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  1. General

    Salam Zahra, It's totally not abnormal for someone young like you to be afraid of death. You know most people don't fear death itself but what comes after it. So what you should do is calm down and understand why you fear it. And then try not to think about it that much. Occupy yourself with something like exercising, reading, or hanging out with friends. And don't just read Quran and pray just out of fear but understand why it's good for you do those things. Ask for somebody's, like family, opinion or perspective, that can help very much you know. I hope this helps you inshallah
  2. When you look at even the non-muslim elders here in Europe who got educated in separated schools and those who didn't you see a very big difference in mentality
  3. Salam, I like this site a lot but sometimes there are some words used that I don't understand. Can someone reply with a brief list of words like for example namaz,... that lot of asian people use regarding islamic stuff so I can learn and understand. Thanks in advance
  4. Thoughts 2017

    You could have invested in crypto, wait several months/years and made a profit lol
  5. Salam everyone, Now that I started university I have lots of time in between the classes and the way from Uni to home(vice versa). I get bored too easily and my phone isn't really a distraction. So I remembered when I was in high school I loved reading books, even though I didn't read much. So I decided to go back to reading. And because I speak multiple languages, I thought it would be best to read in all those languages not only one. If you have any recommendations please share, because it's hard for me to find a decent book. (Fiction, romans, historical, Non fiction) French, Dutch, English, Arabic ps: not Ulysses type of books lol
  6. Current geopolitics middle-east

    Looks like Erdogan is trying to distance himself from US and NATO these last days. He even openly accused them of helping daesh.(Even though hypocritical) Do you think the Russians got themselves a new ally? https://www.rt.com/news/410235-erdogan-accuses-us-funding-isis
  7. Salam, I asked myself the same question once and upon searching an answer, I realized that many Muslims, Shia or Sunni, don't have the same drive that people from the West or the East(China,Japan) have. And I think the main reason for that, is that most muslims think they already have the answer, Islam, and that extra knowledge about our reality (physical or metaphysical) will not help them. Which is false. Look at the Iranians. Because they encouraged their youth to work hard in technology and science that the country became one of te most powerful nations in less than 30 years.
  8. An artificial intelligence does not necessarily need to be integrated into a bot. It can also be software designed after the the neural networks that we humans have in our brain.
  9. Who is likely to win the champion's league?

  10. Yeah, pretty sure Elon Musk is not a genius in term of technology at all. He is a genius when it comes to marketing his products and services tho. Tesla Inc. is practically a financial mess yet he manages to come up with two new vehicles. Agree 100%
  11. Wouldn't it be better for students to just go study abroad, like in Europe, at this point?
  12. what is wrong with this Trump's decision?

    Agree with you on the first one. But n the second one you assume the wall is going to be built completely let alone be successful. All these problems(drugs,guns,illegal immigration) can be solved with efficient and effective rules imposed and enforced by ethical people. Britain has a bad acid problem. Should we ban acid? No because just like any other illegal product(see heroin) it will get its way back to the market. How about we solve the inner city problems or help the nations from where the immigrants come from? To solve a problem one should look at its core roots.
  13. what is wrong with this Trump's decision?

    A wall is not gonna stop a person with nothing to lose(drug dealers) and a wall is not going to stop desperate people(people escaping their crime-ridden home).
  14. what is wrong with this Trump's decision?

    So we have to start with finding out what the cause is of both problems. And it so happens that both problems originate from crime and corruption in Latin american countries especially Mexico. The government tried numerous times to combat that by declaring a drug war through force. But that doesn't seem to have worked at all. So one way to drain the cartels of their power is legalizing marijuana(surprisingly enough it could also help the inner city problems) and removing opiates out of the pharma-market. And as for corruption US should engage with their neighbor for a better future in the region. But we all know that solving these problems would not profit those are profiting from it right now. That's why the Trump-people came up with false hopes like the idea of building a wall. Building a wall sounds so "biblical" that it's obvious only people who put emotions before reason, are the ones buying it.