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  1. I'm having trouble understanding Free Will

    Also, the correct solution to the ' Omniscience vs Free Will' paradox is, that God's Omniscience is tenseless. In other words, since God is timeless, his omniscience is also timeless. This means that he doesn't 'foreknow' anything. He simply observes past, present and future at an eternal 'now'. In other words, God's omniscience simply means that He is the axiom/ ground of knowledge itself. Nothing more than that. Like Imam Ali (a.s) said: ''He was knowing, before there was anything to be known''. This is because knowledge itself exists because it simply is grounded by God simply existing.
  2. I'm having trouble understanding Free Will

    Scientists hasn't even established that consciousness ( i.e ' the self ') is a property/process/function of the brain, so they have no business in telling people that 'the self' is an illusion, and that therefore free will would be an illusion as well. The point is, thinking might be a process, but thoughts (and the thinker himself/herself) are not. I'd advice you guys in visiting the following channels on YouTube regarding this topic: Johanan Raatz InspiringPhilosophy. These guys also have facebook accounts. I'd also advice you guys to hit up Trevor Commodore Martin (on Facebook) for these kind of questions. This is because I know the basics, but they know the specifics. So they'll be able to explain these topics better.
  3. If energy is eternal is God needed?

    I don't understand why there is still fuss regarding this topic. You see, there are 2 basic forms of energy: 1. Kinetic Energy ( This type of energy is spoken of with any material thing in motion (which entails both space and time, since there cannot be movement of an object without space and time. 2. Potential Energy ( Any type of this form of energy is stored energy in a potential field (which again, entails space. My point: ANY type of energy from those two (basic) forms I mentioned, CANNOT exist without space-time. So if space-time began to exist, then energy started to exist shortly after space and time came into existence. This is derived from both basic logic and knowledge of what energy actually is. What physicists like Einstein mean(t) with '' Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but only transitioned from one form to another'' is one of the many physical laws, but if space-time did not begin to exist yet (which is the framework of physicality) it becomes MEANINGLESS to say that energy exists magically 'before space-time'.
  4. Philosophy of Islam in regards to 'the mind'?

    Salam'un alaykum, thanks for clearing it up. I just wanted to know whether the soul is seen as fundamental or not, rather than 1 of the 2 fundamental substances (along with the brain). But your comment has now cleared it up and I'd say Dual-Aspect Idealism is the most befitting description of the philosophy Islam has in regards to the philosophy of the soul. Basically, under Dual-Aspect Idealism, the brain is viewed as an 'image' of the soul. So, the soul=consciousness=us, but we still have a brain for the need of gaining knowledge, build social relations, etc. However, since The Soul/ The Mind/ The Spirit = Consciousness = ' Us ', it will be the only thing which will benefit us on the Hereafter. Assalam'un alaykum warahmatullahe barakatoh Salam'un alaykum. So Mulla Sadra Shirazi and his followers support the premise that we are 'the soul' and that we have a brain (and body)? Also, do you know if I can access his book online? If yes, could you perhaps tell me where I can read his whole book in English or at least chapters 8 & 9 of his book? Assalam'un alaykum warahmatollahe barakatoh
  5. Besmillaherrahmanerrahim, Salam'un alaykum brothers and sisters. If there are any qualified Islamic theologians on here (or if you could recommend me someone else, I'd appreciate that), I would like to ask the following question: How does Islam view ' The Mind/ The Soul/ The Spirit '? Does Islam say that we consist of both of matter and mind/soul/spirit (like Substance Dualism does), or does Islam actually say that we are 'the soul/ the mind/ the spirit' and that we consist of matter? To put in a different manner, does Islam say that we have both a body (including the brain) and a soul/mind/spirit OR does Islam say that we are souls/minds/spirits and that we have a body (including the brain). Since Substance Dualism suffers from an Interaction Problem, it would make it truly problematic for Islam if Islam holds a Substance Dualistic view of 'Mind and Body'. I'd like the opportunity to thank any response in advance. Assalam'un alaykum wa rahmatullahe barakatoh.
  6. Evolution?

    I think that if we evolve, the changes that will be made are very tiny. For example, the 'blind spot' is considered to be an evolutionary left-over (just like wisdom teeth, appendix). I think that if those are truly evolutionary left-overs, they will eventually be removed after a long period of time, since they are considered to be useless. However, I don't really think mankind (as we are now) are going to evolve in the same spectactular fashion the single-cell creatures (don't know if they were said to be bacteria or fungi) are said to have evolved into us after a long period of time.
  7. #6 Imam Sadiq (as) [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    I think Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq (a.s) not only referred to cells (when he said that there are tiny creatures which are born in our body, multiply in our body, work in our body and die in our body), but I think he referred to both bacteria and cells simultaneously. Namely, bacteria also get 'born' in our body and they also work in our body, multiply in our body, die in our body, etc.
  8. Imam Sadiq (a.s) talks about monkeys and mankind

    I know it doesn't discuss common descent, but reading Imam Sadiq's (a.s) explanation it makes perfect sense how monkeys and humans are so similar and yet don't share a common ancestor. Just read the following sentence: '' It should serve as an admonition to man that he should bear in mind that in his nature and material he is animal-like, resembling them so closely and if he were not gifted with capability of reasoning, intellect and speech, he would have been just like animals.'' In other words, monkeys are the best example among all the other animals, how we are animals in material and nature also, weren't it for the several things Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì has bestowed upon us which put us on a higher level than them.
  9. Imam Sadiq (a.s) talks about monkeys and mankind

    Fair, enough, I apologize for that. Although there is a word in the Dutch language called na-apen, which means to copycat something or someone, I was unaware that they used the almost identical kind of word in the English language. Nonetheless, I hope people will understand the fundamental message I wanted to give with this quote of a specific of part of the Hadith; That is, it is not necessary for monkeys and humans to share a common ancestor to explain the many similarities, as one of the purposes behind the creation of a monkey was given in this section of the whole Hadith by Imam Sadiq (a.s).
  10. Imam Sadiq (a.s) talks about monkeys and mankind

    I did not add anything, though. Hence, why I put my own words in brackets. I did remove certain parts of the original, though, as it is poorly translated in English by whoever translated it. Just read the following sentence: '' It generally apes man's activities as it sees him. '' What should this sentence even mean???
  11. What is a Soul?

    The Soul = Consciousness. Since we are our consciousness, then we are the soul. We are ( non-physical) souls/minds/spirits, and we have (physical) bodies.
  12. What is a Soul?

    To put it simply: We ARE the soul. The soul= the self. Us being a soul is the reason that we have free will and are not slaves to the workings of the brain. Watch the following 4 videos for a better view of the soul: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1mr9ZTZb3TX_4LthrdGqACsqIWKd2gs-
  13. The following part of text is taken from ' Hadith of Mufaddal': The Monkey Just consider the creation of the monkey and the similarity that subsists between its design and that of man with, the head, both shoulders, chest and the internal organs. Moreover, it is gifted with brain and intellect because of which it understands the signals and the directions of its master. It is very close to man in its qualities, traits and constitutional build up. It should serve as an admonition to man that he should bear in mind that in his nature and material he is animal-like, resembling; them so closely and if he were not gifted with a mind/spirit/soul, intellect, capability of reasoning and speech, he would have been just like animals. ( The Imam meant that man would simply be monkeys then). There are certain additions in the constitution of the monkey differentiating it from man e.g., the mouth, the long tail, the hair covering the whole body. These differences, however, would not have hindered it to become human, if it had been gifted with a mind/spirit/soul, (the capability of) reasoning, intellect and speech faculties like man. The real line: of demarcation between it and man, as such, is due only the facilities of (the capability of) reasoning of man, intellect of man and speech of man. I think this Hadith by Imam Sadiq (a.s) should suffice that our Holy Prophet and Imams were well aware of the similarities of man and monkey, yet by reading Imam Sadiq's a.s explanation it makes perfect sense for monkeys and humans to be created seperately (and not be evolved from a common ancestor) for one of the reasons that man should be thankful with the gifts of a mind/soul/spirit, in the sense that they purify it, same goes for the other 3 differences between monkeys and mankind mentioned by Imam Sadiq a.s.
  14. If energy is eternal is God needed?

    You have kinetic energy and you have potential energy. If you add these two up, you will get Net Energy. The Net Energy content of the Universe= 0. Why? Because the amounts of kinetic energy and potential energy are also 0! However, you need motion (in time) to have kinetic energy and you need to have a potential field (in space) to have potential energy. So if space and time are not eternal, it's senseless to say Energy is still eternal. Because like I said, you need motion ( which requires time) to have kinetic energy and you need a potential field ( which requires space) to have potential energy.