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  1. Toz


    thank you brothers,may Allah reward you
  2. Toz


    Thanks brother so i can use any side of turbah? i can put the side with writing down and pray on side where there is no writing?
  3. Toz


    Salam I heard that we should not put our forehead on side where something is written on turbah,that we should use side without any writing Is this true? I used to pray on turbah on side which has a shrine on it Does this invalidate my prayer?
  4. Toz


    Thanks brother for details I was interested in sunni brothers view about this This obviously prooves that sahabas did something and that they werent such good and religious authorities like sunnis think
  5. Toz


    Salam brothers Didnt Propher pbuh said that on the Fount he will meet with his companions and that some of them will be removed and that it will be said:you dont know what they did after you. Isnt this some kind of proof that companions werent that much perfect and truthfull? What sunnis say about this hadith How is their view on this?
  6. Toz

    Abu bakr

    Maybe you are right After all we dont know and we cant know what he mean and what was his intention Allah knows only Sorry to bother
  7. Toz

    Abu bakr

    As far as i know ,in shebe abu talib event abu bakr wasnt mentioned Its not mentioned he was there but also it doesnt say he wasn But regarding abu bakr nothing is written about him But still we dont know was he there or wasnt But tell me more about this event regardi g abu bakr,if you know I would appreciate brother Thanks
  8. Toz

    Abu bakr

    But i didnt asked because i wanted a storm I didnt asked because i insult anyone or anybodys belief Im interested in opinions and views Because shias say he usurped right of imam Ali a.s and also right of hazreti Fatima a.s with Fadak He was hypocrit and such and such I think like this If he was a hypocrit in heart why would he even be one of first people to embrace islam and lose everything he had before islam
  9. Toz

    Abu bakr

    Salam Im new here,i respect both sunni and shia muslims As i search i find a lot of problems and fake things in sunnism but i also have some doubts in shia school of islam I have doubts One of them is about abu bakr As you all know for sunnis he is well respected sahaba and khalifa But for shias he is a hypocrit and not a true believer After all he took the right of Ali But i think this And i ask you,shia brothers in islam Abu bakr was first or third or 25th or 30th person to accept islam Sunnis believe he was first But i also read some said he was third and others say he was 30th But never mind He was a man who accepted islam when only few people were muslims He was a rich man,respected He accepted islam and he lost respect of others,he lost respect of members of his tribe He spent his wealth for islam So he lost respect of people and a wealth because of islam Did Prophet pbuh payed him to join muslims? No,Prophet pbuh didnt had money to give him At least he didnt had more than abu bakr And i ask you now Would hypocrit do similar thing? If he was a hypocrit why he became muslim when islam was something new in arab society,when he was surrounded with hundred of thousand of disbelievers? He couldnt knew that islam will win He couldnt knew that there will be an Islamic state So if he was a hypocrit,he wouldnt do such thing He would think about his wealth and respect among tribe members How can he be a hypocrit?