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  1. Vaping and Sheesha/Hookah

    I see vape to be an amazing substitute for smoking. No/minimal detrimental health effects, really saves your entire body from smoking. Quitting the addiction of smoking is almost impossible for like 80% of smokers, but replacing it with vape will save you. Smoking is very dangerous for our bodies/lungs, and while vape sure is an addiction in and of its self, the positives surely outweighs the negatives, and I can say that it is 100x safer & better than smoking.
  2. any akbaris on here?

    Just sharing the virtues of Muhammad and his Ahlulbayt (as)
  3. any akbaris on here?

    I think you'll love this story then - (ص is like the Arabic equivalent of the letter S, which is abbreviation for Salallahu 'alayhi wa ale wa sallam, which means 'may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and his family') Prophet Muhammad ص had a Jewish neighbor, and this person used to throw his garbage at the door step of the Prophet's ص home every morning. The Prophet ص would then pick it up and throw it in the disposal area along with his personal trash. One morning, the Prophet ص didn't see any garbage on his doorstep, and he didn't really care much about it. The next morning, same thing, and so on, until a week passed by without any garbage being put on the holy Prophet's ص doorstep. So the Prophet ص went to the Jewish neighbor and paid him a visit to check on him. He found that the man was sick and was in bed. The holy Prophet of Islam ص started taking care of the Jew, and very soon the Jewish neighbor embraced Islam because of our beloved Prophet's ص high akhlaq. (morals)
  4. Thoughts 2018

    Salam You are doing good, good intention, trying to help the community. Allah sees your deed and you will be rewarded, do not worry at all! Now I do not know what is going through those women's minds, but they're clearly not grateful. I think that you did what you could, you will be rewarded by Allah, and your job is done.
  5. At Loss

    Salam, How so?
  6. Choosing a Maraja!

    If I'm not wrong, wasn't Shaheed Nimr al-Nimr (ra) a Shirazi supporter?
  7. Knowledge or Money?

    Not even a question. Imam Ali (as) has said that if people ask him 1000 times why knowledge is greater than wealth, he'll give them a different answer from then till the day of judgement. One of these answers was, "You must guard/protect your wealth, but knowledge protects you."
  8. 8 Values Political Quiz

    Christian Democracy, just like @Wholehearted Shi'a & @Ashvazdanghe
  9. Happy Pi Day

    Asalamu Alaykum, Could you summarize?
  10. Would you marry her?

    I'd rather marry a woman who has not been married yet at all, mutah or permanent, so we can both start our spiritual life together with the sacred bond of marriage and experience all the outcomes together firsthand. Given, I would not marry anyone unless they are pious/religious. But only if Allah wills.
  11. what do you think?

    Wouldn't that mean it's this year? Also, I too have read those ahadith.
  12. #29 Which country would you live in?

    So you don't believe in hope? You actually believe all the horror and wretchedness in this world will just go by, with no justice coming ahead?
  13. Question. If Al-Abadi builds ties with Saudi and becomes friends/allies with them, would this be considered haram? Salam