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  1. Salam, I have been reading about women in Islam (shia) and noticed that Imam Ali does not see women as good beings most of the time. He said to listen or talk to them. Im not clear on the issue at all. I started reading and trying to make my iman strong. I hope this is not the case. I have been suffering from a condition where I seriously hate being born a woman, hate it to the point I want to abuse myself and even thought of suicide. I had this condition since I was 7 and still do. It goes away and then comes back. I told my mother that if Allah casts me in haven I will ask to be born as a man. Some say that Imam Ail is talking about Aisha and some say its women in general. Is it saying that women are very stupid and useless and created just to please men and obey them? If its true, im going to be hopeless. Is being single better for women? please help and thank you
  2. I guess some women are OK with it and some women are not. I think a man must inform his first wife during the marriage contract before marriage that he will be seeking another wife in the future. This should be a requirement. That way she knows about it and will be ready for it. Many wives situations will not work out if the man force it on his first wife. I had a similer situation where my husband married another woman. I couldn't handle it so I divorced him.