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  1. Ghusl Janabah

    Salaam Alaykum brother There are three conditions in order to make sure it is semen. 1. It comes out with lust feeling. 2. It leaps or springs out(it doesn't come out slowly) 3. You feel weak and feable after that. If you are sick, you don't get this feeling after that. If it doesn't have these conditions, it is NOT semen. Don't give yourself such a hard time. There are four liquids come out of body: منی وذی مذی ودی Only semen= منی is najes. The rest are clean and pak. After you urinate, there is a water that comes out. If you did Istibra, that liquid is clean. If not, go to your Marji to see what he says. I always do Istibra. Do it. Here's the link: https://www.sistani.org/english/book/48/2124/
  2. Syed mother pregnant with non syed child question

    The baby eats mum, not khums
  3. Doubting Tahara

    I don't buy leather, and I avoid it. My belt is leather, but I bought it from Iran. Whatever you don't know is Taher. Be relaxed Inshaallah your problem will be solved. I pray for you
  4. Which electricity company is best

    Xfinity is the worst Internet provider. I called them and they said service is $50 per month plus TV. I said ok, I take it. First month was $50, second was $120, third was $100. It was very frustrating. I called them to fix it, but they said you have to pay it. Then I said I don't let Xfinity to take more money out of my pocket. Then I said I will disconnect my service. His tune changed, but he still didn't want to correct the bill. After struggling a lot, I told them to disconnect service, and they did. Then I paid $150 for three months, and I didn't pay the rest. I told them I pay what we agreed upon, not $1 less or more than that. One time he told me that you returned cable box, and its not promotion plan anymore because of that. I said I didn't know anything about cable box and that person who installed internet didn't tell me anything about that. He was not able to speak English. Then I said ok, I imagine I returned cable box. What was the cable box number? Then he said No No No, it wasn't cable box. Some of them are all liars. Same problem happened to two of my friends with Xfinity.
  5. Advice on finding a job

    This post is beautiful. Mashaallah brother
  6. Doubting Tahara

    Salaam Alaykum Calm down. This is from Satan. He wants to make hell out of your life. This are some simple rules that help you overcome your problem: 1. Everything that you don't know is clean and Pak unless the opposite is proved. For example, you are out and its pray time, you can pray on the ground and its Pak. 2. The water that splashes around while washing your cloth(if you do by hand, also when you wash your body), is Pak if it doesn't have taste, smell, and color of Nijasat. Since you don't know, and these condition rarely happen, you can assume its Pak. 3. This is very helpful. If something was clean previously, but you doubt whether its Najes now or not, its Pak and clean. 4. When you want to use bathroom, put some toilet paper in the water, so that it doesn't bounce back especially on number 2(sorry if I'm clear). You can also put some more toilet paper during the time you use it. 5. When you do number 2, if there is not Nijasat from outside(other than number 2), and there is not blood with number 2, and number 2 polluted the area as usual(not larger than usual), area can be cleaned by using toilet paper 3 times. Brother, take it easy. Don't worry. Number 1 and 3 help you a lot. I had your problem before, but I'm much better now. Do this Zekr a lot: لا اله الا الله This Zekr is also helpful: لا حول و لا قوته الا بالله العلی العظیم Take it easy, be relaxed, follow those rules, and do Zekr. Inshaallah it will be solved.
  7. Crying awhile reading dua ahad

    You need to be trained to learn how to speak with other people
  8. Choosing a Maraja!

    Well, you are right. While Imam Mahdi is not present, someone should take the responsibility. That's the reason there is Velayat Faqih in Iran. Ayatollah Khamenei does not say or do anything which is against the will of Imam Mahdi. He himself (Ayatollah Khamenei) is Imam Mahdi's soldier.
  9. Choosing a Maraja!

    Salaam Alaykum You definitely need a Marji to follow. These are most famous Maraji that people follow and Qum Religious School recommeds them to people(there are also some other Maraji that Qum School recommends as well): آیت الله العظمی سیستانی آیت الله العظمی ناصر مکارم شیرازی آیت الله العظمی سید علی خامنه ای آیت الله العظمی جوادی آملی آیت الله العظمی نوری همدانی
  10. Mistake in shias

    I translated this video myself. Unfortunately, I am very busy and I cannot show you what exactly Omar did in Sunni books(take screenshot and show it to you). If you do research, you'll find a lot of hadeeth that Omar killed Fatemeh Zahra SA and her son named Mohsen. Click on CC to see English subtitle.
  11. Difference

    The difference lies in prophet's successor. Sunni Muslims believe that prophet didn't choose his successor, but Shia Muslims say that he did choose his successor(=Khalifah). The truth is that prophet did choose Khalifah and there are a lot of Hadeeth in both Shia and Sunni books to show the proof. I translated bellow video. It is based solely on Sunni books. Click on CC to see English translation. Prophet also ordered ALL Muslims to follow Ahlulbait. The hadeeth for this is very famous and it is called Thaghalayn Hadeeth. I got an screenshot from Sahih Muslim which is a famous Sunni book. It shows prophet ordered ALL Muslims to follow Quran and Ahlulbait. Prophet mentioned the word Ahlulbait 4 times. Look at the picture. Again I translated bellow video for showing you Thaghalayn Hadeeth which is written in Sunni books. Click on CC to see English subtitle.
  12. Would you befriend a Wahhabi?

    Being nice works with Sunni Muslims not a terrorist minded person. There is no Sunni Muslim in my city(at least) that supports Sunni Muslims more than me. Don't try to purify Wahhabis. Wahhabism is the center of terrorism, and you can see their wicked groups in middle east supported by US(western countries). It's so obvious, and doesn't need to be discussed. I also know that some of them are Wahhabi because of wrong environment, wrong people, and so on. Obviously I don't have problem with them as long as they don't kill shias. I know that some of them become Shia once they hear our words, but majority have antagonistic behavior that won't change. They have to be eradicated and sent to trash bin. No body talks about those few people that grew up close minded that need guidance. Wahhabi mentality is very dangerous. If you look at it, you'll see hatred, killing, bloodshed, etc. I never purify Wahhabis. The mentality is toxic. You live in Australia and have your coffee every morning with fun. Have you ever heard words of a mother that her daughter being raped by Wahhabi terrorist groups everyday? Do you know how many Shahid did we lose in war against Wahhabi minded terrorist groups? At the same time you say don't generalize. No body talks about those few people who kept close minded and have tendency to know Shiism. Look at majority of them who hate Shias and look at Shiism as a threat. Wahhabis has a channel called "Kalameh". Go and see that. They disrespect Ali and ahlulbait. Hatred and irrationality is the base of their channel. Sunnis are not Wahhabis. They are different
  13. Would you befriend a Wahhabi?

    Wahhabis want to kill Shias. They are terrorist. All people who created 9/11 were Wahhabi. According to US agencies, 15 people out of 19 were from Saudi Arabia, center of terrorism. Wahhabis are enemy to Islam, they twist the real face of Islam and switch it to beheading shias and innocent people, they harrassed and raped thousands of women in Iraq and Syria, they killed so many soldiers from Iran and Iraq and Syria. Wahhabis are created by western countries, they are created to make a war between Shias and Sunnis. ISIS was a Wahhabi group. They raped people, killed them, then opened their body by knife and eat liver. They have to be wiped out of the map(alhamdulillah we are very close to eradicate all terrorist group from middle east), and that day that shia Muslims pray in front of Kaabah will come.
  14. Forcible marriage

    Ayatollah Khamenei: Man and woman consent is a condition for correct marriage vows. Otherwise, marriage vows is invalid. For this situation, I'm surprised why they haven't called police so far. BTW, don't use the word Alim or Shaykh for those animals.
  15. Would you befriend a Wahhabi?

    No, not at all