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    Sayed Muhammad Sadiq Sadr

    May Allah have mercy on his soul.
  2. Hussaini624

    Q&A lectures (Share them here)

    I've watched this one before:
  3. Hussaini624

    Yanny or Laurel?

  4. Question: Is precum impure? Precum is the pre-ejaculate fluid. Answer: No, it is not impure. https://www.sistani.org/english/qa/01181/#25309
  5. Hussaini624

    Working Out in this Holy Month

    Alaykum asalam Best time would be (finishing) 10-20 minutes before iftaar. This is so you can get all the protein/nutrients needed to repair your muscles directly after tiring them out. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend working out way before (hours before iftaar), as this will tire you out tremendously throughout the day.
  6. Hussaini624

    Death Note (2006 TV show)

    Light lost his sanity towards the end. A perfect representation of what too much power can do to you.
  7. A short sermon our holy prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him and his family) gave just before the start of the month of Ramadan.
  8. Hussaini624

    How much does death scare you

    Another hadith says, when one has reached that level; he will achieve foresight. Abbas ibn Ali (as) was not an imam, and he had this quality.
  9. Hussaini624


    In this situation, you are not sinning; you are fine. It is all about the intention. If you are intentionally listening to the music, you would be sinning. If you are only hearing the music, not listening, then you will not be blamed. Same goes for malls, restaurants, etc. If you are not there to listen to the music, and it just so happens to be playing in the background, Allah understands and does not record it as sin.
  10. Hussaini624

    Using Soap While Ghusl

    If you become junub (impure) from a haraam act (fornication, masturbation, etc.), it is recommended you perform the ghusl with cold water. Not obligatory, just mustahab. 379. If a person who entered the state of Janabat due to an unlawful act takes a bath with warm water, the Ghusl will be valid even though one may perspire at that time. But the recommended precaution is that such a person should do Ghusl with cold water. http://www.sistani.org/english/book/48/2168/
  11. Hussaini624

    World war 3

    Ya imam zaman
  12. So in North America, the first day of fasting is Thursday, May 17?
  13. Hussaini624


    According to Sayed Sistani (ha), going to swim at mixed beaches is absolutely forbidden "Question: Is it permissible for a Muslim man to go to a mixed swimming pool with the knowledge that the women there swimming suits form and would not listen to any admonishing? Answer: Although looking without bad thoughts or lustful intentions at the women who are indecently dressed (and who would not listen to you if you wish to admonish them) is allowed, yet based on obligatory precaution, going to such places is absolutely forbidden." https://www.sistani.org/english/qa/01241/
  14. Hussaini624

    My First Ramadan

    Alaykum asalam, It annoys me how people stuff themselves up before Fajr, or use their 'life hacks/tricks' so that they don't feel very hungry while they're fasting. I believe it kills the purpose of fasting. I would advise you to stay away from doing this, so that you are actually building self-control and sabr during your sawm. (a small, simple meal is sufficient) We are in the holy month of sha'ban, and there are 11 days left of this blessed month, which the prophet himself (s) said that "Rajab is Allah's month, while Sha'ban is mine". So clearly one can find that this month is no ordinary one, but one of a high status. Fasting is very, very, very, beneficial and recommended during the months of Rajab and Sha'ban I highly recommend you fast the next 11 days to prepare yourself spiritually, physically, and mentally for the month of Ramadan.. Not to mention the intense reward you will be receiving for fasting on this month.
  15. Hussaini624

    Sayyed Ammar Naskhkawani done?

    Wow. Men who fear Allah and rely on Him alone are extremely rare. In fact, one could say there are only 313 out of a billion. I honestly don't even know what to say.
  16. Hussaini624

    Fasting in Month of Ramadhan

    Alaykum asalam, I fear for your health, brother.
  17. Hussaini624

    Thoughts 2018

    Will there be another "Ramadan lectures" thread, where we post upcoming series and lectures this Ramadan? Like last year's.
  18. Hussaini624

    Not allowed to eat

    Brother, would you casually just call CPS to come save you from your mother? They may be a pain, and it may be more than just a little, but remember that this is the same woman who nurtured and cared for you while you were still a young baby. Our respect for them needs to always be attained, as @Hameedeh said.
  19. Hussaini624

    What Mobile applications do you use?

    It is made by shia ulema/scholars. I believe all the answers given will be given from a shi'i perspective.
  20. Hussaini624

    Omar ibn al Khattab and Abu Jahl

    It's actually simple. Abu Bakr was the caliph, and before he died, he made Umar the caliph.
  21. Hussaini624

    Omar ibn al Khattab and Abu Jahl

    Umar was known to be a violent man. Before becoming Muslim, he hit/beat his sister so much that she began bleeding, because she became Muslim and was reciting Qur'an with her husband. Umar also yelled, when the prophet died, "Anyone who says the prophet has passed away, will be beheaded by me! For verily he is alive, not dead." Umar was also documented to have hit his female servants many times.
  22. Hussaini624

    Reports: Gunfire outside Saudi king's home

    If you don't know, why claim it's fake news straight away? People might be confused/deceived by what you say.
  23. Hussaini624

    Reports: Gunfire outside Saudi king's home

    I doubt there was heavy gunfire because of a toy drone getting too close to the palace. Explosions too?
  24. Hussaini624

    US-UK-France Launch Attacks on Syria

    Salam alaykum Explain what you mean. What is Russia trying to get out of this?