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  1. Shia Mosque in Montreal

    Salaam sisters and brothers. I am learning islam. I love my Mola Ali. I want to live with my shia brothers and sisters forever. I do not know any shia in montreal. If anyone here have some contacts from montreal, kindly please set up my contact with them so i can learn more and have a guidance. Ya Ali madad.
  2. Shia Mosque in Montreal

    Thankyou All brothers and sisters. Inshallah i will be soon be at my Mola's home. I will never leave that place once i be there. I love my Imam
  3. Aslamalikum brothers and sisters. I am sikh boy living in montreal. I want to get convert into shia islam. I have great love for Mola Ali's family in my heart. Please can anyone take me to mosque with them. I dont know how to go and i hasitate a bit, but i really want to sit in mosque evwryday. I live in downtown