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  1. brother your list was great i agree with u
  2. Salaam All ulema is great we cant compare them with eachother all are very best of century
  3. Salaam everyone when will Muslims raise their voices for Jannat Ul Baqi rebuilding which the wahabi saudi goverment destroyed in after wahabi took over sunni goverment and sadly we have not raised our voice as much we should have done its so sad that our 4 Imams And Daughter and heart of Prophet Muhammad Saww has not shrine of them like our other Imams when Imam E Zamana Aj will come he will definietly rebuild Al Baqi first and then start of his Mission its very important that all in Shiachat should raise their voice against saudi terrorist goverment which destroyed Al Baqi we have raisen our voice against almost every thing and we forget to raise our voice for Al Baqi i hope we do that soon as possible otherwise in the grave we will be asked about what did we do about it when we were alive so please raise your voice and give your 100% for this cause May Allah Swt bless u all. (:
  4. yes bro i have heard it many times thanks for sharing (:
  5. here u go brother (: Karim Mansouri has a very nice voice
  6. agree with u brother may Allah give us the chance to spread informative things which are good for people (:
  7. u are muslim or not please tell me what are u talking about Quran Quran never changed its the same only explaining between shia and sunni is different i agree with sindbad05 that Quran never misguide any people naozobillah its the people who dont follow it and nowdays many dont read it so please think before u speak about Quran i hope u have readen it by yourself.
  8. bro i know that many Shias nowadays dont care about anything before Shias was very different from now but it many Shias who protected BIbi Zainab Sa shrine and Imam Hussain AS shrine so u can find good Shias now also and hezbollah saraya salam and iraq milita of Shia is rising against isis which no other religion peoples or sect is doing only people who protect iraq is Shia look at abu azrael he is fighting against biggest threat to world peace nowadays isis/daesh so u can find good people and bad people in every sect and religion (:
  9. i agree that brother but u said it in bad way so its not good to write like that i belive Quran is best explained by Prophet Muhammad Saww and his Pure Family Ahlulbayt AS and now times the ulemas can explain in best way to us. (:
  10. true brother sunnis always glorify bad people and try to defend them somehow and but they cant because yazid and muawiah will always remain bad people in history therefore they try to make their image clean muwiayah also killed Imam Hassan AS and his pig like son killed Imam Hussain As so there is no differnce between father and son LA
  11. what are u talking about how can Quran lead someone astray are u mad or what Quran is only book in world who has helped humans in every difficulty and we belive Bible and Torah and Zaboor is Also cure for human only thing is that christians and jews changed it for their own benefits and Quran is a miracle book even non Muslims believe in that so please remove your post if u r a Muslim
  12. are u serious hahaha Shia always stand against oppression and tyranny what are u talking about and which non Muslims are u meaning they never stand they only party and enjoy their life very strange comments from u brother Shia are the only one who stand for justice and seeks for it if some non muslims do it it doesnt mean they are better then us we are on deen e haq religion of truth maybe we dont fulfill our duties but its doesnt do kafir better then a Muslim (:
  13. they sacrificed for Islam purely and didnt care that no one was with them they alone was enough for all tyrants of that time why abu bakr omar uthman left janazah of Prophet Muhammad Saww and did take over caliphate it means that they only wanted power nothing else.
  14. you people believes in fake hadiths which was collected by abu hurairah whos fathers name even you dont know hahaha so good luck with such types of people and abu hurairah was known for collecting fake hadiths just for the sake of money he liked money and therefore he tried to take name of Ahlulbayt As away from hadith which he was unable to do because Quran is enough for Ahlulbayt AS virtues and fazilat and azmat and their work for Islam is far above then any other people of that time.
  15. u sunnis will never accept truth even its in the Quran so its not a point to discuss about omar abu bakr and uthman muawiyah types of people with u u like them good luck pray that you will be with them in hereafter and we pray that we will be with Ahlulbayt AS Ameen (: