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  1. How to avoid inappropriate comments

    This was not a good comment.
  2. Stress in Islam

    Salaam Alaykum Brother This post is very important that how much our religion emphasizes on solving other people problems. The sad part is that Im not that much good at helping people. I know I do wrong. This post helped me a lot to correct myself. Other users probably just read the post and pass on, but it's very important to help other people. We shouldn't leave people alone with their problems.
  3. I'm not sure what this means

    That's what I thought. I think it's closest meaning of the dream. Do you do Fatihah fir him? Do you remember him? Is there anyone in your family that do Fatihah for him except your mum? How about his wife? I do Fatihah and Zyarah for my passed away relatives every morning after Fajr. It helps them a lot.
  4. Advice on marriage

    Salaam Alaykum Make the decision yourself. Don't let your relatives to even talk about your proposals. Actually you shouldn't have told them about it. You and your family should make decision(especially you). Anyway, see wich one has good manner, which one pays Khums, Zakat, prays at earlist time, which one doesn't lie, backbite etc. Which one is more religious, etc. Look for these things.
  5. Name of My House

    No brother. It's actualy nice. Inshaallah I would do same when I buy a house(Ata-e-Zainab). Its beautiful
  6. My mother and family is Evil!!!

    @Lion of Shia I know a guy in our family that his mother one time told him crazy in front of other people. Even though her son was right, she disrespected her son like that. Her son didn't say anything that moment. Instead Allah put such a Iman in his heart that he wishes to be martyr now. I think this level of Iman that he has now, was due to his patience to his mum.
  7. Iran threatens to flattin Tel Aviv to the ground!

    US soldiers being arrested in Persian Gulf US soldiers think they are man when they kill innocent women and children. When they see real army, they cry like a coward
  8. Iran threatens to flattin Tel Aviv to the ground!

    They don't do that. In war against ISIS, one million soldier from ordinary people signed up to go to Syria and Iraq, but Ayatollah Khamenei didn't let them go. They do that when things are serious like Iran-Iraq war. For destroying small groups and regimes, they send military generals and small number of soldiers.
  9. Iran threatens to flattin Tel Aviv to the ground!

    Our brother responded you back. If US could destroy Iran, they would do that already. Like the way they attacked Iraq and Afghanistan. They know they cannot do anything. This is based on experience. If you are religious person, Ayatollah Khomaini and Khamenei both said US cannot do anything.
  10. Iran threatens to flattin Tel Aviv to the ground!

    Iran is waiting for Israel regime to start the war. Iran and Iranians would be very happy to wipe out Israel regime from earth and give those lands to Palestinians. Wish me become martyr in wiping out Israel
  11. “The Status of Mothers in Islam”

    I don't see any difference. Kiss your mum's forehead. I miss it so much. I haven't seen my mum for three years. My mum's mum was very pious. I heard that she was a very good woman. My brother told me somebody saw her in his dream that she accompanied Lady Fatemeh Zahra. I wish I could live and die like her.
  12. What is your goal today?

    I don't know how is your feeling, but I'm very upset on Lady Fatemeh Martyrdom. I just want to be quiet and alone tonight
  13. My Hussain

    I want to live alone in Najaf. I want to visit Karbala on weekends.
  14. “The Status of Mothers in Islam”

    I love my mum more than anything. I do everything for her. I used to kiss my mum's hands and feet everyday. I used to dye her hair, bring tea for her in the afternoons, so on. I love her a lot.
  15. Chemical weapons in Syria. Is it Iran?

    Don't worry. Iran never used that. Western media is a liar. If you want to see a fair view on news, see presstv.com This chemical weapon is another lie just like that liar(Nikki Haley) who made a fallacious exhibition and said that Iran gave this missile to Yemen(Yemen is isolated by US and Saudi Arabia). All US government officials are liar