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  1. Approaching girl for marriage - ladies opinion pls

    Salaam Zainab, thank you for your comments, I appreciate it. It is important to be very careful when meeting online. Congrats on your conversion, I also reverted hindu to shia! All the best
  2. Approaching girl for marriage - ladies opinion pls

    @Abu Hadi Salaam, Thank you very much for a very informative post.
  3. Approaching girl for marriage - ladies opinion pls

    Thank you both- i think that will be better. If it comes from a mutual friend then it looks more serious and formal.
  4. Salaam alaikum, I wanted some opinions on a method of approaching a girl for marriage. A little bit of background: I am a revert and not so much embedded into a Muslim community. I am looking to get married but finding it difficult to find someone. I am largely resorting to online Muslim matrimonial sites but not finding any luck on there either. I have slowly started making friends with a lot of great brothers who have welcomed me. So I add them on social media and so on. Those who are on Facebook know about the 'people you may know' feature that displays a list people to add. A few girls have come up on this - they are friends with the brothers I know so I know they are likely to belong to the local community. My question for the ladies in this forum is what are your thoughts on being approached and receiving a marriage proposal by some via social media? ***At this point I just want to say that I have no intention to go around messaging loads of girls with proposals because I think that is a bit silly and immoral and breaches social hijab*** I have been a Muslim for 3 and a half years and I remember a girl whom I approached via social media. I sent her a message asking her if she is in a position where she is looking to get married and if so, is she interested in getting to know me and if so I wanted a contact detail of her parent or legal guardian to request their permission to get to know her. She rejected but was very polite and nice about it. Did not show any annoyance or offence by what I said. I was just wondering how a lady would feel, if approached on social media from a male with respect and good etiquette with a proposal along similar lines to how I approached the lady. Given my circumstances, I am just trying to think outside the box (but staying within the box of Islam of course ) Thoughts appreciated Thanks
  5. The martydom of Hazrat Abbas (as)

    Salaam alaikum all, I am sure you all aware of the circumstances surrounding how Hazrat Abbas (as) was martyred fetching water for Imam Hussain (as) and the children. I came across some opposition from Sunni muslims (not directly towards me) questioning the way some of the companions of Imam Hussain (as) were martyred. Particularly with the way Abbas (as) was martyred. The claim is that circumstances surrounding his (as) martyrdom are deliberately exaggerated to make people shed tears. They don't question that he was killed trying to get water but the way in which things played out are exaggerated to make people cry and weep. I decided to do some research and find authentic sources describing the martyrdom of Abbas (as). I looked on al-islam.org and found this: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/forum/26-muharram-14392017/ The sources cited for the martyrdom of Abbas (as) is a source called 'Roudhatul Ahbab' Has anyone heard of this source? Is it authentic? Can anyone direct me to other reliable sources on this subject? Any help is much appreciated
  6. Problems that reverts have

    The personal things I came across were: 1) Family thinking I will be radicalised. I don't blame them for this tbh because this is the narrative fed by the media. Alhamdullilah, they came round and realised that this is not the case, as more time passed and they saw my behaviour remained normal. 2) A slightly light hearted one...making a mess in the sink when learning wudu lol 3) Dealing with alcohol on table, alhamdullilah over time, I have managed to establish boundaries and there is mutual respect 4) If you are a convert from hinduism, its the food issue. Fortunately, the opinion that food prepared by polytheist being physically najis is not as widespread as before I think. 5) Waking up for fajr alone ! 6) Not celebrating eid cos you're the only muslim 7) If you are a shia, its trying to keep into a sombre mood during Muharram, especially first 10 days. 8) Social hijab - trying to explain to female family members such as cousins that you can't hug them as you previously did, this is something I still have not addressed just what i can think off on top of my head. Just remember that although there are challenges alhamdullilah always be grateful that Allah swt saw you as someone worthy of this blessed guidance and put you on this blessed path and that He will always find you a way out of whatever revert problem you are facing. If we are thankful Allah swt will give us more and open new doors for us.
  7. Muhammad: The Messenger Of God (Film 2015)

    I was about to post a link too. thanks!
  8. Reverts network

    Salaam alaikum I am a revert to Shia Islam (reverted three years ago at the time of writing this). I was hoping to get in touch with fellow reverts, be it from UK (where I live) or abroad. Just to share stories, network, make friends and help each other out with common revert issues. Moral support and things like that. I had set up my own website called Revert Hub, which helps reverts learn about the basics of Islam and share their stories. Unfortunately, I did not have time to maintain it but iA I might restart it depending if reverts think, something like that would help them. On the other hand, if something with a similar concept of Revert Hub does exist, please let me know, as there is little need for me to reinvent the wheel and if another thread like this one exists. I could not find anything. thanks!
  9. Marriage Opportunities Network. Project 17

    Salaam, thanks for this initiative. Something like this is ideal for a revert like myself. Have signed up
  10. Muhammad: The Messenger Of God (Film 2015)

    Thanks for trying bro. Yes pls let us know if any update
  11. Muhammad: The Messenger Of God (Film 2015)

    Please do, that would be highly appreciated!!
  12. Muhammad: The Messenger Of God (Film 2015)

    Thanks to all for the replies! iA will be available soon.
  13. Muhammad: The Messenger Of God (Film 2015)

    SA, Does anybody know where I can find a link to watch online/buy/download an English subtitled version of the new Iranian movie, Muhammad, the Messenger of God. Cannot seem to find it anywhere- wondering if anyone has had any luck. Been looking forward to watching it. Thanks
  14. Question about charity

    SA to all, I am in a bit of dilemma. I give to charity regularly, be it donating online or giving some money or buying some food for the homeless on the streets. I work in Central London so I come across a few. I am not stingy or anything and have no problem with giving to charity. After all the wealth we earn is from Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì and we should use it to do His ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì duties on earth and of course mirror the sunnah of our Prophet (pbuh) and the Infallibles (as) in giving to the most needy. My dilemma is that twice a women has come up to me, claiming to be pregnant, has lost her oyster card (travel pass for London tube for those from abroad etc. who may not be familiar). She first came up to me 2 months ago and again today. First she says, she lost her oyster card, then talks about needing money for a ticket back to Bulgaria to go back to her father, then mentions needing money for a hostel. I just found it too fishy. So on the first occasions I refused. On this occasion, I also refused but bought her some food instead. I was really close to going to the cash machine, taking out £30 and giving it to her as that apparently was enough for one night in a hostel. Money is not the issue, rather I just have a bad feeling that this was a scam so i settled on buying her some food and then I went back to work (i was on lunch break). I feel really bad that i refused her but my heart was telling me its something dodgy. The reason I felt bad is that I keep remembering hadiths from the Imams/Prophet saying "when a beggar comes to you their pride is already broken, don't hurt them more by refusing etc." (can't remember exact wording) I even offered to her that i can call the police/charity who can help her out. Perhaps a charity can take her in but strangely she didn't accept that. I gave the food and I walked off. Then i observed her from a window in my work building. She gave the food to another random lady distributing free magazines and kept the drink for herself. Which made me think more- that if you are a beggar and homeless why would you give food given to you away? Surely you are hungry? I suppose my question is what (whoever is reading this) do? Have you ever had this situation? How have you balanced the moral and islamic obligation to looking after the needy vs not getting scammed Jzk