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  1. You try to justify killing of innocents just because DAESH too kills them. Or because DAESH hide in civilian are gave you reason to kill kids. It unfortunate if one think at such inhuman level.
  2. Even though you are right. But not fully. In begging it clearly Syrians demand of political reform that assad denied. Yes latter Saudi Arabia and West hijacked the Syrians demand by sending infiltrators. It obvious there good chance of civilan getting killed while fighting against terrorists. But death around 400 civilian and many kids clearly indicates that indiscriminate use of weapons against civilan .If even minimum restrain and cautious one would be this much innocent lives won't loose.
  3. It is ok fighting against Daesh, ISIS etc. But it never justifies the killing of more than 500 civilian including 150 kids. How can any one justify it.
  4. I donot make myself a big. It is simple reaction to seeing kids drenched in blood. What would you do if your kid God forbid got killed in indiscriminate shelling.
  5. I will prove in qayamah that I didn't remain silent on death thousands of innocent kids and women. Rather those have to answer who remain silent. What do you think isn't it duty of everyhuman to raise voice against the recent killing of more than 150 kids and women in Ghouta. Is it against teaching of Ahlulbayt as.
  6. If it is not assads army then he should shot those planes who bomb innocents. It is unfortunate in blame game thousands of innocents got killed and no body talks to stop it . Every nation has stained their hands with blood of innocent syrian.
  7. 150 kids got killed. What maraja has to do. It is clear.
  8. I am born shia muslim. Is it clear.
  9. How does it matter whom. More than 150 children got killed. Still you are in confusion weather praise it or condemn it. Is it of sign non shia to condemn the killing of kids. And you mean shia donot condemn killing kids and women. It needs a heart with minimum humanity to condemn it.
  10. Is it because the syrian and Assad are casuse of the deaths he is silent. But sigh and cry of innocents won't unanswered by Allah. It is time to muslims should comeforward and condemn killing for sake of humanity.
  11. That is ok.But why you are silent today.
  12. Why is Iran silent and not condemning the killing of innocents in Ghouta.
  13. You are right why should muslim kill muslim. But the fact is around 500 innocents have got killed. Definitely according to justice of Allah the killer of these innocents deserve condemnation and cursing.
  14. So as you confirm that alnusra that alnusra didn't allow syrian to flee. So that allows one to use reason to kill indiscriminately. We read from life history of Prophet saww and Imam Ali as how careful one should be so that innocent blood shouldn't spill. And here you give totally subhuman reason that Alnusra didn't allow them to flee sot hey got killed. It is unfortunate to here this thing from follower of Ahlulbayt as.
  15. https://www.google.co.in/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://orient-news.net/en/news_show/97781/0/Amnesty-International-Russia-killed-hundreds-of-civilians-in-Syria-bomb-raids&ved=2ahUKEwjVrMvUmMHZAhUCn5QKHRpwBu84ChAWMAF6BAgJEAE&usg=AOvVaw0gmq40urdxtESUnpU91Z_e