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  1. End of ISIS

    Yes it is good news. But we should be cautious not allow something new to emerge. Because end of something is beginning of new thing .
  2. I have heared contemplation of prerequisite for true worship. In otherwaords one who doesn’t contemplate can't do true worship. Needs explanation.
  3. I heared a scholar saying that every sinner will burn in hell. And this burning is to cleanse him from sinns he committed. And this burning of sinner is mercy of Allah. Once he is cleansed from sins he will be send to paradise.
  4. Sunnis And Shias- Can We Just Unite...?

    You have to understood the difference between Sunnis and monarch government's. What ever Saudi does that is to safeguard it's monarchy even if they have to go against Muslims. There are most Sunni who want to remain United with Shia's. But yes wahhabies are main threat to Sunni Shia unity. And wahhabies have used all sort propaganda against both Shia and main stream Sunni. So we should be able to differentiate between Sunnis and wahhabies.
  5. Mr.I didn't told you by mentioning sofi it means what is seen on utube. But in reality all great sofis are true gnostics.Actually their rituals of zikr even if we do not do is not necessarily wrong. Since there sofi masters are same who are praised by shia arifs. Yes if somebody's do prohabited actions in the name spirituality that is not allowed. So it never means the zikir done by sofis as we see today necessarily all wrong.
  6. It is not like that. Rather both irfan and sofism are synonymous. when a person asked Bahjat ra about sofis he highly praised them. And it is said that in Iran they teach spirituality from books written by sofis.
  7. IRIB 2.I know a little bit farsi. And actually it had English subtitle too. Actually many Shia mujtahids have speaked with respect and praising the most sofis particularly the spirituality of sofis. That is why they call him sofi. But most of shia view it with prisim of shia Sunni.
  8. I have come to know when it comes to spirituality (sofism)there is nothing like Sunni Shia. They are all same that true servant's and lovers of Allah.
  9. That is OK. But the sprit with which sofis followed is not seen in masses. And if sofi term was so bad the IRIB would never use it. And the students of Bahjat as would have sued IRIB. Rather they used sofi as an honour for Ayatullah Bahjat ra.
  10. I doesn’t know weather they like to be called Sufis or not. Definitely they called him sofi. To me it indicates that in his spiritual life there might be strong influence of teachings of sofis.
  11. That is what I say. Why they called him sofi. Or in other words sofi doesn’t mean what you have have understood.
  12. May be you are right. But what I mean IRIB that is Iranian national channel called him sofi in praising him. And they know much better than you to what to call and what not.
  13. I was watching a program on Ayatullah Bahjat ra on IRIB .They called him a sofi .Even though it was not new for me. But listening it from IRIB was quite astonishing for. Want to know views from friends at shiachat.
  14. Sunnis And Shias- Can We Just Unite...?

    Mr.The disunity is not usually because of difference in sects. But because of hatred and ignorance .why there is even disunity among Shias also. Not because of difference of sect but ignorance from teaching of Ahlul-Bayt as and quran.