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  1. My Lord it is who says that He has created me in a state of suffering and loss. How then can I possibly hope for any rest, Is suffering a blessing from Allah?
  2. Who told you Ahle sunnah wal jamat are yazids in Shia view. Yes we have great concern and difference with wahhaby but not with other sects of sunni muslims.
  3. It is easy to be peaceful with good people. But more important and great thing is to initiate peaceful and friendly relationship with those with whom one has differences.
  4. The answer hate of nawasib is not hate. Rather peaceful approach of reconciliation and clearing misunderstanding. Iran has friendship and good relation even with non Muslim states. So according to you Iran shod not have good relation with non Muslim countries.
  5. Even if they call us mushrik or kaffir. This reconciliation may be means to convey our view more efficiently. How would Prophet puh used to do. Despite all critics and negative behaviour of quresh Mohhamad saw would invite and propagate message of Islam with love and respect.
  6. Unnecessary talking is already prohibited be it even with men.
  7. Weather be them independent or with Iraq. They should learn to remain with peace and love and respect.
  8. That is true. And crisis of Qatar and Saudi are recent. But differences of Iran and Saudi are decades old. Still it was my view that how to initiate the measures to ease tension. Yes if despite doing all necessary measures to ease tension. One is free from obligation .
  9. Yes. But when they lifted gun against you. You have right to defend.
  10. Actually my this answer for kirtc because he labelled him yazeed. If iran initiates for reconciliation and friendship. It will be great step to wards achieving peace.
  11. Yes he was denying intercession as we belive. So let him believe as he likes. Because the salvation lies in following basic principal of Islam . That is Allah and Mohhamadsaw . from sunni perspective. So let him follow it.
  12. My point was he is having reservation is taking the intercession as shia belive. So I suggested him to follow quran and Mohhamad saw to achieve salvation on day of judgement.
  13. Yes slaman is a Muslim. What is your proof he is yazeed. Yes he is wrong and is doing mistakes as done by most of common Muslims.
  14. So lacs follow Khamnaie are they wrong because they are lacs. If one following Mujtahids archive salvation. Why do not one who follow the Mohhamad saw won't receive salvation.