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  1. “The Status of Mothers in Islam”

    I don't see any difference. Kiss your mum's forehead. I miss it so much. I haven't seen my mum for three years. My mum's mum was very pious. I heard that she was a very good woman. My brother told me somebody saw her in his dream that she accompanied Lady Fatemeh Zahra. I wish I could live and die like her.
  2. What is your goal today?

    I don't know how is your feeling, but I'm very upset on Lady Fatemeh Martyrdom. I just want to be quiet and alone tonight
  3. My Hussain

    I want to live alone in Najaf. I want to visit Karbala on weekends.
  4. My Hussain

    Hussain, your martyrdom blooded my eyes, ruined the wishes I defined in you I wish I could die for you. I feel empty in the life. Ya Hussain, your voice of هل من ناصر ینصرنی kills me every moment I think of it. I see how you felt that time same as your mother that day. Oh, may Allah get my soul from this pain. Ya Hussain, you are the person who made me stronger. You are the definition of this world. Ya Hussain, everything calls you. I can't understand you. You are the one I want to see his face only one single moment before going to hell afterlife. Seeing your face for one moment is enough for my life. Ya Hussain, take my body and soul as gift. I want to die on your path. Ya Hussain, send my salutation to your brother, my beloved, statue of virtue, Abalfazl-Al-Abbas. Ya Hussain, I love you.
  5. “The Status of Mothers in Islam”

    I love my mum more than anything. I do everything for her. I used to kiss my mum's hands and feet everyday. I used to dye her hair, bring tea for her in the afternoons, so on. I love her a lot.
  6. Chemical weapons in Syria. Is it Iran?

    Don't worry. Iran never used that. Western media is a liar. If you want to see a fair view on news, see presstv.com This chemical weapon is another lie just like that liar(Nikki Haley) who made a fallacious exhibition and said that Iran gave this missile to Yemen(Yemen is isolated by US and Saudi Arabia). All US government officials are liar
  7. Chemical weapons in Syria. Is it Iran?

    It's forbidden by international laws. I don't know about jurisprudence of it
  8. Chemical weapons in Syria. Is it Iran?

    Use of chemical weapons is forbidden for all countries not just Iran. It is not surprising that US and its allies including ISIS use chemical weapons(and if necessary atomic bombs like in Japan) and no one has the right to ask question. I hate this. Saddam Hussain used chemical weapons 35 years ago in Iran-Iraq war, and no one helped Iran. We were alone fighting with a country that all countries of the world supported it, send their military generals, and military equipment. No one listened to us. We were alone fighting with whole world. Mohammad Javad Zarif said:" When we were shattered by Saddam missiles and his chemical bombs, I questioned western countries. One of them told me I don't want to listen to you". First of all, Iran never used chemical weapons. Even if Iran used it, I'm proud of it because Iran used it to kill ISIS. I know that Iran never use chemical weapons though.
  9. Divorce grounds

    @lola20 You got my message wrong. Read my message again. My point was attempting to make relationship correct, to make it work. After you do your job the best way, and it still doesn't work, then you think of divorce. Not all families have same situation as you had, so suggesting divorce to the OP is wrong. There are families who have problems, but most of them will be solved by humbleness and patience. He/she just need to wait some time, so that the other person realizes his/her mistake. The key is that LET YOUR SPOUSE TO REALIZE HE/SHE NEEDS TO CHANGE HIS/HER BEHAVIOR. That is the key. It's two way, but you thought I'm supporting violence. You don't know what is happening in her life. Maybe it can be solved by more effort and talking. Why do you think it's ended? You also judged me by supporting violence against women. I also had similar family experience, but I still believe affection and patience can change people.
  10. Will Master Mahdi (AlaihisSalaam) Marry ?

    @Shah Khan Your big questions: 1. Will master Mahdi marry? 2. What did Imam Hussain eat at the last day?
  11. What This Shias ? Is it another Wahhabi Propaganda

    Wrong people are in any sect IF this story is true. If I write about terrorist activities of Wahhabi human like people, there would be no space for any other thread on ShiaChat.
  12. What is your goal today?

    Indian food was delicious. It was very simple food. Just some potato, tomato, rice, spice. I like simple delicious food not expensive ones. I want it to be simple and good. I'm on my bed. I haven't got my gift apparently. Maybe I got, and I don't know. Maybe I was supposed to have an accident while driving, and Allah gave me that gift. I'm still hopeful to open my gift in a minute or so.
  13. Wahhabism:The root of terrorism

    Ibn Taymiyyah لعنه الله علیه and people who follow him are ضالین
  14. What is your goal today?

    I just came home from the Pakistani mosque. It's huge mosque. I was doing Thurday prays, so I couldn't drink Pakistani tea. It's very good tea, but I missed it. Instead I got some cookies and helped them to move tables. They wanted to close the mosque. I'm home now. I just wanna eat my induan food that my roommate made. Then I'll go to bed. Hopefully I can wake up for night prays. Ayatollah Bahjat said:" Ayatolah Keshmiry used to get a gift from Allah every Thursday after Thursday prays". I don't know what would be mine. It's almost end of the day. Maybe waking up for night prays
  15. Justice between 2 wives

    Polygamy is actually very good if it is done the correct way. There are some men who are good men. May Allah bless them by helping single mothers. There are some women who are suffering financially, emotionally, etc. No one marry them because of their situation. Even women don't want to be in contact with them. Why not a gentleman marry her and help her? It's not sexual, it's not greediness or anything. It's all about helping other people. You know that there are some women who are single their entire life, and no one marry them. They are not necessarily beautiful or fit or anytbing. On the other hand, some of them have disabilities, unattractive, so on. Good men should help them financially to marry. If no one is willing to marry them, they can choose them as second wife.
  16. What is your goal today?

    I always go to mosque on Thurdays nights. There is one mosque that the Imam did backbiting one time. The other mosque is Iranian mosque which also has some drawbacks. I don't know what to do. I probably go to the first one because I think they change Imam every other week. This week another Imam comes for pray. Next week I'll go to Iranian one inshaallah.
  17. Divorce grounds

    The problem is in your mentality. You think if there is a family problem one side is %100 correct and the other side is %100 wrong. Both parties made mistakes. I didn't say that my mum was absolute right and my dad wrong. I said both have to forgive each other, make the past correct. I didn't say she has to tolerate. My point that you didn't get is that if one side doesn't do his/her responsibilities, the other side should forgive and does his/her part. At the same time, talk with each other about the issue. I don't know why you had that conclusion from my words. My words were not in favor of one side. It was a fair view. Both man and woman has responsibilities towards each other. If one side doesn't do that(regardless of being wife or husband), it creates problems.
  18. Divorce grounds

    @rkazmi33 When I was back in Iran, I used to kiss my mum's hands and feet everyday. I was the only person in our family who used to do that to my mum. Sometimes I made breakfast and bring it on her bed. I used to dye her hair every time she wanted. My brothers always complained that I am so kind to mum. You don't know anything of my relationship with my mum, but I always regret something. I say myself if my mum was responsive to my dad's needs(even though he did a lot of bad things to my mum), I would love my mum more. I would ready to do and sacrifice more for my mum. I didn't say that much about my dad. He made me upset a lot of times because of his negligence to family. I expect him more. When I told my dad go and be nice to mum, he sound regretful. I told him, I'm afraid of the day that Allah asks you about family in afterlife. He did bad things to family, but I felt he regret what he did in the past. I think both my mum and dad should give each other another chance to make the past correct. To OP, follow Islamic solution. Affection changes everything.
  19. Divorce grounds

    Salaam Alaykum Sister I was grown in a family that parents fought each other a lot. They haven't talked with each other for 35 years. Sometimes they tried(very few times) to make relationship correct, but more than 99 percent of the time, they fight. Now I set with my brothers that each time one of us must be at home. We don't leave our parents alone at home because it has severe consequences. It's very hard for us that one brother must be at home always(one time me, another time my second brother and so on). My father got a second wife almost 20 years ago, and my mum found out. My dad also did Mutah when my mum disregarded his physical needs. They sleep separately. All of these things made argument a consistent feature of our family. It is so bad that our neighbors know that my family is fighting all the time. A few of months back I called my mum and dad and told them to forgive each other. I told them you are getting old now(they are 55), let's forgive each other and be happy together. I told my mum best thing you can get from this world is your husband's will. Non of my parents did anything. My dad did an action, but my mum didn't. I am really fed-up of this situation. One time one of the oldest relatives in our family came to our house to make the relationship correct. Both my parents argued each other in front of him. It was a complete shame for family reputation. The only thing that killed my childhood happiness, was parents fight. My parents fought each other a lot, and it had SEVERE effects on us. PLEASE don't fight with your husband in front of your children. Please don't raise your voice. These are the words from a person who suffered from this. To be honest with you, I never blame my dad for getting second wife or doing Mutah. These things don't ruin family. Disrespecting each other, consistent argument, not caring, ruining each other integrity in front of other people, etc ruin family. Let me be clear and direct to the point with you. How did you treat your husband? Have you asked this question from yourself? Have you been responsive to his sexual and emotional needs? Men are in need of their wife's attention. They need to rely on their wife. Did you give this security and safety to your husband? Have you ever asked him: "Am I a good wife to you?" Have you ever asked him: "Am I responsive to your needs? Do you feel happy with me?" Did you tell him that you want to be his favorite girl? Ask him these questions and do Jihad to get his satisfaction. I promise you, your husband will not leave you at all. He won't think of any girl anymore. And really try to be better for him(all of these things are two directions, and men also must do these things for their wives). If you haven't asked him those questions and didn't attempt to get his satisfaction the way he wants, I tell you divorce is not the solution. One of you must start. Start this Jihad to get his satisfaction. Try to be nice to him. I know how you feel, it's very hard, but it fixes your relationship with your husband. Be nice to him. Approach him sometimes. Try to get his satisfaction. Call him during the day. Tell him how much you miss him. Send kids to your mum's house one night each month, make a perfect dinner and enjoy together. I promise you, these actions change your husband a lot. It's very hard especially in your current situation, but it gives you security that he would never do second wife again. You will be his priority, and he takes care of you. It is very hard, but it has unbelievable outcomes. I see some women who check their husband online activities, they check their cell phones, they check if there's a female perfume in their car, but ask them this question. Have you ever spent a fraction of that time to text your husband"I miss you the most"? Have you ever asked your husband "Am I a perfect wife to you?". I am a man. If I see that I am my wife's priority, I never ever think of leaving her or second wife. Don't listen to people who tell you divorce. Fight for your family to make it better. Try to have better relationship with your husband. Follow those steps. They change your husband.
  20. What is your goal today?

    I have a very nice hotchocolate now. I buy them from grocery store, then instead of water I use milk. It's perfect. Then I have to go to work.
  21. How to avoid inappropriate comments

    Salaam Alaykum Tell him you don't like it. If it didn't work, talk with manager. If still didn't work, take the bus to other grocery store.
  22. What is your goal today?

    Enjoy sleeping on my bed. I need it so bad
  23. Fatiha For My Father

    May Allah peace be upon him. I recited Fatihah
  24. Please help.

    Salaam Alaykum Brother May Allah bless you on your revert. There is a solution for you. First of all, you cannot marry a Christian permanently, but you can do Mutah marriage(temporary marriage). Follow this link for terms and conditions: https://www.sistani.org/english/book/48/2350/ https://www.sistani.org/english/qa/01245/ You don't need to leave Shiite brother. In Mutah marriage you can set time to be 10 or 20 or 50 years. Doing Mutah with Christians is allowed. You can also renew it when it's finished. Try to show a good picture of Islam to your wife, so that she becomes interested in Islam. When she converts, you can do permanent marriage with her.
  25. Are there any Mutah networks?

    I think you are Sunni. Sahih Muslim says that Mutah was Halal during prophet and abubakr, but Omar made it Haram. Omar did a very big sin. Prophet says Mutah is Halal, but Omar disregards prophet's commandment. I have Sahih Muslim, and here is the screenshot.