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  1. Salam, essentially you ask can someone do haram if that haram yields the supposed benefit of adding salt to the self inflicted wound of jealousy and envy or in the context you mentioned will cause the capturers to "burn" on the inside. When you look at this way I'm convinced the answer is obviously no. This is due to the fact that if you hold that logic across the board in other contexts then many other harams can be justified using similar reasoning. I think I got your question brother?? Salam.
  2. How to avoid inappropriate comments

    Salam judging by the way you asked the question I reasonably assume you are a modest woman who finds discomfort in such interactions so this is my proposal. Be direct and upfront and say something along the lines of " I'm a married woman and its against my religion to have men interact with me this way. Then give him some sugar " I know you don't intend bad bla bla" then spice "but I would appreciate it if you stopped"
  3. This is irrelevant to the topic but I gotta say I respect how you align your perceptions and ideologies perfectly with religion and don't formulate your own opinions on matters. A lot of people become too apt with the modern world which causes them to turn a blind eye to what religion (namely, the true reality)has to say on the problem or if in a vague matter how it would probably go about in dissecting the issue . It's rare to see this . Mashallah good on you brother. ( i saw some of your other posts too)
  4. Thanks for the replies guys may Allah reward you all
  5. Salam, this is my first post on this website inshaallah everyone reading this is doing well. i came across an atheist who made the following statement "All religions are man made, the concept of a greater being only came about in parallel to the evolution of the human brain, it's only the outer cortex or rationale section that allows modern humans to conceptualise there be a higher power, or God. At no time before this modern human development did anything such as God ever exist. If the earth is millions of years old then why is it 'God' only came in the last moment of human history, and not only that, pretty much coincided with the development of language and more importantly writing. So the ability to conceive an idea (of God) through evolution of the brain, and the ability to write it down, doesn't mean it is true. The brain conceptualises vision, sound and light in a way that makes it palatable to us. Who can prove other wise the idea of God isent another concept of the brain to make life palatable in essence to bolster our egos, and not admit to the truth when we die, that's it?" I would really appreciate it if someone can refute this ideology since I must admit it has raised some doubts. Especially the last bit about the innate idea of making life palatable.