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  1. Rumor about me

    it really is strange that your mother should do such stuff... You have not in ANY way or form made her angry towards you? (I am sorry if you feel like I am saying its your fault, no I dont think its yours, I am just saying there might be a misunderstanding in an action you did, which made your mom so angry about it)...
  2. The Story of ShiaChat.com - The IRC (#Shia) Days!

    funfact: I WAS BORN WHILE THIS TOOK PLACE?! I WISH I WAS BORN A BIT EARLIER!! OMGG, THIS SOUNDED SO GREAT ;-; (I was born in 2001) (ยด _ `) Wait... Could this then mean that Shiachat is my internet parent, since I was born at its good era?... Things just got a bit too weird...
  3. Would you marry her?

    what I meant was if one were to do mutah with a woman that has done mutah, then so be it? Ever heard of "widows"?
  4. Would you marry her?

    If someone were to do mutah with such person, then they need to accept their choices of what they have done to others as well. Simply as that
  5. Would you marry her?

    What's with all of this talk? If a man and a woman want to do something and Allah SWT has made it halal, then why are we talking about this?! My/your opinion of its "dirty" or not is not going to change the rules of Allah SWT. I don't want to accuse anyone for saying this, but it seems to be that some doubt the ruling of Allah SWT. Nobody can give a better ruling than Allah SWT. So let's not say it's dirty or anything for then we are saying Allah's rulings are dirty (astag)
  6. Concerns regarding marriage

    assumption? :3 1. A wife doesn't need to go out and work. She is not obligated to do so, it is the man that **has** the obligation to do so. Your only duty is to take care of the house. You can work if you want to, but it's completely up to you! 2. What better job is than taking care of your kids (if they turn out to be angels)? 3. As I said earlier, a woman gets Jannah 3x times more as the husband. 4. Jannah lies under the feet of a mother - The Prophet (PBUH & HF). now there are probably loads of things I have forgotten, but I know the one who gets most out of the marriage is the wife
  7. Concerns regarding marriage

    salam 1. No there is no obligations to get married. Prophet Isa (3) never got married 2. It is better to get married, since you get closer to Allah SWT than fasting!! 3. Marriage is to get closer to Allah SWT together, so if the husband doens't get you closer, then it's not got to be with him, but you could try to still invite him back and so. I dont seem to recall the 4th woman of paradise getting divorced with Firawun (LA), or Prophet Noah (3) and Prophet Lut (3) divorcing their wives, when they have been set as examples of kuffar in surah 66 verse 10. They still tried to invite them to Allah SWT. 4. no this is not true. From what I have learned, a wife has kinda a bit more rights than the husband himself.
  8. ShiaMatch problem

    tell your wife to go constantly on Shiachat by mobile. She will accidentally click the site too!
  10. Yoooo don't eat me!!
  11. When one says "Allah SWT has a face, but we cant put anything to it" or "Allah SWT has two hands" or "two feets". Forget that these are attributes to a human. The thing is, when they use numbers. Numbers are something which can be limited, and on this case it is. When they say he was a face, why not two? Now already in that thought, I already imagined a lord greater than what they say. So by that, once you see Allah SWT, you can already imagine something bigger, which you shouldn't be able to
  12. Punish Muslim Day Event

    yoooooooo... "punish a Muslim day" is just a big troll to "punish" us when we go outside fearing something. If however some drunked should have the nerve to put his hand on another fellow Muslim, then that wont be an excuse in court.
  13. Salam, I have heard that if you were to put some dust of Karbala with water (just a small amount of dust), it will contain a healing for your illnesses. If you dont have dust, then fear not :3! Your Turbah is likely to come from Karbala, so just get a small piece of it, and mix it with water... and drink it & wash yourself with it. Inshallah by the blessings that was put onto that dust, it will help you.
  14. Are Aga Khani community non muslims?

    Yes they are Muslims, since they say "la illah ila Allah wa Muhammadun rasulullah" They do say Imam Ali (3) is the first Khalifa, and I think the Aga Khan is of continuation from the line of Imam Ali (3). Their sect however (not trying to be rude here), has been refuted by Sheikh Al Tusi (RA) in his book of "Kitab Al Ghayba" (Book of occultation).