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  1. How do i convert to Islam? Who can help me?

    Congratulations on accepting the Haq (truth) I pray Allah-The most gracious keeps you firm on your deen and keeps you on the straight path. Ameen.
  2. Routine

    Wake up very early one day and stay active throughout the day. Go running or gym or whatever makes you tired. You should feel tired earlier than usual, make wudhu and go sleep. Wake early again but not as early as the first day. Stay active again and sleep early. Sick to this routine by force and within 4-5 days you should automatically be used to it. btw you really gotta force yourself in the morning. Like the brother above said, splash some water on your face. Good luck
  3. Footsie with aunt

    Avoid playing footsie with your aunt.
  4. How can I revive dead heart

    My heart was dead for a longtime too. While the shaytaan kept laughing i decided enough is enough! Picked myself up and made changes. Started of small: Pray on time, read duas when free, read tasbeeh, give to charity, go the extra mile to help people, pray for repentence( not just for me but the whole of the ummah), abstain from sin (this is no small change and deffo not the easiest but i gave it my all) started caring about my health more and the list goes on. My heart was pure black before all this, but alhumdulilah day by day it was being filled with nuur. After 2 weeks of abstaining from sin and praying on time and doing all sorts of good deeds, my heart was revived! Yes revived! Something which i thought was impossible. From there i increased my good deeds, increased time spent on the prayer mat and tried to increase my knowledge. Each day of those 2 weeks i read tasbeeh of "astagfirullah" and prayed 2 raqa namaz for forgiveness. By the 2 weeks were up, i honestly felt forgiven by Allah - the most gracious the most forgiving. Sorry for the long paragraph but i could really relate to you here so i guess its worth it if u can take in even one thing. Keep fighting and stay strong. Know Allah's love is stronger than the love of 10 mothers! Keep asking for repentence and keep praying. ps: the first 2 weeks i kept a tally chart to help push me a bit in not sinning and giving me some motivation. Everyday you keep away from sin or everyday u prayed 5 times just mark down a tally or a line. ALLAHUAKBAR i will keep you in my prayers. All the best.
  5. Superstitions

  6. Traveling tips to iran

    Im sure if you google your state along with ziyaarat to iran, something will definately come up. If you were located here in the UK i could of helped you a bit more.
  7. Traveling tips to iran

    Where are you located ?
  8. Clipping nails at night ?

    @Hameedeh thank you
  9. Salam all, I have heard since i was young that clipping nails after maghrib is mukrooh. Is this just another superstition or is there any rulings on this ?
  10. Profession

    Yes, why shouldn't you ?
  11. lutmiya

    Sorry dont know much arabic ones but have a listen to these urdu/farsi ones (some have subtitles) The message of Karbala has no language.
  12. Duas after eating

    A simple "Alhumdulilah" (All praise to Allah) would be sufficient enough i guess, but if u want to make a dua then even better
  13. Missing out on your dream career.

    Allah swt ALWAYS has a better substitute planned!
  14. How High Can We Go?

    83g of protein
  15. i need to help my freind(girl) doing haram

    Remind her that if there is any happiness in this life, it is achieved through the love of Allah SWT & the Ahlulbayt (as) is she shia btw? Also keep reminding her that Allah is the most forgiving, he will forgive even if her sins reach the sky and back! Tell her to start by praying and see how that changes her life. Those health problems and family problems are a test from Allah to see if she will remain faithful or not. Tell her about the story of karbala, tell her stories about our Imams and what they went through and that it is uncomparable to her situation. Tell her have patience and hope & in sha Allah Allah swt will open her eyes and ears. I will pray for your friend. Do not give up on her!