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  1. Mulla Sadra Drama - Last Episode!

    Wonderful series, I and my wife are watching. It is amazing how they mix well the plot with personal, political, religious and philosophical angles of the time and life of this great sage.
  2. Who are the Alevi of Turkey?

    Thanks again, brother. There are so much fake sites about everything so one need to get safe references on the reliable one. You help me a lot. Jazakallah Khair.
  3. Who are the Alevi of Turkey?

    Thanks a lot Brother, very useful information at the links. I read Trix´book about Baba Rexeb and I think he was a very impressive spiritual leader. Very clear about the distintion Alevi/Bekhtashi. It is amazing they have a very important role in the formation of two high culture languages - Turkish and Albanese - giving them their literary forms. Just one aditional info. Is this site reliable: http://www.bektashiorder.com/ ?
  4. Who are the Alevi of Turkey?

    Dear brother, Thnaks for a lot of clarifications about Alevis, I see some presentations based on cemas on youtube and they are very beatiful. Also poetry of Bekhtashi Veli and Alevis poets is so beatiful, even behind the veil of translations. I would like to do you some questions: 1) could you indicate some reliable source about Alevi masters, including, ofc Bekhtash Veli?? (English, French or Spanish) 2) Which is the relation between Alevis and Bekhtasi Order, do alevis recognizes them as Alevis? The same about Qizilbash.
  5. Iqtisaduna

    Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am begining an academic work about the book Iqtisaduna from Ayyatullah Al-Odhmah Seyyed Mohammad Baquer Assadr. I will peased if someone could indicate bibliography about the rlevance of the book, how it incluence the ways of economy and planning in Iranian Islamic Revolution, further developments of theory and state of art evaluations of model (references could be in English, French, Spanish, unfortunately I can not read Farsi or Arabic). Very grateful for any help.
  6. Married to a Non-Muslim

    Me and my wife are married for almost 11 years in a very blessed marriage where even at difficult times we never be harsh to each other. We many times discuss religious, spirituals, historic and cultural questions related with Islam in a nice and respectful way. She even ask me why I change or take way sound of the call to payer app I have at mobile and computer. I nver ask her to become a Muslimah. I Stay most of these time far from Community, just go at mosques some few days in year, and she even ask me if Islam is a comunity driven religion why I stay away. Some weeks ago a sunni friend ask me to talk to his comunity about a subject I have some knowledge (a Muslim Slaves rebelion at XIX Century at my country), but as their mosque is very far and hard to go with public transportation (i can not drive) I ask her if she can go with me driving and she accepts. She likes a lot and told me she wants to go with me at majilis in a new shia islamic center, attended basically for native converts like me. She goes end at the end of night she told she wants to take the shahada and now all weeks we go there. So I think to marry a nice nom-muslim wife is not a problem, specially if she is a religious woman which will respect your religion and you rspect her religion. From this convivence and discussion the faith of both could be even increased. Maybe Allah swt reward both with a conversion.
  7. About Fatimah (as) Martyrdom

    I have no exact numbers, but I suppose 25-35 thousands shias. Mostly from Lebanese Diaspora, but there are a increasing converted community, despite no Dawat work. There are 2 shia mosques and two islamic centers at São Paulo. The new one, which I attend are the newer and is focused at converts, our sheikh itself is a convert which stydied at Qom.we make our Jummat salats at main mosque, but reunite at this centre at saturday nights to pray, have classes on religion and make a comunal meal to discuss our comunitary questions (most people are converting and people studing Islam with plans to convert but anyone welcomed, even some sunni brothers attend all saturdays) Jumah Mosque: http://www.mesquitadobras.org.br/ Our convert center: https://www.facebook.com/centroislamicodavilamatilde/?fref=ts I convert in 1995. About my conversion I wrote yesterday in another post about it: Sorry for bad English, brother
  8. Sister is going to the wrong path???

    Dear brother, First of all, forgive my bad English and my intromission. I am very new here, posted and read something many and many years ago but just now I am returning here. I feel a great need to answer this topic because maybe I can help anyway, since, despite I came from a diferent background, from a catholic family and a christian environment before become a muslim, I see a lot of myself when I was at twenties at your sister. I left the church of my fathers just at begining of adolescence. I saw, like your sister, the religions like a dumb thing which spread darkness and hate between people, with a lot of hypocrisy of mani religious leaders. I never could become an atheist, but I try to achieve this very hard, Allah swt may protect me, but I become somewhere between a agnosthic and a pantheist. All my tries to discover some religion just make me go far from them and I try a lot of them. I read a lot about both, religion and mithology and antropology at college, to get some conclusions like almost all of them were monotheistic at some point and become politheistic because political and ethnic needs to "rearrange pantheons" with gods from many peoples and classes. I also see the hard etnocentric view of all that creeds, there are even some mith justifiing the people who tell the history is better than any other, from a folktale of rain florest Native to better elaborated system of creed. This make me more and more sceptcal, since this hard focus to justify the superiority of own people proves to me religions was things inescrupulous people manipulate to conduct people to his own goals. There are not good islamic books at libraries in my country at those times and internet and its huge offfer of information was just at begining (early 90ies), but since I have a insaciable hungry for knowledge and despite my anti-religious view I have a nice focus about know most I could in all religions I found a very old edtion of Ibn Khaldun Muqadimma. Read it open a window to me because all that world of knowledge, method, erudition was far from usual vision about Islam at my country at those days. So I look for more books and read them all many timesand even found a bad translation of meaning of Holly Quran (one made by a bad poet instead of a scholar). How I go deeply inside Islam I see Islam do not have that etnocentric bias, this sound to me as a signal of his transcendental origin, since the mankind was so xenophobe that at all they put his prejudices. Any book which do not have this kind of prejudice, to me, at that times, could mean just one thing: that book come from a higher source. Reflecting about this, and trying to arguing with myself ( or even against myself coz do not make sense to me - an ocidental proud of secular and intelectual and academic and leftist view - become one of those muslims portrayed as fanatical and brainwashed people. Even after unveil a lot of misconception against Muslims and Islam itself I could not to see myself as a Muslim. But so Allah swt give me the insight religion/deen is not about people, is all about Allah, even when we are fine, gentle, charitable about people, the focus is obbeying the comandments of the Most High, first of all for my own benefit and to make life in Dunya possible and free of aflictions and anxiety. Sometimes it is hard to perceive the higher meaning and sense of a religion when we born on it. They just appear to us as a famili or society tradition, make from mechanical and senseless rites. Even the environment corroborate this impression since advices and sermons and scholar speechs just points to obvious things, as previous data which do not need to be write in heart. When you discover deen outside of your environment and tradition most things appear brighter and full of sense and new experiences. Even now 22 years later I still feel the expression "Everyplace is Karballah" a soundfull expression coz I must be all time moving in a world where I live half of my life but is not the mine anymore, so I need to watch each step. Maybe your sister could benefit more the admonitions and haram curses to rediscover Islam in her heart, trough dhikr and coran readings and silence to hear Allah swt talk to her so she could separate the beatiful religion of Islam from Muslim human behaviour. I hope this fewer lines wrote in very bad English could help a bit in any way.
  9. About Fatimah (as) Martyrdom

    No, from Brazil.
  10. About Fatimah (as) Martyrdom

    Original in Portuguese, I hope the poor english translation is readable, critics welcome A luz e a escuridão Fatimah defendeu na mesquita à frente de todos o direitos dos seus Seus adversários fizeram a contestação na escuridão da noite Fatimah entrou altiva e serena para defender o direito Seus adversários arrombaram a porta da sua casa Fatimah foi ela própria clamar por justiça Seus adversários mandaram vis capangas Oh Deus, inspire-nos à altura do exemplo da radiante coragem de Fatimah E mantenha-nos distantes da tenebrosa covardia dos tiranos e dos injustos. the light and the darkness Fatimah defended the mosque ahead of all the rights of their house His opponents made the contestation in the darkness of night. Fatimah came haughty and serene to defend their rights His opponents broke into the door of her house. Fatimah was herself her call for justice His opponents sent out goons Oh God, inspire us to the example of the radiant courage of Fatimah And keep us from the dark cowardice of tyrants and unjust people.