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  1. living in hell

    Salaam Alaykum I pray for you and ask Allah to solve your problem and give you health inshaallah. Please pray for me as well. I have a problem in my life that affected everything. I do dua Tavassul everyday and work very hard to solve it, but it doesn't want to be solved. Please pray for me as well. You're in my pray.
  2. im a converter

    This answer was also good for me. Sometimes some women touch my hand accidentally and I didn't know how to react. I try to do it next time inshaallah.
  3. im a converter

    Salaam Alaykum Mashaallah on your consideration. May Allah help you in your life. Talking with nonmahram people is ok in islam as long as you don't flirt, or afraid of falling in sin. I usually talk about my job and nothing else. I don't laugh with nonmahram people. Protect yourself and consider Allah. If you're ok by being house wife, ask your husband to take care of the bills and financial stuff and you take care of the house. Women who choose being house wife just because of being away from men, have a huge reward from Allah.
  4. Why's everyone performing wudu differently?

    Salaam Alaykum I saw a 50 years old man doing wudu wrong in tbe biggest mosque in US. I saw a 55 years old man touching water for Masah. I don't know why these people do these simple mistakes. Brother read your marji website. It's very simple. Be relaxed anf follow what he says.
  5. convincing parent for hawza

    Rasoulullah:" The person who kisses his parents feet, is like the person who kisses Kaabah". One time Ayatollah Marashi Najafi wanted to wake his father up. He was scared if he does that, his father become upset. He sat in front of his father feet and kissed his feet. His father woke up and when he saw that amount of respect, made a dua for him. Later on, Ayatollah Marashi Najafi said:" Whatever I gained in my life was due to my father's dua". Losing pride is not posdible without doing these things.
  6. most challenging questions in your mind?

    The question itself
  7. convincing parent for hawza

    Salaam Alaykum Wake up early in the morning, and make the best breakfast for her. Then go make a hot chocolate and wake her up. Kiss her hands and feet and be super nice. Gradually tell her what you want. Women are emotional. Be emotional.
  8. help

    Salaam Alaykum So much stress in your post. Be relaxed. The person you are talking about is your creator. He loves you. Don't worry. If you did sin, make it right. You're in my pray
  9. most challenging questions in your mind?

    What are the most important questions for you which challenge your mind a lot?
  10. Making Dua For Each Other

    Salaam Alaykum I have a personal issue that affected my whole life. I did a lot of dua. I asked whole ahlylbait to solve my issue, but it haven't been solved yet. I'm really upset now. I worked very hard day and night to solve it, but it didn't. I tried to convince the person who was supposed to help me in this matter, but he is a short temper person that doesn't understand at all. I'm really exhausted now. Please make dua for me to give me Sabr,patience, and solution to my problem.
  11. Imam of our time

    Amiralmuminin said:" My right hand to God that Imam of the time is present among people. He passes by people on streets and malls. He comes into their houses. He travels to West and East side of the world. He hears people words. He enters their gatherings and say Salaam to them. He sees people". This Hadeeth shows the physical presence of Imam among people. I read this Hadeeth at my religion class back in Iran.
  12. Imam of our time

    The story of how I am Zaman became disappear is something known. I don't know what is your religion, but we believe Jesus also disappeared. He was never killed. It's in the Quran. Imam Zaman lives among people. When people don't know him, all think that he is an ordinary person. He is among us, but we don't know who he is. Those people who visit Imam Zaman never tell other people. Ayatollah Bahjat used to say:" Someone met Imam Mahdi ATFS ...", but all people know that person that he is talking about is himself. Jesus also disappeared, and he will be back. I don't have that much knowledge about Jesus, so I don't comment on it.
  13. Christians and Shias

    Salaam Alaykum Brother I personally like pious Christians. They believe they should not be in relationship in any way except marriage. They don't eat pork, and do circumcision. There are a lot in common. I personally like pious people. We have some verses in Quran about people who truly follow Jesus.
  14. Porn and Zina thoughts.

    Salaam Alaykum Brother Coming sexual thoughts into your mind is normal especially when you are young man. The thing is that don't let them to occupy your mind. Otherwise, it changes your view of life and increases animality in your life. Solution for this is talking with Imam Mahdi five minutes each night before sleeping. Talk with him and tell him your problems. Watching porn is absolutely Zina. Imam Sadegh said:" Zina has different phases. One Zina is done by your eyes, one by touching, one by your tongue(telling arousing words), etc." Brother protect yourself. Do Mutah. It's Halal. Plus you keep Rasoulullah Sunnah alive. You can do Mutah with people of the book.