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  1. Tricky Rules

    Salaam Alaykum If you want to do Wudu before Azan with PRAY INTENTION, then it is not true. As our brother suggested, you can do Qurbat-an-el-ul-llah Niyat so that you can pray later on after Azan.
  2. Wudu questions

    Jazak-aal Their brother Wudu is very easy, but there are some small and important things to observe. That's it. When you want to drop water and wipe your face, you must start from your hair up to down to your beard. When you do Masah, don't do it all the way to your face. In that case, wetness of your Masah is mixed with wetness of your face which is wrong. It's very simple. When you do Masah, keep a small part in front of your head dried, so that you don't go all the way to your face. I know that you are practicing, but Wudu is simple. Try to have Wudu ALL THE TIME. I have Wudu every single moment of my time. Whenever I sleep, go to class, going out, talking with people, everywhere. About your question, I don't know the answer. If I understood correctly, you asked whether it is necessary that Masah water reach your head or not. I remember from reading Tozih-ul-Masayel that as long as water reached your head, you're good to go. Just one thing to mention. If you want to dry your head and feet for Masah, do it BEFORE starting Wudu not during Wudu. I will search your question to see the answer, then I'll share it with you and other Muminin.
  3. My loneliness is killing me

    Salaam Alaykum Brother I have lived far from my country for more than two years without seeing them. Here no friend almost. I do have some religious friends, but they are 65 miles away from me. Whenever I go there, I try to see and talk with them. True religious friends are the best on earth. They don't sin, their jokes are not sinful and I really enjoy, but these people are 1 out of 100. Recently I got a car to go to mosque to pray and see people. You can do that too, but always remember that one time comes soon or late that you don't need friend that much anymore. You need a soulmate, so try to be ready for that too.
  4. How do i convert to Islam? Who can help me?

    Salaam Alaykum May Allah give you the best. Recite Shahadatein and start praying, giving Zakaat, Khums, and keeping yourself away from sins. و من الله توفیق
  5. Mutah marriage

    Salaam Alaykum Brother May Allah reward you for choosing Halal way. The answer is yes, and Sunni Muslims can follow Shiism is this matter. You CAN do this Halal marriage. One famous religious scholar in Iran said that Sunni Muslims can do that. I just have a couple of words with you before doing that. Please don't force the girl to follow Sunnism. Let her be free on her religion. و من الله توفیق
  6. What should I do in this situation?

    Salaam Alaykum If you both stipulated this condition that he doesn't have right to marry a second woman or do temporary marriage, then it is Haram. Otherwise, it's absolutely Halal. In this situation do not think about divorce. Get that out of your mind. First of all pray to Allah and ask for help. Then talk with your husband and tell him EVERYTHING. Exactly tell him that your love to him is now gone. Tell him that you were always thinking about him and you care about him. Talk with him about your marriage, child, and everything. Moreover, be more responsive to him. Try to catch his attention. Be kinder and talk more with him. Whenever he comes home, go and say hi to him at the door. Tell him beautiful words. Let him know that you care about him. Walk him out whenever he leaves to work. Tell him:"I appreciate your effort for the family". Be kinder and responsive to him. Make good food and tell him I made this food just because you like it. Be the one that he likes. Do these things and see the results, then you will not even think about divorce. Allah gives hard times to strong people.
  7. Getting your child to wear hijab at 9

    Salaam Alaykum Sister May Allah reward you for this good observation in religious dues. It is better to start wearing Hijab at earlier ages. Some people encourage their children to wear Hijab at 7 and 8. A boy at this age doesn't understand anything, but it is not the case for a girl. They realize more at this age. I saw that boys at streets don't look at Hijabi women that way, but whenever they see a non-muslim they look at their body. Hijab protects your child. Try to encourage her. For example, whenever she wears Hijab cook the meal that she likes, or buy something, or be kinder to her. This way it becomes something valuable to her and encouraging. May Allah give your child Hazrat Fatemeh Zahra Hijab.
  8. Depression

    Salaam Alaykum As you can see, we all have been in this situation before. I exactly understand what you are talking about. Several things that help me to be on track in this situation: praying at prime time, salaat-ul-layl, and walking along the lake. The first two steps help a lot. Walking along lake is also helpful. Try to go to mosque and spend your time over there. Talk with people over there. Try to get out of this situation and know that you are NOT alone in depression. It happens once in a while for everybody.
  9. I'm not ready...(poem)

    Inshaallah you mother would be fine.
  10. Wudu questions

    Salaam Alaykum Brother You cannot use wetness of your arm to go back and wipe your face. It's wrong. There is something called order in Wudu. You cannot go back to previous part to do it. If your face gets dried soon, you can do something. First of all do not lengthen you wudu so much that previous parts get dried. Second, you can fill your hand with water and then drop it on your face without wiping your face. Then you can do it again. Take water and pour it on your face. Now wipe your face. Do this for all parts. Drop water two times on that part, then wipe it. In wudu, head and feet must be dried always. If face, hands, arms are wet, that is fine. If your head and your feet are wet in a way that the wetness of your hand is still dominant in Masah, that is fine too. Don't be doubtful on everything. This is also very important and a lot of Muslims do mistake on this. The wetness of your head and wetness of your face should NOT mix each other when you do head Masah. Have some safe margin to avoid this. Otherwise, you need to do wudu again. When you get used to, it becomes easy. I hope it helps.

    Meeting Imam Mahdi Ayatollah Khansary, the city scholar of Isfahan, was telling that there was a carrier in the city mall. He used to greet me when he was passing by. I told myself that I found a follower and he is a mall carrier, but I'm good with that. Gradually I became interested in him. One time he asked me: " May I ask you for a favor whenever I need you?" I said that's fine by me. One time I came back home and my wife told me that one guy came home and he was looking for you. He told me to tell you to go and visit him in this address in the afternoon. I looked at the address and realized that it is a burial ground. Anyway, I followed the address and found a dated cottage in a cemetery. I knocked the door and saw the same person(the carrier) in bed while he was suffering from disease. I told him:" Why did you become sick? Let's go and see a doctor." He said:" No, I don't need doctor. I am passing away. I asked you to come here to bury me tomorrow, since I don't have anybody in my life." I said:" How do you know that you will die tomorrow?" He didn't want to respond, but when I insisted he said:" Because my ولی told me before". I asked:" Who is your ولی ?".He said:" My master, my Maula, my Imam, Imam Mahdi". I asked him:" Have you seen Imam Mahdi?" He said:" Yeah, he comes to my home every week. One time when I was young, I saw him and asked him to visit me every week. Imam asked me do you promise to be a good Muslim? I said I promise to follow religion exactly and be a good Muslim. From that time, he visits me every week". A mall carrier visits Imam Mahdi every week.
  12. Adultry according to Ahlulbayt

    I don't know about the detail of Islamic rules in this situation, but I do know that there is tawbah for her to go back to Allah. Tell her no matter what she did in the past, never lose her hope and try to repent. If she wants to marry anybody, she have to be divorced from her previous husband. Otherwise, it's wrong and new marriage is not valid. Tell her to make it right and never lose hope. One guy came to Imam Sadegh and asked:"I do a sin every time and then I feel sorry for what I did". Imam Sadegh said:" Know that Allah loves you so much". Yes, there is still way to repent.
  13. muslim and non muslim marriage

    When someone only looks at a specific Islamic rule, these confusions happens. We need to look at Islam as a package. If we ONLY look at one specific rule, it brings confusion. For example, is it fair that a Muslim man say why should I provide for my wife her entire life? He only looks at one specific thing and not the whole of it. In return, that woman brings peace into your life and obeys you Islamically. Look at the whole thing. Husband has more effect and authority in family even in non-islamic families. If a Muslim man do a temporary marriage with a woman, he can use this effect and authority to affect on her. Plus, permanent marriage is not allowed. Women are not that much strong to affect on males if they don't get affected. Women need to be protected and supported. The believes of the non-muslim husband affects on her, and may bring confusion thoughts about her religion. To me, every single rule of this religion makes sense to me. If not, I say I know there is a God in this world. I know he created this world. The person who created this world with this accuracy, has more knowledge than me. I prefer him to rule out in my life rather than question his rules just because I don't understand the background of the rules.
  14. Doing Qadha Prays Together


    Praying at PRIME TIME If people tell you that you are a good person and you become happy for that, you are not a good Muslim. If people say that you are crazy, or make fun of you without any reason and you become upset about it, you are not a strong Muslim. Be strong and don't care about what people say about you. Be strong and independent. For example, if it was pray time and you were among guests or your friends, leave the area to pray. If they asked you where are you going? Tell them that you are عبد of Allah. Tell them you are not freeman. Allah is calling me and I have to go to pray for him. If you invited your friends at home and you wanted to pray, go and do it. Your action has effect on your friends. You can smile at them and they would probably say that she is very strong and independent. Why are we waiting for someone else to mention pray time in these situations? Go ahead and pray. Don't wait for any body.