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  1. Salaams. It's been a few days now, and have even contacted the Administrators, but no response. What's up?
  2. Sunnis embracing Shiaism

    Some interesting answers. For those who were once Sunnis - what arguments persuaded you turn away, and start researching Shiaism?!
  3. Salaams to all. Have you wondered why Sunnis are embracing Shiaism at an accelerated rate? Literally! It's amazing how many people on these forums use to be Nasibis once upon a time. What do you think is core reason(s), that lulls these confused Sunnis to accept the truth? Is it because, how they're deprived, or restricted to study Islamic history? Is it because of the warped Sunni Psychology i.e, when they see the Wahabis self destructing themselves LoL. Please share your thoughts, and views.
  4. Sites that refute Sunnism

    Thank you brother Hassan. I will be browsing the forums for specific topics. Anymore sites, or is that it?
  5. Sites that refute Sunnism

    Salaams to all. Can the respected brothers, and sisters on this forum list other sites, that refute the baseless allegations the Sunni sect places against us. Jazak'Allah.