have diseases on your hand, then come with that high five". & I will show them my hand. My hands are very VERY dry-skinned, so once a week, it will just begin to bleed. Now of course this does not spread, but I do that to keep the troubles away. And thanks for your long reply!
  10. I am in a dilemma!

    Inshallah she doesn't
  11. I am in a dilemma!

    since when did I disrespect her? Didn't mention names. And what do you mean by her past shall be forgiven? Since when did I look on that? And when I say she drinks, what I mean by that is that SHE IS DRINKING CURRENTLY. So she could go wild. What I mean by saying she has herself said (heard it with my own ears) that she has been with a lot of men, (and acts like it was nothing) then how do I not know that she is still not going out with a lot of men? AND LASTLY. How should I invite her to Ahlulbayt then? It's not easy when you live in the system of Dajjal. But here is what I do: Be nice. For my actions' are greater than my voice when it comes to religion. Then when I am asked about Islam, that is when things will get interesting. But thank you for your long reply!
  12. I am in a dilemma!

    hah. the jokes are on you! It was the snapchat streaks counting
  13. Comforting a Shia Woman as a Shia Man?

    hey, your niiya (cause of doing that act) is a good one! although you should be careful if things get "suspicious" and also, try to debate those Sunnis. But do it in secret, like "There is this friend of mine that has said (your proof) and I cant reply back. Do you guys know what I have to do?"
  14. Assalamu wa3laikum. So, this is my first year in high school, and a girl (12 days ago) went up to me and all of a sudden began to talk to me (she is not a Muslim & drinks alcohol in like 3 days a week). Well, I thought since she was not a Muslim and just began to have a conversation, I cant just be rude to her so I began to have a conversation. Then she asked for my Snapchat... Ya Allah... This is where I got suspicious of something, but I did not believe it. When she added me, for 12 days STRAIGHT she has been sending me heart emojis in her streak snaps. I thought "well, she might do that to every person"... but it turns out, she was doing that TO ME ONLY!! while in high school, she noticed that I do not get "too close" to any girl. So, she came close up to me, and I backed off. She then began to chase me (to touch me) and as we know, it is haram to touch the opposite gender. So. In high school, in your first year, you are being chased by a girl. BUT WAIT, THERE IS MORE! She then just did this 10 minutes ago. This was the snap she just had sent me "Streak my bby <3" So, I came to the conclusion that she... has a crush on me. A non-Muslim which has admitted to having kissed countless of men & drinks alcohol regularly has a crush on... me. Please if you have any advice, tell me. If you don't please make dua for me. And I cant just be rude to her, and just not even respond to her. So, should I act like a weirdo and risk my whole reputation or? Now, I am not frustrated or anything. You can crack a joke (as long as it is halal though). And again, dont blame her, it isn't her fault for Allah SWT creating me beauti- heheheehehe.
  15. why should i accept islam

    You were created to do a certain thing (or you could say, you had a choice). So your job is to do good & worship Allah. It depends on how you do it. Some do it because of the fear of hellfire, some do it because of the heaven and some do it because of the is no one worthy as Allah. So once you know the truth, (and proves also has to given) then you have a choice. You can either say "no I dont want to follow Islam, (even though our whole purpose in life is to serve Allah). Or you can serve him and get the goods when you die. If you feel like I haven't answered your questions, please ask me more