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  1. Cultural differences in marriage

    Salam All. Thanks for your replies. Thanks for advising me to move away. I asked for Ahadith and ayaat that promote mixing of culture. And about if someone comes and asks for your hand its Barakeh. And the concept of mahram and non mahram. And how it is said that marriage should be easy. Inshallah I will be going back to the family
  2. Cultural differences in marriage

    I understand what you mean. but me and the sister both want eachother.
  3. Salam Alaykum. I recently approached a family in order to get to know one of the sisters of the family for marriage. Although the girl was keen to get to know me. I was rejected because of my cultural difference. They wanted marriage right away whereas we needed more time to get to know the family. They told me that without islamic marriage i could sit with the girl for 2 15 minute sessions then marriage. This is where they started to say that it is haram to sit with the girl more because its haram to develop feelings and thoughts. They also rejected on the grounds that they did not know me. What they knew of me was i was a servent at an islamic centre and a recitor. Thats all they knew. When we went over we were disrespected by the father as he did not want me to go closer to his daughter. Since we went over they did not contact my dad even though the sister was adament she wants to get to know me. Its been three months. And i still wamt this. I need help to build a case to present a case to the family to show them that what they are doing is unislamic. I have had numerous discussions with the brother but it has not worked. I need help
  4. Marrying Someone Older

    So Like, Its kind've a bit weird for me to share here, Is there an alternative way we can get into contact so we can discuss