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  1. This culture of staying busy needs to end

    @Wared The shrine of Imam Hussain is a must see brother. Absolutely amazing.
  2. This culture of staying busy needs to end

    @Wared Unfortunately even in Iraq the Facebook Plague has hit. It is really unfortunate that we are influenced to be this way. The media is to blame, always trying to push the illusion that this constant business is what gives happiness or makes the world turn. Also of concern is the fact that it makes us a fear-based society, as we all know fear makes people irrational. But that's a topic for another day.
  3. Vaccinations

    Alright, let me use my degree, it will never have a chance to shine again. So according to Sayyid Sistani, one can eat (not inject, eat) gelatin if " if a chemical change occurs in the original ingredients during the process of manufacturing the gelatin". I don't know if this applies to animals like the cursed one, which is always haram, since he does say one must check if it is slaughtered halal or haram. So my question is: Does it apply to that creature? If it does then according to immunise.health.gov.au " the transformation of pork products into gelatin will sufficiently alter them, thus making it permissible for observant Muslims to receive vaccines, even if the vaccines contain porcine gelatin". That being said, my parents gave me all my vaccines so yeah. Sources: http://immunise.health.gov.au/internet/immunise/publishing.nsf/Content/Handbook10-home~handbook10-tools~handbook10-appendices~handbook10-appendix4 https://www.sistani.org/english/qa/01201/
  4. What's your favourite accent(s) and why?

    Learning English from Iraqi parents who learnt US English and Australians around me has given me a weird accent. I sound like nothing, some retarded derivative of both. So my answer is any accent that isn't mine lol.
  5. Next restaurant trip

    Maybe Lebanese gelato I don't know. Also this thread is so far purely Australian lol.
  6. PM Abadi to weaken Hashd?

    Honestly if Abadi does that I lose all respect for him. This is coming from an Iraqi. The West/Wahabbis/Salafis/Zionists only want the PMU gone so they can try another tactic. Their puppet king failed, Saddam failed and now ISIS has failed. IMO we should stick with Iran at least they genuinely care about Iraq in some way, rather than kick us while we're down like the U.S./West.
  7. living in hell

    I don't usually speak about it but I have depression and anxiety. Pretty high on the scale I might add. But it's always Allah who I turn to, because I feel that's where I'm understood. After all, this is a test from him. Basically, keep trying at it. I know somtimes you get days where you are like nope I'm not bothered for anything and I can't seem to care, maybe even 80% of the time depending on how far you are in, but keep trying. Anyway everyone gave you advice on the religious side, let me give you advice on the mental health side. See a professional about it. Just walk into your local family doctor and tell them about it. I thought it was stupid too, but sometimes just understanding the illness is enough. Knowledge is half the battle. Depending where you live this might be easy and free or not so easy and free though. Next, have someone to vent to. Should be easier for you than it is for me I imagine, society has persuaded males to keep their mouth shut about this stuff. Have a friend or a sibling or even your parents doesn't matter much. Even a random works, I default to that one most of the time, because I keep this stuff secret from my friends and family, but I doubt they'd find me here. If you need more advice ask, but this is the best option. And lastly, never forget that Allah will take this into consideration. He is the most just after all, and this is a disability. One that destroys hopes and motivations, I'd say it's quite severe.
  8. Shirk?

    Is shirk the word you are looking for? I see no way that that can be attributed as shirk.
  9. Black Shia scholars

    @wared I agree, but you can't deny African Americans tend to find Islam through it's treatment of all races equally, just look at the Nation of Islam.
  10. Origin of the Term Rafidah

    Somewhere in this video he talks about the saba myth, dare I say bull[Edited Out]. There are also resources in al-islam about the saba myth and the majoosi one that are also historically and logically false. The term Shia was used in Muhammad's (SAAW) time, where Ali referred to his best companions as Shia to distinguish them as righteous. https://www.al-islam.org/abdullah-ibn-saba-and-other-myths-sayyid-murtadha-al-askari/tale-abdullah-bin-saba#summary-what-known-historians I believe it was this book, but I don't have time to reread it. So please tell me if you do read it if it was in fact this book, until then I'll try and recall it's name.
  11. Wanted to know some thing

    Can I assume from the term syeda in your name that you belong to that family? If that's the case, I don't know what specifically you are looking for, but where I come from (Karbala, Iraq) families tend to have a "Sheikh al-ashira" (tribe sheikh, family sheikh rough meaning) who has a family tree recorded. That's where I was told to see my family history, maybe try asking if there's a similar family historian where you are from?
  12. Beard

    @Wared Last time I asked I was told that when seen it can be called a beard, meaning the line of hair goes from one sideburn to the other, and that lining it up so to speak is permissable. I would like someone to clarify that for me though please.
  13. Do looks matter to you

    See the problem is it does matter for me. But so does character/personality. Character/personality is obvious why it matters, but I recall reading that psychologically, you treat people who are attractive better and are more patient with them, and those two things sound like something a Muslim man should do for his spouse (and vice versa obviously). Now obviously I don't mean I'll be looking for (maybe am looking lol) for an 11/10 but it does matter to a degree. I do agree with what people like ali_fatheroforphans heartsandmirrors and wholeheartedshia 110%, but it does matter in the end for me. If only for that purpose.
  14. Do vines make you cringe?

    Personally, I hate most of vines/youtube videos and stuff like that.
  15. Beard

    I mean my beard is literally never longer than 5 mm so that I can be according to what my religion tells me. So in this case you can trim it to a suitable length your mother will allow, and I think this is the recommended solution based on all the ahadith/verses from the Qur'an about listening to one's parents.