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  1. Can someone explain what the Alawi Nusairi in Syria belief ? Do They belief in the imams? And why in some vid i saw they calling Bashar is God 'Lailahaillah Bashar Al Assad' ?
  2. World is flat or round?

    I love u guys.. hahah But flat sounds more interesting..
  3. Our beautiful earth is flat or round?
  4. Can we support the Alawi Government in Syria?

    Yes that would be great. We all need to unite so that we are strong to fight back if we get bullied again.
  5. I am a grandmother

    Owh yes u r..
  6. Can we support the Alawi Government in Syria?

    Owhh yes that make sense. Thank you. Maybe the previous generation of Alawis believe in Imam Ali. But the latest generation. Im sceptic Because In some vid I watch. They are calling 'Bashar is God' that's just shocking. And that's where this question came by. Maybe our Alawis brother can clarify this.
  7. Do the Alawits in Syria belief in the imam's? Do we need to stand together with them in the issues happening in Syria right now?
  8. I'm Fat

    Chill with life.