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  1. Revert from Texas here

    I only speak English; and that website seems like it hasn't been updated in awhile. And any resource that deals with the teachings kind of like how Sunnis have "Islamic University Online",
  2. Revert from Texas here

    I think for me it would be nice just to find a Shia community nearby to interact in person with brothers in my area who can guide me.
  3. Revert from Texas here

    Thank you but I am actually in the San Antonio area.
  4. I am in South Texas; I originally looked into Islam last year and like all reverts, was flooded with nothing but Sunni information. As I thought about reverting, I decided to look at what Shias believe and since I have done that I have found myself a follower of the Ahlul-Bayt. I don't know any Shia Muslims in my area or even online really. I was wondering if anyone here had some connections to Shias in my area or knows a good Masjid to attend since the only ones I know are Sunni. Thanks.