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  1. #22 Indoors or Outdoors?

  2. How Shiachat helped me..

    This is the feedback forum, so I thought I would post here. As a visitor here, I’m impressed with the topics and posts, and the knowledge of the members. The color theme and home page is beautiful. Good job to the web developers. Im learning a lot and hope to keep contributing. Anyone have advice on the best part of the site to participate in?
  3. Assad forces behind deadly Sarin attack - UN

    Without knowing the specific details or evidences provided, I don’t understand how the Syrian state unleashing a chemical attack on people would be of any strategic benefit to them. Why would they, distracted in the middle of a war to stabilize the country (which is of benefit to them), suddenly unleash senseless killing that would only provoke, inflame, and undo any progress being made? Doesnt make sense to me.
  4. Pizza Toppings

    Halal pepperoni is usually beef or turkey. I’ve had it before.
  5. Building Masjid

    From what I understand, a mosque can be anything, as long as there is proper space for prayer.
  6. Urgent Dua for Burma

    Great initiative. May God protect the oppressed ones.
  7. Muslims loves Jesus

    Sister, thanks for your question. Yes, I’m a Special Guest but I’m not an Islamic speaker.
  8. Muslims loves Jesus

    I’ve been reading this and find the sentiments unacceptable. There are disagreements, yes, but we shouldn’t inflate divisions beyond what they are. To the Christian brother, what does he think ties the three Abrahamic faiths together?
  9. #6 Actively Reading a Book?

    When you go into a library or bookstore, you wonder how could any one person read it all? Then I realized, we each read our part, then share what we know. That way we cover everything. Ya Allah
  10. Favorite Bread

    The best bread is the kind that's easy to tear off and share. Ya Karim
  11. Hurricanes 2017

    We know this storm has already caused much devastation, with more likely to come. Only God knows the fullest extent.
  12. How much did/will your wedding cost?

    May God bless all newly wed couples and give them enjoyment and fulfillment on their wedding day, regardless of how much it costs. The key is moderation, without excess or stinginess.
  13. Focus of importance

    Interesting question. It sure feels that way sometimes. Maybe perhaps since the Prophet (pbuh) is already revered by all Muslims, Shias overemphasize Imam Ali (as) as a way of differentiating themselves from other Muslims.