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  1. I think it's not something important to be worried about. You're fine, and this dream doesn't have anything to do with your future pregnancied. Do a Sadaqah and enjoy the life.
  2. AmirAlmuminin Lover

    Marrying unchaste muslim women or from ahlulkitab

    Only Mutah with people of the book is allowed(for men only, women must do Nikah and Mutah only with Muslim). I'm also in marriage age, and I don't know what to do. My priority is a Shia religious girl, but if I meet a family oriented girl who is willing to convert to Islam and follow Allah rulings, I'm ok to marry her. I pray for you to get married, and do the same for me as well. Praying for each other is closer to acceptance.
  3. AmirAlmuminin Lover

    Cordial relationship with first wife of your hubby

    Why do some users try to put their feet into the OP's shoes? Why do some users disrespect her and her husband? The OP tries to understand the first wife and be patient to her. She doesn't have the intention of giving bad advice to her husband. Why are some users so judgemental? Be Muslim. Follow Islam not culture. If the OP followed religion in her marriage, she a and her husband didn't do anything wrong. Some users come here to convince other users that monogamy is good and polygamy is bad. Are those users Allah? Who made polygamy permissible in Islam? Those users or Allah? To the OP, be patient to the first wife. Don't get jealous on her. Constantly remind your husband of being just and fair. Follow true Islamic moral values. Be patient, nice, and calm to your husband and the first wife. The first wife realized that recently, so these arguments are natural for some time. Once she sees that you and husband are nice and caring to her, she feels secure again. Inshaallah it will be fine. Never ever try to break the heart of first wife. For example, if you show her that the husband loves you more, it breaks the heart. Ayatollah Ghazy said three time in his will:" don't break heart". If you followed religious rulings and marriage is valid, don't mind having kids. Its your right. Again be nice to her and remind your husband to text and call the first wife as much as he doed for you. Being just is important. Otherwise, it breaks the heart of the first wife. Be considerate to her. Also know that from the perspective of a person who looks at your life from outside, there is no difference between her kids and your kids. There is no difference between you and the first wife. The person who follows religion better way, is better than the kther. Know that this is a test for you and your husband to see how much you are considerate and loving to the first wife. (A small thing also, IF your husband backbites his first wife, tell him to stop. It's a big sin, very BIG)
  4. AmirAlmuminin Lover

    Can we break fast at Sunni maghrib time?

    Salaam Alaykum I checked Ayatollah Bahjat, Khamenei, Makaram Shirazy, Sistani, Fazel, Safi, Noury, Tabrizy and Vahid. All said the time to do Iftar is Maghrib time. Maghrib time is a time that sun is hidden in horizon and the sky redness is removed from the sky(when you stand outside, if you look above your head, you won't see the redness) Maghrib is different than Ghroub. Maghrib happens 15-20 mins after Ghroub. This time is pray time, so you must wait till after Azan. Shiite time is correct.
  5. AmirAlmuminin Lover

    Question on omar, ali(ra), fatima and usman

    Salaam Alaykum Brother, I translated this video myself. It was part of Velayat Channel which is under supervision of Ayatollah Ghazviny. There are a lot of Hadeeth in Sunni books saying Omar attacked Fatimah Zahra house. See this video. It is solely based on Sunni books.
  6. AmirAlmuminin Lover

    Can Sunni's Pray At Shia Mosques Or Vice Versa?

    Sunni brothers and sisters are welcome to join us at mosque
  7. AmirAlmuminin Lover

    Cordial relationship with first wife of your hubby

    Some users said that the OP and her husband are doing gheeba IF they talk bad behind the first wife. That is true. Buy they didn't tell anything to those users who came here and judged her husband by telling the OP that her husband might be in contact with dufferent women or he is unreliable. What is the reason behind this bias? If the OP followed the religion in her marriage with her husband, what is the problem? In that case, their marriage is Islamic and correct. Why do some users come here and try to convince people that having one wife is better than polygamy? Did they create men or Allah did that? These people try to find negative things in the OP, and at the same time they are blind over all the judgements against the OP and her husband in this thread. To the OP, don't meddle in the life of your husband's first wife(I know you said you don't, just emphasize). They can find a solution inshaallah. Whenever he comes to your house, tell him to call his first wife as well. Tell him be nice and FAIR to both of you. Non of his wives are better than the other except the person who follows the religion better. Moreover, don't do anything that makes his first wife jealous. They can solve their own problems. Tell your huband to buy flower and gifts for her to calm her down(he should do that for you as well).
  8. AmirAlmuminin Lover

    What are you like in groups?

    I try to be myself in groups
  9. AmirAlmuminin Lover

    Is it permissible to pray with shoes on?

    Just to clarify by two big toes, I meant the tip of the big toes
  10. AmirAlmuminin Lover

    Is it permissible to pray with shoes on?

    Ayatollah Makarem Shirazy, Ayatollah Bahjat, Ayatollah Sobhani, Ayatollah Hamedani As you may know 7 parts of the body must have contact with the ground in Sojdah. Two palms(complete area of the palm), two knees, two toes(big ones), forehead. As you can see, one cannot pray with shoes if that Tahir shoes prevents contact between big toes and the ground. Even if one wash his/her shoes and make them Tahir, he/she still cannot pray with them if it violates the condition.
  11. AmirAlmuminin Lover

    Is it permissible to pray with shoes on?

    I checked Maraji websites before answering his question. What I said was what Maraji said.
  12. AmirAlmuminin Lover


    Salaam Alaykum If it's natural soil, that is correct. Alternatively, you can buy turbah from this website. Have a good time and pray for me as well http://al-kisa.com/en/product/115/ Or this: http://www.shiaproducts.com/products/products.htm
  13. AmirAlmuminin Lover

    Praying namaz/salah with hands down?

    Mashaallah on your decision. May Allah keep you with Imam Hussain always. Does your mother know that you're Shia convert? Don't tell her if you are afraid of being rejected by family or safety problems.
  14. AmirAlmuminin Lover

    Is it permissible to pray with shoes on?

    Salaam Alaykum brother Praying with shoes on is peemissible ONLY when the biggest toe has contact with the ground. Otherwise, pray is not correct.
  15. AmirAlmuminin Lover

    Brothers need to be careful

    Salaam Alaykum Brother this is a private thing. Your friend shouldn't have shared it with you. I personally get angry if I find out that people are talking about this monthly habit happening to my wife(if I had a wife ). Second, that girl as a Muslim should have realized that she should eat and drink in a place that Muslims don't see her or in a room that nobody sees her.