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  1. How would you spend 30 days

    https://www.ziaraat.org/articles/merit.pdf My Ziyarah will be so long it'll be Iqamah.
  2. Brown name

    Sometimes Iraqis are so white local Iraqis don't believe they are Iraqi (totally wasn't me who looks like a foreigner in his own homeland).
  3. Conversion

    Mind telling us your conversion story? I really enjoy reading them.
  4. Have you invented your own word?

    Technically a language is just many words though.
  5. Brown name

    May I ask how to change the tag that says member?
  6. I'm just wondering what books people can recommend for me to read, so please share your favourite book.
  7. Abu Hanifa liar?

    Are you saying how can he be a liar despite saying some truths? I guess the old saying fits as your answer: Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  8. General Lack of Shias' Translated-Books.

    Allow me to clarify. The level of knowledge that remains untranslated is usually reserved for Hawza studies, and a requirement of Hawza is studying Arabic/farsi to access that knowledge.
  9. General Lack of Shias' Translated-Books.

    But that level of depth in knowledge is only necessary for intense study, and if you want to intensely study Islam it only makes sense to learn Arabic/Farsi.
  10. General Lack of Shias' Translated-Books.

    Alright, first off your poll is weird. No matter how much we translate, it's never enough until EVERY last book is translated. But, more on topic, I feel like all the basics are translated more or less. If you want depth, then true, you do need to be fluent in Arabic or Farsi (extremely fluent I should say), but that's only for delving really deep into a subject. Otherwise, it would seem that basic topics do seem to be in English.
  11. British Shi'ism Exposed | The Shirazis, "Imam" Taw

    Can I get a link to the questionable lecture from Sayyed Ammar?
  12. General question

    We're going to need a lot more information than that if you want a proper non black and white blanket answer.
  13. Saudi Arabia pushes for "moderate Islam"

    Come on, we all know everything is the Iranian Revolution's fault. Remember that time they started WWI and WWII? Or when they nuked Japan? Or when they recruited Hitler? Even further back, remember when they genetically engineered the black plague? Or all those other illnesses like smallpox and polio? Thanks Iran.
  14. British Shi'ism Exposed | The Shirazis, "Imam" Taw

    We have to separate the line between disrecpect/cursing and retelling history. Sometimes, I feel like the line was intentionally blurred to make this an ambiguous area. But, in essence , the point of history is learning from the mistakes of past figures, why should Islamic history be any different?
  15. Shiabladerunner zain rizvi attacked by salafi thug

    The end of it is, their teachings advocate these behaviors. The analogy of calling all Muslim terrorists falls flat due to the fact Islam does not advocate such behavior. Not to mention salafism/wahabbism is responsible for the tarnished image of Islam anyway. Just as you cannot call Muslims terrorists due to the actions of a few as it doesn't advocate terrorism, we can't judge Salafism/Wahabbism as non-violent due to certain individuals when it does advocate such behaviors.