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  1. سبحان الله


    It's arrival casts fear upon the souls,

    It's effect rains confusion and despair,

    It's recovery is impossible without the mighty Allah,

    When it passed,

    You forget it like thunderclaps,

    And it rises anew.


  2. سبحان الله

    By the white soul that turns black,

    And by the blue eyes that turn red,


    Thy Lord shall make the wrongdoers pay with their cry,

    "For if I only knew what has stricken me,

    I would have fallen and broken myself for the Lord who judges me!"

  3. سبحان الله

    When the disbelievers turned into companions,

    And they were sent to their people,

    "Oh fathers and sons,

    Do not deny the truth which stretches upon creation,

    Nothing prevails over Him,

    He defeats the souls and yet He is Merciful to them,

    Forgive with sincere forgiveness,

    He is Allah,



  4. سبحان الله

    Oh intimate servant of Allah,

    Oh Allah's argument,

    Oh Allah's light in the darkness of the Earth,

    Oh son of Allah's Messenger,

    Peace be upon your fathers and descendants,

    Joyous I am to share the day of birth with you today,

    May I be your ransom,

    Oh al-Jawad,

    Oh al-Taqi.

  5. سبحان الله

    Exalted is Allah,

    Humble is the crying voice,

    The Melodious voice,

    Break apart in the name of Allah,

    Like the Qur'an on the mountain,

    Peace be upon the reciters,

    Bring joy upon hardships.

  6. سبحان الله


    The truest event is death,

    It's strike is neither forgiving nor delaying,

    So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?


  7. #29 Which country would you live in?

    سبحان الله By Allah, I am the first to vote, And the last to be counted, Allah, The First and the Last.
  8. What is your goal today?

    سبحان الله Believers carry goals, Lead them astray and Allah makes them forget themselves, Lead them aright and Allah will satisfy them with pleasure, "And be not like those who forsook Allah, so He made them forsake their own souls. These it is that are the transgressors." "Indeed, the righteous will be in pleasure"
  9. Describe The Poster Above You

    سبحان الله We taught the Qur'an not but as a remedy for the men in confusion, By the Earth which I was born, Which shall take me in, And which by it shall raise me towards the Judgement, "Oh Allah, By You we sense felicity and agony, Forgive the Mu'mineen like You forgave Al-Hurr, Exalt the Mu'mineen in status like You exalted Al-Tammar, And no soul exceeds it's limitations but by Your command, Oh the Most Merciful of the Merciful Ones."
  10. سبحان الله

    By His Might and Glory,

    By His Punishments the punishers fall to crumble,

    By His Kingdom the kings fall to meagre,

    By His Knowledge the bright fall to oblivion,


    Thy Lord has the best of examples.

  11. سبحان الله


    Be thankful to thy Lord,

    For thy Lord comforted Musa for his fear of fluency.

  12. سبحان الله

    March through the lands,

    Be witness of the communities who made the Prophets wretched,

    This world is nothing but a poison for mankind,

    It’s poison is Joy and it’s cure is Worship,

    When Allah has bestowed upon you Guidance,

    Proclaim thy Worship with the best of manners!

    1. Hussaini624


      JazakAllah khair

      This world is a prison for the believers

  13. Bashar al-Assad - 'Barrel Bombs'

    سبحان الله Have We not expanded your breast, While Truth has reached thy ears, Do you desire Ash-Sham to fall in thy displeasure, Allah is Wise.
  14. What is your goal today?

    سبحان الله Oh Mu’mineen, May I remind you that idleness is detested by Allah, Allah bestows upon you the greatest of hardship, For by it comes the greatest of pleasures.
  15. سبحان الله

    To the pious and patient martyrs shall be asked:

    Do you desire the return to Earth?

    They shall say:

    By the Lord of the Ka’aba, never shall we return to our scourge!

    And the Angels told them:

    What can make you know how We created boiling lead for the disbelievers?

    When the gates of Hell are shown to the martyrs, they shall say:

    Wretched be those who apply for desires and disregard the Mercy of their Lord.