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  1. why should i accept islam

    You were created to do a certain thing (or you could say, you had a choice). So your job is to do good & worship Allah. It depends on how you do it. Some do it because of the fear of hellfire, some do it because of the heaven and some do it because of the is no one worthy as Allah. So once you know the truth, (and proves also has to given) then you have a choice. You can either say "no I dont want to follow Islam, (even though our whole purpose in life is to serve Allah). Or you can serve him and get the goods when you die. If you feel like I haven't answered your questions, please ask me more
  2. Very sad

    If you want someone to talk to, then what are you waiting for? Make an account and chat with us. Someone who is faithful in your community? Sabr. Eventually, you will find someone, for surely this is a test like the tests similarly to those I just showed you
  3. Very sad

    If you feel like being lonely in a disgusting community, then know that Prophet Noah (3) lived for over 950 years (some narrations say even up to 3000 years) in a community which directly insulted him & neglected him. Know that if you feel left out, then remember Akeel ibn Muslim (RA). A companion of Imam Al-Hussain (3). When he was in Kufa and how the people left him & betrayed him. If you then get slandered while trying to stay on the path of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى, then remember Bahlol (RA). A companion of Imam Al Saddiq (3). He had sacrificed his whole reputation of this earth and save the reputation of the hereafter. How? By literally going around with a stick and making himself look like a mentally ill person, but while he is, he says something with wisdom. In that way, he could make others join the path of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى when they read about him (and the lines he gave)
  4. conversion to islam

    http://qfatima.com/wp-content/uploads/woocommerce_uploads/2017/07/QConcepts_RisalatulHuquq.pdf The treaties of rights by Imam Al-Sajjad (3). Start off by showing him the right number 50 (The right of the non-Muslim)
  5. Should a girl can shaved her hair

    um... did you mean shave your hair from the head?..........
  6. How do I protect myself from the evil eye?

    When you wake up recite Surah al Falaq and Al Nas. Have you heard the story of them? About the knotting of the knots? And recite both of them again before you go to sleep. Also wear a ring on your right pinky finger or (and) on the right ring finger. Those rings could be one of the famous ones like Aqeeq yamani, ruby etc.
  7. suffism

    I recommend this book. I am currently reading it and it is GOOD https://www.al-islam.org/printpdf/book/export/html/12738
  8. The Stone in my ring changed it's colour

    I hear they should crack if you get the evil eye of someone. Never heard that it turns black. Tried to wash it?
  9. If you ever EVER doubt someone as being haram, then don't do it until you get your answer (and it turned out to be halal) It is allowed to wear earrings, however, it is not allowed to show your ears to non-mahram. And you can wear necklaces in touch with the skin. Nothing wrong with that. But would you like for me to find sources, or is it convincing enough? (it's okay if you ask :P)
  10. sister causing trouble

    Is Quran read in the house? There might be a jinn inside of her. If she does not come to her senses, then pray for her to be guided, still? Then here is what I would do, (The Ultimate Punishment) I would make lanat. Now, if you are not sure about what it exactly is, then let me briefly explain. Lanat is a dua asking Allah SWT to withdraw His mercy upon her. Once there is no mercy, she will be quiet. Although I recommend those duas first: http://www.duas.org/SahifaMahdi/SM02.htm https://www.duas.org/SahifaMahdi/SMc6_10.htm and yes even dua Khumail: https://www.duas.org/kumayl.htm Inshallah she comes to her senses.
  11. Ramadan

    Wassaalam There is a whole list of episodes here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiKWYEgofx7rXpxv_SgFTOQ/search?query=ramadan
  12. love marriage

    Half of the religion is completed when you marry
  13. Routine

    take a nap while the day is still long Place some fruits next to your bed so you will start eating them once you wake up place a glass of water next to your bed and splash some of it on your face
  14. alevi vs Jaffari

    Wa 3laykum al salam. I really want to answer your questions with my own words, but there are people who has made lots of effort explaining such stuff in details. So here is your answer.