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  1. it is in the darkest nights when the stars in the sky shine the brightest, meaning the dark nights that one goes through, with sabr he/she to will shine bright like a star EVEN especially on thedarkest nights. keep your head up brother Allah SWT has made this religion easy for us, everyone sins bro, u just have to ask for forgiveness with clean intentions and Allah would have forgiven u before u finish asking for repentence. Dont think too much and doubt Allahs mercy! He is the most merciful!
  2. The worst sin is that which the sinner takes lightly ( imam ali as )
  3. Brother pop in to one of the shia mosques in the birmingham area after jummah (friday) prayer and in sha Allah im sure many brothers will be willing to help you out !
  4. I think u watched national geographic before u slept...
  5. I would think it falls under gambling because when you put a coin in you are not sure for a certain win.. hence gambling and gambling is ofcourse impermissable
  6. Lets pretend you have a clean cup of water right... and someone walks past for arguements sake and tips his alcoholic drink over and a drop falls into your water. Now you wouldnt drink the water because of the drop of alcohol right? ( i hope so anyways ) so personally speaking i think this is the same principal..
  7. Jazakhallah
  8. Can someone eloborate on what is "wiswas" ?
  9. S.A God bless you too